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first 20 random things about ishi

1. she can count from 1 to 10.
2. loves books. she calls it "a book". always asks me to read together her picture books. she likes to read.
3. knows how to sing her abc.
4. always say thank you but she say it as "a' teng".
5. sucks her thumb only when she's about to go to sleep and plays with the collar of her shirt everytime she has her bottle in her mouth.
6.not potty trained yet but we have her toilet seat in the bathroom for months now and she loves sitting on it.
7. always complain when her CD is not playing in my car but she does not do this when she is with her father in his truck.
8.calls erica's name so well.
9. knows how to use her dvd player.
10. her favorite breakfast: honeynut cheerios, fruit loops, chocolate rice crispies and coco puffs.
11. her favorite tv shows: barney, sesame street, the wiggles, jojo, the doodlebops, big bear in the big blue house, blues clues, tellytubbies, booba, wheel of fortune and jeopardy.
12. she loves noodles.
13. she coul…