A Life-Saving Gift

Christmas is the time of gift giving to friends and loved ones. Top of our lists are our gifts to kids and small children. The smile that they show on opening their Christmas present is immeasurable. I always want to play as Santa when it comes to them.

A lot of my friends are asking me what I like as Christmas present. But as you mature, you want to be the one to give gifts especially this time of celebration like Christmas. My gifts to the kids are all wrapped but there is still one person left off the list. I have a sister-in-law who is pregnant right now and I am planning to give her an enrollment to a cord blood stem cell preservation by
Cryo-Cell . With the cord blood banking by Cryo-Cell, a newborn's umbilical cord blood which is a great source of stem cell is preserved for future medical use. The U-cord blood stem cells can treat 70 diseases and has been used in over 8,000 transplants worldwide.It can cure a lot of life threatening diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer, osteoporosis, heart disease and even can be used as anti-aging treatment.

This life saving gift is the best present you can give this Christmas. To get more savings and special pricing, avail of the several promotions right now at cyro-cell.com. Hurry, this offer expires soon.


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