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to the doctor

i was out from work yesterday, i had to bring my baby to the doctor. it started saturday around 4:am, she woke up coughing then she threw up. anything i give her kahit water nilalabas nya. it was so sticky so sabi ko baka may ubo lang. nakatulog, then i left for work (ok lang 'coz it's papi's day off and 1/2 a day lang naman ako). around noon he called me at nagsusuka pa rin daw but when i got home she started feeling better. no more vomitting. sabi ko kailangan lang pala nasa tabi si mom. di ba ganu'n minsan? so ok na. then sunday, she's having diarrhea naman, as in every 2-3 hours, it's yellowish, mushy, watery...the only thing that don't make me panic is that she still in her active mood, playing, being makulit and she eats and drinks milk. i'm scared of dehydration u know. mga 4x times ng sunday. so yesterday while getting ready to bring her to the babysitter and me to work, umulit na naman...i said, that's it...we had to go to the doctor.
so she…