Betty La Fea Philippines

“I love Betty La Fea” will soon be the new teleserye at Abs-cbn. This is the Philippine version of Betty La Fea and the Ugly Betty in the U.S. Playing the role of Betty is Bea Alonzo. Betty is a newly graduate smart young lady but who is not fashionable like her co-workers. She got a job at a fashion agency called Eco Moda, where she encounters some difficult, funny and being smart experiences with her bosses and co-workers. The following characters will be played by:
Daniella (Betty’s nemesis) – Ruffa Gutierrez, Nicolas (betty’s best friend and officemate) – Vhong Navarro, Julia (her mother) – Ai-ai delas Alas, Andrew (her brother)-Sam Concepcion, Hermes (her father) – Ronaldo Valdez, Bart and Roman (her neighbors) - Marvin Yap and Lloyd Zaragosa.
For the Eco Moda characters: Kylie –Sheryn Regis, Rose – Meryll Soriano, Jen – Krystel Moreno, Cely – Arlene Tolibas, Rita – CJ Jaravata, Guard – Sammy Villaresis, Mario – Joem Bascon, Randy – Randolf Stamalacky, Enrique – Ronnie Liang, Mac – Jojo Alejar and Hugo – Thou Reyes.
Daniella’s office clique : Patricia – Wendy Valdez and Marcela – Megan Young.
But who will play as Betty’s Love interest? Be on the lookout!
“Betty La Fea” , the Pinoy version will be on Philippine television soon.

photo credit: abs-cbnnews.com

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My own domain

Finally, I got my own domain. This is an old blog but I decided to change to my own domain. It only took 3 days for the transition. This will become my third blog. I hope that Shimumsy's Republic of A and Alf's My Careless Whispers followers would also come and visit my new site. Hope you will add me to your blogrolls. Just leave me a message here or at my tagboard for exchange links. Thank you so much for the support and see you around.

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new layout

i think i have found the layout that i want. 3 column and simple.

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coming back to life

this is my blog left unupdated. i am going to revive it. imagine i started this at 2005, has been 3 years but with a few posts only. i am doing it slowly and re-introduce to my blogmates. See yah.

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