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merry x'mas everyone!

low fat milk

my baby had her doctor's appointment the day after her birthday. everything is ok but the only thing her doctor said little by little she has to be switched to low fat milk or at least 2%, para pag 3 na sya dapat hindi na whole milk lalo na daw if u have history of high cholesterol.what!! baby pa baby ko pa diet na...she loves milk tho. she still use her bottle but she knows how to drink from the cup. lahat na painom mo sa cup nya pero pag milk ang nilagay mo she will not drink from the cup, kahit tulog. i'm still thinking a way that she will like her milk from her cup.

i am 2

"today is my 2nd birthday. my mom and dad gave me a party @ home. my friends came and i got a lot of presents. ate'ng."
for those who know my daughter u know what that means.

hay naku, 2 years na pala 'yun. how time flies and kids grow fast mam'ya di mo na malayan teenager na pala. hwag muna please. as much as possible i tried to spend time with my daughter kahit pagod galing work. as soon as i see her smile when i get home ok na si mom. nawawala na pagod. i know too that she misses me a lot kaya pagdating ko from work nakadikit na sa akin hanggang bedtime.

i am so thankful and blessed that i have a daughter. thanks for coming into mommy's life. i'm always here for you anak, love you booboo.