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2008 Texting Champ

A 2o year old, a Cleveland State College student, Nathan Schwartz recently won the 2008 LG National Texting Championship which took place last July 9 at the New York Roseland Ballroom. He came out the winner among 15000 contestants in a 20 hour battle who were being tested for speed and accuracy. The winning phrase was: (texted in 60 seconds)

"Does everybody here know the alphabet? Let’s text. Here it goes …
AbcDeFghiJKlmNoPQrStuvWXy & Z! Now I know my A-B-C’s, next time won’t you
text with me?"
Nathan won $50,000 which doubled from last year’s prize of only $25,000. This is the 2nd year that LG has sponsored a texting contest featuring their LG phones that has QWERTY keypads namely the LG Env, LG Env2 and LG Voyager. Last year winner was 13 year old Morgan Pozgar and the winning word was: supercalifragilisticexpialidocios.


NAIA 3 (Manila) opens soon

Starting August 1st Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3 will open after almost 6 years delay from its original opening target date . When GMA arrived from San Francisco last July, her and around 400 passengers were the first batch to use the $600 million new terminal when they at landed at NAIA 3. Cebu Pacific will use the NAIA 3 for both its international and domestic flights starting next week sharing with PAL Express and Air Philippines. This new terminal can handle up to 13 million passengers a year with 140 check-in counters and 188 immigration counters.

Minimum wage increase 70 cents

As of today, federal minimum wage rises .70 cents, from $5.85 to $6.55 per hour. The 2007 law required 3 annual increases and this is the second one. Next year, it will be $7.25 per hour.

Hybrid Mini Van Soon

This is what a lot of moms are waiting – the hybrid minivan. I have read at that Chrysler is coming up with its own hybrid minivan in 2010. Chrysler is making a full hybrid system in the Grand Caravan which will run at mid-20 mpg for city driving and in the 30’s for highway driving. This is Chrysler answer to rising gas prices but no mention about the price yet. Maybe this will be in time when I have to change my car. I like minivans , a hybrid one if I can afford it.

Exchange Links

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First U.S. Town Powered by Wind

Rockport, MO is the first U.S. town that is powered solely by wind. This town has four turbines that supply electricity to it’s 1300 residents. These turbines can supply Rockport of electricity for 20 years which is the life expectancy of these wind to power devices. They also bring savings to their electric companies. I looked up at Wikipedia the meaning of turbines, and here it is:

A wind turbine is a rotating machine which enables the conversion of kinetic
energy in wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used directly
by machinery, such as pump or grinding stones, the machine is usually called a
windmill. If the mechanical energy is then converted to electricity, the machine
is called wind generator, wind turbine, wind power unit or wind energy
converter. (

Other than the electricity it brings to the town, they also get additional income of $1.1 million in real estate taxes annually being paid by Wind Capital Group which is the wind energy developer. Some o…

3 Pinoys to Carry Olympic Torch

Three Pinoys out of the eight expatriates will carry the Olympic torch in China. There will be around 22,000 torch bearers from around the world that will caryy the Olympic flame from London. The 3 chosen are: Marco Antonio Torres, Jaime Flor Cruz and his daughter.

Marco Antonio Torrres, who lives in Beijing is a marketer for M Moser Associates. He is the second most popular expat to vie for the slot to carry the Olympic flame. He carried the torch last July 5 in Lanzhou, Gansu province.

Jaime Flor Cruz, started living in China since august 1971, a vocal anti-Marcos critic went to China to avoid arrest in the Philippines. A journalist, has worked with TIME’s Beijing and covered the 1988 Seoul Olimpics for TIME and Sports Illustrated. He will carry the Olimpic torch on August 6 in Beijing, two days before the opening ceremonies.

Michelle Flor Cruz, Jaime’s daughter, 17, a senior high school student at the International School of Beijing. She was born in the Philippines but bred in Beijing…

Walmart's New Look

Gone is the all caps blue logo with the hyphen star in between Wal and Mart. Starting July 1st, 2008 the updated logo will be seen online. It is rounded in lowercase blue letters with a flower like an asterisk after “Walmart”. It’s part of Walmart’s goal of being an environment friendly corporation. At the unveiling of the logo, the company spokesman said that the “update is simply a reflection of the refreshed image of our stores and our renewed sense of purpose of helping people save money so that they can live better. ” This change is after 46 years of using the blue caps walmart logo. (credits:,

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