Start Accepting Credit Cards

When I attended my husband’s Christmas party, I met a long lost friend from my hometown. Last time I saw this man was probably during our high school days. It was a surprise that we both live in the same county and our paths did not cross for the ten years that I have been living here.

Well, he has his own family too. He told me that he was given a force retirement by the company he was working with. He said that instead of looking for another job, he used his separation pay to put up an Oriental store that sells stuffs and goodies from the Philippines and Asia. He is worried about his sales although steady but not rising. He hopes that it will improve since he just filed his
merchant services application with Merchant Advisors so that he could start accepting credit and debit cards. Many customers use credit cards but he turned them down since he was only on a cash basis. People carry more credit cards these days than cash so he wants to grab these customers. I told him he can hire me as a part time cashier if his store gets so busy this Christmas holiday.

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