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At a Wachovia Branch Today

My boss just came from Wachovia Bank and he said it was crazy at the branch. Everybody is pulling their money out. He can’t even find a parking. Can you blame the depositors? No! It’s their hard earned money and with an economy that is so unstable like this you just want peace of mind.

Another Bank Sold

Not even in a week’s time, another big U.S. bank is sold. Wachovia Bank , one of the nation’s largest bank is sold to Citigroup. This happened only few days after the government’s seizure of Washington Mutual which was purchased immediately by J.P. Morgan Chase. Citigroup will take over Wachovia’s banking operations, expanding Citigroup’s retail outlets, making it one of the Big Three in the U.S. banking industry together with Bank of American and J.P. Morgan Chase.
I used to work at First Union Bank which is now the Wachovia Bank. I was still with them when Wachovia first acquired First Union in 2002 (I think). I still have friends there which I sometimes visit at their drive up window. I hope they will not be affected by this recent change.

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Google is 10 Years Old

Hey, Happy 10th Birthday Google. More power and many more 10 years to come. If you are at their website, click their birthday logo and you will find a brief history of google and how it started 10 years ago. Very interesting.


This is ford’s newest baby called Ford’s 2009 Fiesta ECOnetic coming out this November. Runs on diesel, sporty, can seat 5 passengers and navigation system available. Who can but this? Not Americans – Ford will only sell this cute car in Europe, cannot be sold in the U.S. because it runs on diesel (one of the business reasons as Ford says). U.S. is not really into diesel cars yet, Americans are more friendly to hybrids.


A Saving tip for Car Owners

As I have posted at my other blog, we went to Auto Zone last Saturday for a diagnostic test. The culprit was my car’s electric throttle control actuator or code P1121. The reason why I am blogging is that when this happens to you and you want to know what is wrong with your car, try auto zone first if you have one in your area. The diagnostic test was for free – it’s one of the services they offer free of charge to their customers. I have heard that some dealers charges $$ only for this one. A small device like a gizmo is inserted under your steering wheel (for mine) then it spits out a report of what was diagnosed. You can ask for a print out and bring that to you mechanic. I think this is very helpful to gas & drive drivers. It’s just a saving tip from a mom like me.

World's Oldest Male

This is Tomoji Tanabe, the Guinness Book of World Record oldest living male. He is 113 years old and he lives in Japan. Reporters and the local mayor were at his house during his birthday while he talked about his joyful life and healthy appetite. He said he wants to live for another 10 years. If you are curious of what he eats, it’s mostly vegetables and he believes that the key to longevity is by not drinking alcohol. His favorite is fried shrimp, drinks milk every day and has no major illness. He still writes on his diary but only once a month which is used to be daily. Happy 113th birthday to you Mr. Tanabe!


Burger at Five Guys

This is the famous burger. Patties are thin but they stack your burger with 3 or 4 patties. It's not oily but juicy so juicy. You can choose whatever you want on your burger - lettuce, tomatoes, onion, mushroom. etc. etc.

The only thing not inside the brown bag.

You can grab peanuts from the boxes inside the store. They are free. Don't eat if you are allergic to peanuts. There is a big warning inside the store.
Your order comes in a big brown bag. They call your number at the counter as soon as your food is ready. Sometimes it takes longer during peak hours but people patiently wait. This is where the peanuts come handy.
Your burgers are numbered. Look at your receipt to know which it yours.

They put their french fries in a styrofoam cups, depending on what size you ordered. They use Idaho potatoes for their fries and you will see sacks of potatoes inside the restaurant.If you love burgers. you should try five burgers. No moolah involved here. Just a foodie post.

Gas is Up again

On my way to work, I always pass by this gas station right at the corner of my house. Yesterday at around 7am, it was $3.29, I think they are the cheapest in my town and then coming home from work it was at $3.79!!! an increase of .50 cents in eight hours. I filled up the day before for $3.31 which is not bad. Here's another gas story, so we went out to eat dinner, my husband said we should have brought his truck so that he can fill it up. We saw 5 gas stations at $3.39 so hubby said maybe i'll just do it tomorrow morning. An hour later (after dinner) on our way home, those 5 gas stations have $3.59. I guess this is because of the hurricane. So guys, if you see cheap gas, fill up your cars now. Please no more $4 gas!

A UPS van with One Million Mileage

It belongs to Brent Boyd, 51, a UPS driver in Texas with 22 years of service. He is driving the same UPS truck, a 1987 GMC truck since he started working 22 years ago. Recently, his truck has reached 1 million miles. The odometer has rolled back to zeroes while he was making a delivery. He had offers for a new van but he declined and feels like his truck is “like home” and feels like “sitting in the recliner in your home.” I could not imagine a vehicle can reached 1 million miles. Calling GMC out there, perfect opportunity for a commercial. What? The toughest on the road or the truck that will go a long, long way.