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Finders Keeper of $20,000

In 2005, an airline cleaner found $20,000 while cleaning Iberia airline. Being an honest person, Marisol Aguirre from Peru turned over the money to the police. Last week, she was contacted by Iberia airline informing her that no one came forward to claim the money so it belongs to her. Under Spanish Law, if somebody finds an abandoned object regardless of the value, she gets to keep it if nobody claim it within two years and one day. Wow! Super lucky lady you are!


To all my blogger friends, readers and advertisers, I am wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. For those who are celebrating, hope you are almost with your turkey. Enjoy your thanksgiving dinner with your families and friends. Gooble...goooble....gooble...

Brent Brown Auto

For two weekends now, we have been going to car dealers looking for the perfect car that we want. My husband’s truck lease is expiring next month so as early as now we try to go to various car dealers and check their inventories. I wish we have a Brent Brown Auto here, the car dealerships in Utah County where you can shop for several brands in one dealership.

Brent Brown Automotive Group which is located in Provo and Orem, Utah has hundreds of available vehicles for you. The have both brand new and used vehicles that you are looking for. At Brent Brown Auto they want to take care of their customers from the moment you enter the car dealer and even after you bought your car. They are not only selling cars but also provide service to the cars you purchased. If you do not have the time to go to their dealerships, there is no problem shopping for cars because you can do everything online. Research the car you want and schedule your service at plus experience their virtua…

McDonald's Changes Dollar Menu

McDonald’s has raised their prices for the double cheeseburger to $1.19. This is due to the rising cost of meat and other key ingredients. While the double cheeseburger has become a little more money, Mcdonalds added a new item on their dollar menu. It’s the new McDouble for $1. The difference with the double cheeseburger, this one has one slice of cheese only.


Web Hosting Review

I have several blogs now but I still have two blogs without their own domain name. I have been maintaining these blogs for a year now making me decide to keep them permanently by getting a domain. I have learned that through I am able to compare best hosts available by their ranking, monthly fees, disk space or bandwidth, scripting, toll fee support, features, reviews and a lot more. This is very useful to people like me who are not so familiar in building a website. I want a very supportive and reliable web host but with a reasonable monthly fee.

Insurance Coordination

I just got a call from my pediatrics billing department saying that Aetna denied a claim they sent for my co-pay. My daughter has 2 medical insurance, under my husband as primary (because he is older than me) and under mine as secondary. So this is how it works. Normally, the primary insurance pays for the visit and you only pay the co-pay but if you have a secondary insurance thay can ask the secondary insurance for the co-pay. Wow, I didn't know that. Aetna denied it because they know that my daughter has a primary insurance but they need confirmation from me that she has one. They just need an insurance coordination so although i already paid the copay, they will give me a refund or a credit for next visit. Paying the $15 co-pay is already alright with me but if they pay for it too, much better... I got money in my pocket.

My New Homepage

I just changed my homepage in my computer to It was my husband who recommended me to this site because he gets live sports news all the time. This website features a lot of news about tennis, players and current matches. This is my husband’s favorite sport so he likes to be updating all the time. If he has a favorite, I also have my favorite which is the entertainment news. They bring the latest celebrity news and gossips with the articles, photos and videos. Other than the celebrity gossips, they also have music and the latest video news. You may think they that do not have the latest news or top news, of course clearview 365 have that. It has news of everything that is happening in the U.S. and around the world.

At work, I really cannot stay online for too long but I could flip to from time to time to check what the latest is. I simply like this website because it is not boring and the news is arranged in such a way that catches the reader’s attention. It i…

Black Friday Deals

The black Fridays ads are out online. I saw one from Kohl’s where they will open on Friday at 4am, best buy will be selling 50” hdtv for $899 and digital cameras for $59.99, Circuity City has Samsung’s 42” hdtv for $699.99, then target a 26” Westinghouse hdtv for $299.99 and a lot more stores like ace hardware, sears, kmart, staples, etc. I guess the number one deals this black Friday goes to hdtv’s, computers, digital cameras, gps, gadgets and kid’s toys. Happy shopping.

I need Money

It's only Tuesday and my payday is not until the end of the month. I don’t think I have enough funds to cover all my bills until my payday on the 30th. I am planning to get a no credit check payday loans from They offer loans online if you need fast cash. Not too many requirements are needed to get a loan with no credit history check. The online application needs only three minutes of your time. You get your approval right at the comforts of your home. If you think you have nobody to run to in times of immediate financial crisis, is available anytime for you.

Where's my Blog?

I reserved an opportunity this evening. When I check which of my three blogs was picked to do the opportunity I don't see any. I clicked the drop down menu where it says "select blog", it was blank only with a small box. Usually you will see which blog you have to post the entry. I have no clue what happened. I wrote a sticker to customer service.

Fully Encrypted

Our billing department is now fully online. Customers can view their statements and make payments online via credit cards, debit cards or checks. All credit card transactions are secured using PGP encryption software which starts even before the customer gives his personal information up to the time the transaction is done. All credit card or bank account information is encrypted for security and customer protection.

Almost There

I can't wait for Thursday. It will be a long weekend for me and a lot of workers. The company I work with does not give us Veteran's Day off but it's always a long weekend on Thanksgiving. I'd have this long weekend than the Veteran's day off. Like my husband, he was off last Veteran's day but he has work the day after Thanksgiving (black friday). I have experienced lining up in Best Buy around 4am to buy a computer 5 years ago but I am not doing it again - never! It's true that there are really good deals but to be in the freezing cold for hours is not worth my time anymore. At least, I have experienced it. If I go shopping, I will be at home, in my pajamas with my favorite coffee and doing some opps at the same time.

Expand Your Business

Does your business need assistance with regards to credit card processing or business loans? Merchant Advisors can provide you the answers. They offer payment processing solutions at a very low monthly rate with free 1 month trial and free credit card machine. Expand your business by accepting credit cards and check payments online or over the phone. Also, if your business needs capital or additional funding, can give you a business loan with a very quick approval. There is no application or closing costs and no collateral needed. Once approved, the proceeds are directly deposited in your account within 5 to 7 days. No application is denied even if you have a poor credit. If you want more information about Merchant Advisors, you can call them at 1-800-427-1450 or visit them at

91,000 Mark

My car mileage made up to 91,000 miles today. It’s a 5 year old car, so it ran around 18,200 miles per year. She never gave me problems and always reliable. I hope she will run for another 91,000 miles. I have to bring her for oil change this week plus I might need brand new tires soon. This will be the second tire change since I bought my car. I know your tired boo but please don’t give up on my yet.

A Cowgirl Boots

The best thing I like about winter is wearing your boots. For almost ten years that I have living in the East Coast, I have accumulated all kinds of boots to go with my dress, pants, leggings and jeans. The only thing I do not have so far is a cowgirl boots but I am thinking of buying one. This would be perfect for my very rugged and distressed look jeans that I would be wearing at our themed Christmas Party on December 6th.

Weekend Rest for My Car

Since the gas prices have doubled, we have been using my car during weekends. It more efficient with gas because it's a 4 cylinder unlike my husband's truck which is 6 cylinder plus a 3.5. This weekend we decided to give my car a rest. Gas is now $1.73 (lowest price I saw in our area) so it is alright to use the truck.

It was another car browsing day last Saturday. This time we went to a Honda dealer. We look at the Honda Pilot and Accord. Hubby was recommended to a Filipino salesman by his friend who turned out to be a kababayan. He is a classmate of hubby's nephew in high school. So this gives him more points than the other dealer we went to. Because we are returning hubby's lease truck he suggested to wait until the lease contract is over. It is not advisable to early terminate your lease, the remaining balance will be added to the new car cost (take note of this car lessees). The salesman will not typically tell you this, they are just after the sale not caring abou…

Trade Show Displays

We recently had another trade show in one of the nearby hotels here. This has been going on yearly, for the third year in a row now. So far, we get good turn out from invited and walk-in visitors in the industry.

We prepared for this trade show four months in advance. Our suppliers for our exhibits are very supportive but each distributor is responsible to set up their own trade show booths. The pipe and drape for each booth depends on what booth size they got but it is always adjustable. All tables must have table skirts that match the color of the drapes. There are two banner stands required; the huge one is located at the main entrance of the hotel and another one at the entrance of the function room. On the banner, we have our company logo with the list of distributors underneath. For all your trade show needs, you can rely on Camelback Displays. They can even offer you trade show ideas which is really helpful when you are on a tight schedule.

Our next trade show will be early ne…

Beginner’s Luck in Vegas for $2.4M

Jessica Agbunag won $2.4 million last Wednesday at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the California Hotel and Casino. Jessica, a babysitter was in Las vegas with her boyfriend and family to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday. She only inserted $16 on the machine when she won. Her plans? Pay off her car and give money to relatives.

CEH Training at QuickCert

One of the highest paid and most secure jobs in the industry today is IT profession. The unemployment rate has gone up but IT professionals have kept their spots in the market. This is the reason what I want to continue what I have started in information technology. I have completed computer courses but I want to advance my study by taking CEH training. One day I want to get my certification and start my career in information technology. As a full time working mom, I am so happy that Quickcert provides instructor-led IT training courseware in preparation for IT certification exam. Here’s what is included in the training package:
Instructor-led training
Demos and lab training
Multi-media presentations
Practice exams and test simulators
Self-paced navigation cd-rom or online delivery
Toll free educational support
Money back guarantee.
So for those moms out there, who are thinking that they cannot pursue their studies because of a full time job, take this course. For more information, visit qu…

Ashlee Simpson’s Bronx

Would you name your baby Bronx? Like the Bronx, New York? Hey, why not! Bronx is a cute guy’s name. That is what Ashley Simpson and husband Pete Wentz named their first born. Bronx Mowgli Wentz was born Thursday to proud parents Ashlee and Wentz who just got married last May. Congratulations new mom and dad!

Looking for a Franchise?

Match Point Network is the meeting place for businesses selling franchises and businessmen interested in buying franchise. Matchpoint is a franchise consulting network providing companies of potential franchise purchasers through pre-screening and providing them with proper information and education. As a franchisee looking for a business opportunity, Match Point will be helping you with your decision offering you only the qualified franchises that can offer the best opportunity for success. Match Point will do the research for you. Companies who want to expand their franchise networks undergo a personal franchise assessment test conducted by matchpoint consultants which will be so helpful to hopeful franchisees. Match point can offer you a lot more. Sign up now for a free consultation at and see what they have in store for you.

Gift Giving for Kids

This is a project by one of my co workers. Every year Salvation Army sends her lists of kids that you can pick and send a Christmas present. Each Angel tree tags represents one child with her name, age and whether girl or boy. It is like you adopt that child for Christmas and buy her or him a gift. You can get as many angel tags you want. Salvation Army will come and pick up the gifts on December 1st. This is way to make sure these kids have something to open on Christmas day.

Martial Arts Uniforms

My friend enrolled her eight year old son in a martial arts class for the winter. She wants to keep him busy and active since he cannot do soccer practice at the football field during cold season. When I went to their house last night, I already saw the package of martial arts uniforms and supplies she ordered from for his use in class. AWMA is an online store that carries everything you need in martial arts like shirts, singlet, combat shorts, kung fu shoes and a lot more. My friend’s son is very excited now that he has all the gears he needed for his first session this weekend.

Do You Want to Buy a Car for $1?

A car dealer based in Chicago is selling a PT Cruiser for a dollar. Wow, this is like a dollar menu in MacDonald’s, right? But, this is how the deal goes: You must buy a luxury SUV for $40,000 and get the PT Cruiser for a buck. Total payment will be $40,001 (plus tax). This is the dealer’s promotion to attract customers after the car sales have dropped. If you are interested, it is still ongoing until Monday.

Do we believe that you are really getting a bargain through this deal? Or you already paid the two cars on the $40,001. Think, think, think…


Qwest Communications

Finally, my husband got what he wanted. He has been researching and comparing prices for a plasma TV. He got sick and tired of our thick old television. Picking the right size, price, brand and resolution was not an overnight or impulse decision. My husband knows what he wants before he went to the store to buy it.

Because we bought a Digital TV, we are shopping right now for a new TV service that has a lot of digital channels on their program. I suggested to my husband that we will just get the package of DIRECTV Service and DSL internet service through Qwest Communications. Through Qwest’s DSL service you will get a High Speed Internet access for blazing fast internet surfing, downloading of photos and video games. My husband prefers DIRECTV service because of its uninterrupted signal, lots of movie and sports channels plus right now they offer three months free premium movie channels. Qwest Communications also offers a home phone package with unlimited local calling and a choice of …

Triboro Bridge now RFK Bridge

New York City-Triboro Bridge is a bridge in New York City that connects Manhattan, Bronx and Queens. Today it has been named to RFK Bridge in honor of Senator Robert F. Kennedy as he represented New York from 1965-1968. He was assassinated in 1968. The Kennedys were present during the renaming ceremony held at the foot of the bridge together with former President Bill Clinton.

Search and Report Phone Numbers

I wonder how these callers get my house phone number. They keep on calling in the middle of the night. I will be making a phone number reporting if they do not stop. It becomes annoying already. They have nothing to say and all they do is listening to you then hang up. If you get unwanted calls or annoying callers, you can report, comment or search phone numbers at

Ogie with the Idols

The Idol Experience: Ogie Sings with the Idols – It’s a concert this coming December 20 and 21 at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City. Fil-ams American Idol finalist (Season 7) Ramiele Malubay and Danny Noriega (top 24) will be there. This is a homecoming concert for Ramiele and also a reunion for Pinoy Idol Gretchen Espina and the 11 finalists. The indie outfit Menaya group will do the front act with Marc Lopez as the musical director and Rowell Santiago as the overall director.

The Healing Infrared Saunas

Have you heard about far infrared saunas? I saw one at my boss’ mansion when we went for the house warming. This kind of sauna is different from the regular saunas. The infrared heat heals a lot of body symptoms such as pain relief, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, weight loss (can burn up to 900 calories in a 90 minute session), increases extensibility of collagen tissue, joint stiffness, increase blood flow, menopausal symptoms, low blood pressure, detoxification of the body, aging, skin, eczema, menstrual pain, ulcers, high blood pressure, hepatitis, asthma, sore throat, nose bleeds, sunburns, scarring and a lot more. This is really incredible. You just spend minutes inside your sauna to relax and at the same time you are being healed with a lot of your body symptoms. I would love an infrared sauna in my house. If you too are interested, contact or call to order at 1-877-469-7286. Free shipping is being offered within the U.S.

Buy One Get One Dodge Ram Pickup

University Dodge dealership in Miami is having a very good deals with their Dodge Ram Pick-up trucks. If you buy one you get another one free. This is their way of wanting to clear their big inventories on slow moving pickup trucks. Sales of big trucks have gone low because of the high prices of gas causing them to have a lot still left. So if you are a prospect buyer of a dodge ram, find a friend and split the price and you get big savings.

Invest $25

My answering machine at home is always full of messages from sales people. One is from a financial company who has been persuading me to invest at least $500 which the return of investment can be doubled after several months. It sounds too good to be true. He thinks that I always have $500 bucks to spare all the time. How about $25? I do have that in my purse. I will make a small sacrifice to save $25 anytime. Instead of eating in a restaurant this Friday night maybe we can just order a pizza and eat it at home or I will not buy the shirt that I am eyeing at the mall.

For the $25 dollar savings I had, I would like to invest it at Rebuilding of America. They are building an affordable investment program that people can afford by just investing $25 of their money. The money that people invested will be used to continue abandoned or defaulted construction projects. The benefits work both ways. It will generate jobs to a lot of people in the community and also to make these projects an inc…

Scheduled Post

I have drafted a blog entry that needs to be posted. I put the current time and date then I click publish post. The entry was not published. Why? I don't know. So I waited and checked again after a few minutes but still it is not posted. I wonder if blogger has it's own official time to be followed. I live in the east coast so my time difference is three hours from west coast time. Thank god it was not "beatthedeadline" post otherwise I would have missed the chance.

Blog Pictures from Acobox

I have been blogging for so many years now. For the first two years, my blog was not visited by anyone and I felt that my blog is not interesting enough to make people stop by and come back. Through the years, I have learned the ins and outs of having a blog; how to make it attractive to visitors. My friend who has introduced blogging to me suggested that I should put blog pictures on every entry that I post. She said that readers like seeing pictures associated with what you are writing in your blog. I did what she told me and she was absolutely right.

Blog pictures can be easily downloaded or copied from the internet. But are we aware of the copyright laws we violate every time we do that? Here is a solution to this blog pictures problem. will provide you all the pictures that you will need in your blog entries. All you need is to register your website and you can get all acobox free images. You do not worry anything about violating any copyright laws as long as you regist…