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my photo blog update

hi everyone!

it's been a while since i blogged....
this is me now...

i spent a day with mom. she took a day off from work, we went to garden state mall and shop. we are on a short break while me eating my french fries (i think!)
i'm at the grocery store with mom. she loves taking me with her but if i get bored my mom always tell me not to bring me anymore next time.i'm showing mom i already know how to brush my teeth. everytime i take shower or bath i always bruch my teeth first.
this was after we went to the park. of course i had so much fun and was really sweating. when my mom told me we are going home, i don't want to pero may magagawa ba ako, so mom insisted and of course i cried so hard. so to stop me from crying more mom put me on the driver's seat at nakalimutan ko na yung park. yes, i look so stinky.

this is my first time to go to giant's stadium. we went to see a soccer game. i had fun especially running in between vacant chairs.

this was taken at wendy'…