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Happy New Year

Let's Go Party Tonight

I am already at work right now. I am supposed to take a day off but we were not able to finish with our inventory yesterday so I am here very early. Hope I can get out from here soon to prepare myself for our New Year’s Eve party tonight.

Our party will be at my brother-in-law’s house and we are required to wear something with dots design on your shirt. They say if you wear polka dot clothes on New Year’s you will get lucky with money all year round. Well, I have nothing to lose if I wear one. I like polka dots.

The only thing with tonight is the freezing cold. They say we are going to have a below zero degrees wind chill tonight. They even said that dress for an arctic weather. I could not imagine how cold it is going to be because I have never been there. To beat the cold, I am wearing my BabyPhat Footwear that I bought for myself with my Christmas bonus. It is a quilted high boots that can protect my leg from coldness with padded foot bed that can give me the best comfort while danci…

New Year's Eve at Times Square

Within 24 hours or less, Times Square will be packed with merry makers to usher 2009. This is the place to be on New Year's Eve. It has attracted a lot of tourists; being in Times Square watching the ball drop to welcome the new year. Many streets will be closed early and security will be very tight within the area. Crowds will start to build up in the afternoon and it gets thicker and thicker as midnight approaches. I have lived in NJ for almost a decade now but I haven't been to Times Square on New Year's Eve. We watch the crystal ball drop and do our countdown at home.
Tomorrow's weather is blistery with wind chills of below zero degrees. I know this will not shy away the crowd but it will be very very cold. A snow is on the forecast bringing about an inch in the city.

Wishing one and all a happy new year and the best of 2009.


Dining Table Shop Online

Last thanksgiving, we had our dinner at my friend’s house. She surprised me with her new dining table plus a matching china cabinet. This friend of mine is a single mom and does not know how to drive. When she needs something she would ask me or my husband to do the driving for her and we got surprised how she was able to buy a dining table without asking help from us. According to her she really did it on purpose to surprise us.

My friend bought her dining table from It is online store which sells top quality and discounted dining room furniture. They have a wide selection of different styles of dining room tables from casual to formal table, round tables, china cabinets and a lot more. You can check their Website for all their designs, finish and sizes. Most of the dining tables are expandable to accommodate your extra guests at parties. has an ongoing holiday sale right now which has been extended up to December 31, 2008. Do your h…

Home Remedy

I am having a bad sore throat that could lead to a coughing. As much as possible, I want to suppress it early. I am drinking my own homemade medicine. I peeled a two thumb size ginger, break it and boil. I made this as water for my tea, honey and lemon. I never like ginger but I drink it when I have to.

Acai Berry Diet

After a five day vacation, I am back to work. I do not feel like working but I have to. It seems that I have gained weight due to so much eating during the Christmas break. Right now, I am browsing at, looking for the right acai berry diet for me. I have to get rid of this extra fat as soon as possible.

Walmart Sells Iphones

Starting Sunday, your favorite walmart will start selling Apple's most popular phone Iphone. The first independent store to sell an the iphones is best buy other than the carrier at&t and apple. Iphones at walmart is $2 cheaper, the 8 gigs at $197 and the 16 gigs at $297 with two-year contract.

A Life-Saving Gift

Christmas is the time of gift giving to friends and loved ones. Top of our lists are our gifts to kids and small children. The smile that they show on opening their Christmas present is immeasurable. I always want to play as Santa when it comes to them.

A lot of my friends are asking me what I like as Christmas present. But as you mature, you want to be the one to give gifts especially this time of celebration like Christmas. My gifts to the kids are all wrapped but there is still one person left off the list. I have a sister-in-law who is pregnant right now and I am planning to give her an enrollment to a cord blood stem cell preservation by Cryo-Cell. With the cord blood banking by Cryo-Cell, a newborn's umbilical cord blood which is a great source of stem cell is preserved for future medical use. The U-cord blood stem cells can treat 70 diseases and has been used in over 8,000 transplants worldwide.It can cure a lot of life threatening diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzhe…

Merry Christmas to All

I would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas. Hope we all have a joyous celebration with our families, kids and loved ones. It is still Wednesday morning at my side of the globe, but for those having their christmas dinner right now or noche buena, enjoy this precious time of celebration.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Winter Escapade

Year 2008 is almost over so it is time to make plans for the New Year. There was a year end meeting yesterday at work and one topic discussed was the monthly vacations that are available to employees for a discounted price courtesy of the company. For the month of January, they have trips to Branson Landing, Missouri with accommodations along the famous Lake Taneycomb. I have not been to Branson Landing but I heard about the beautiful golf courses, museums, theme parks, outlet stores and a lot of attractions for the whole family. The accommodations for the trip will be at the new Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel which is all located right at the center of the town. Now we can experience watching the spectacular dancing water fountain with matching light and fire display.
We are getting so excited about this trip. My husband wants us also to get the Winter Escape Package being offered by the Hilton hotels. As soon as he gets his vacatio…

Flu Shot

Last week I got my 3rd notice from my daughter's school nurse regarding her flu vaccine. It is now required according the NJ state stature: 57-4 that all children enrolled in pre-k on or after september 1, 2008 must be given an influenza vaccine between September 1 and December 31 otherwise your child will be excluded from school.

So, Isabella had her shot today, very brave little girl, did not cry at all. She was even staring at her arm while mommy closed her eyes. She got a star sticker for that. I missed this moment - no camera with me again.

Mobile Office

We were hit by a bad snow storm last weekend. We decided to close the office early Friday to let the employees go home early and safely. Although we were sent home early, I was asked by my boss to work from home just if we get orders from our satellite office in one of the job site. There is an ongoing big project in South Jersey that we need to put up a monitoring office to make sure that the job is done. The company rented a used mobile office sales with people from our company manning it. This has been very useful to the company because once a certain job is done it could easily be transported from one location to another. It has everything that an office needs, like built-in plan tables, built-in desks with file cabinets, heat and air conditioning and rest rooms. Acton Mobile Office is a trusted leader in providing mobile office trailers like this, commercial modular buildings or immediate extra workspace. They can design your modular office or trailer according to your needs. If …

New Tires

The big snow came before the first official day of winter. I got scared that right away so i brought my car to firestone. I have been told two months ago that my car needs brand new tires but I was trying to stretch it. Since we got the van, it has not been used on weekends but during weekedays I drive around 50 miles a day and with the snow I don't trust the tires anymore. So, we got four brand new tires and oil change. My car is all set for the winter now.

Super Bowl Party

One of my husband’s favorite sports is football. This is the only sport that he looks forward to during winter. We live around three miles away from the Giant’s stadium in New Jersey so I am not going to state the obvious by telling you who is my husband’s favorite football team. He never miss a game, if not at the stadium he watches it on TV at home. Sometimes the game lasts up to midnight but you will never hear him complaining being sleepy the next day.

My husband has been convincing me to host a Super Bowl party. I said yes right away because this is a lot cheaper than going to Tampa Bay to watch it live on Feb. 1st, 2009. Now I know why he wanted to buy that huge flat screen TV last black Friday. This will be our first time to host a party like this and I have been checking to get ideas of how our party is going to be like. For the food, we are going to have pizza, buffalo wings with celery and blue cheese, baked tortillas with salsa and melted cheese on top and …

A Winter Friday

I only stayed for four hours at work yesterday. We were sent home early when the snow started to fall. It came around 10 am and it came down fast. I am sharing you some pictures that I took:

this is the calm before the storm

when the snow starts falling

at the highway on my way home. i guess everybody were sent home all at the same time

the day after Winter officially starts tomorrow, december 21st.

Go For Debt Consolidation

While it was snowing heavily yesterday, I got a call from my friend asking me to go with her to a gold for cash event. I said, “What is that?” It is like having a party to be attended by buyers and sellers of gold. There will be gold buyers at the event ready to buy anything you sell from used or broken jewelries. It is normally held in a hotel or a house. I got curious so I asked her why she is selling her jewelries. She needs money badly to pay her credit cards. If she could raise around $10,000 she will be fine but not a total payoff of her $13,000 bills from various credit card companies.

Does she ever hear of debt consolidation and settlement? My friend does but she is not sure if she will get approved for debt loans because of her credit rating. is an online debt relief for people who have big unsecured debts. They can help you reduce your balance up to 50% with no credit check or home ownership needed. After your debt consolidation, you only pay one easy, …

Snow and Sleet are Coming to Town

We are expecting a snow storm today that starts around 10 a.m. The forecast is around 6 inches of snow in our area with a mixture of rain afterwards. The schools are closed but not work. Actually, I am already at work and it will be a wait and see situation if we have to go home early. Right now the roads are clear and everybody is just getting ready for the storm. I already have my boots on. I have my thick gloves, snow brush and small snow shovel in my car. If you leave in the east coast, these are a must inside your car especially during snow days.

Watches for Christmas

Last Tuesday was our Christmas party here at work. It was held in one restaurant in New Jersey. It was not an ordinary Christmas party like we used to do every year but it was also the retirement of two of our salespeople. Both of them were with the company for 30 years.
A week before the party, the girl who was in charge of the gifts to be given to the two retiring salespersons has not come up with any appropriate presents for them. She was asking me to help her so I suggested giving them beautiful men’s watch. We went online and checked the holiday gift guide being offered by, the best online seller of genuine brand name watches at discounted prices. We picked a Breitling and Omega watches for them. Our manager was happy because we got it at 40% off the list price with free shipping.

It is only seven days before Christmas but if you think of giving watches for Christmas, it is not too late to have it by the 24th. Shop online at and place your orders no…

Snow in Vegas?

Yes, that is right. The strip in Las Vegas was blanketed with white snow Wednesday night up to early Thursday causing the McCarran International Airport to cancel flights. Schools were also closed because of the record snow fall which last hit Vegas in 1979. Wednesday’s snow accumulation was up to 3.5 inches. A lot of residents and tourists have posed for souvenir at the famous Las Vegas landmark with falling snow on their heads. Do you think what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Nope. Snow was also seen on some parts of Nevada, Southern California and Northern Arizona.

Big Savings on Eyeglasses

I know I need glasses but the plans to get one have been put aside for a long time because I do not want to wear eyeglasses and they are expensive. While I was doing my Christmas shopping over the weekend, I bumped into one of the parents from my daughter’s school. She was wearing her trendy and stylish eyeglasses which immediately caught my attention. When I was about to say something, she said to me, “I know you will like my prescription eyeglasses.” According to her, she bought it from Optical 4 Less at a very cheap price.

When I got home, I immediately checked in the computer. Sure enough, they have eyeglasses for $15 which already includes the anti-reflective coating for free. I tried the virtual try-on system to check which eyeglasses will look good on my face. Here is another good deal from Optical 4 Less. You get free shipping worldwide if you order more than one pair. Since they are so cheap, I would probably order more than that. So if you are shopping for ey…

Christmas Eve

I have been thinking if how in the world would I be able to prepare for Christmas dinner if I still have to work on the 24th. This is the situation that I wish I am in the Philippines. Problem is solved right away. Either, you have a long vacation at work starting from December 20th or you have a lot of housemaids that you can make utos (to do it for you). But, it has to be done one way or the other. I remember we were sent home early last year, but how early this time? How about order everything then just pick them up on the way home. Hmmm....we'll see.

Chatting With a Friend

I was chatting with my co-worker friend Tasha at one of the black chat rooms at lunch break and she told me that she will not be back to work not until February. She is on disability because she had a knee surgery. I thought she will be back in time for our yearend inventory but I do not think that is happening because she is still scheduled for another surgery next month. I hope my company hires a temporary worker to do her job for the meantime.

School Fund Raising Stuffs Are Here

Finally, I got the box for Isabella’s school fund raising today. These are all for my co-workers. I am lucky that people at work are so supportive with kids’ activities in school. They bought a lot from my daughter that’s why she got five prizes for having reached $163.00 in sales. I wrapped all her prizes so that she has more gifts to open on christmas day.

Let's Chat

I attended a Christian school in Kindergarten back in the Philippines. Do not ask me what year that was but I have maintained communication with some of my former classmates until now. I just got an email inviting me to join the Christian chat so that we can see one another through the webcam. I got excited to be seeing them online after so many years. I would better buy another webcam today because my daughter broke the other one.

Too Much Goodies

My boss brought in several boxes of cookies and chocolates from customers. We have received tons already since the Christmas season has started. I know there is more to come meaning more temptation to eat and gain weight. Is this the reason why there is a new year’s resolution? Whatever. Let me get a cookie now to go with my coffee.

75% Off at Vacations To go

Every year we make it a point to go home to the Philippines to see our family and relatives back home. I do not think it is going to happen next year. We cannot afford the very expensive airfare for the three of us. Our budget is very tight right now and we are so worried about what is going on with our economy. Right now, we are just thankful that we still have our jobs.

Last night I was talking with my husband and told him that we still need the vacation even if we are not going to the Philippines anymore. I told him about the email I got from Vacations To Go where discount cruises are available up to 75% off. Since our target date is around April next year, I think we have time to find a really good bargain. Our family friend is also convincing us to go with them on the Disney World Cruise so that the kids can come to enjoy. They have booked their vacation through Vacations To Go also. I think Hubby likes the idea now that my daughter is already five years old that she can apprecia…

The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas is a Friday, a work day. To some workers, it is a non-working day but for us we are still in the dark if the CEO will give this as a holiday. We heard some gossips that an announcement might be made. We thought he will make the announcement at the Christmas party last night but nothing. Still keeping our fingers crossed for now.

The Future Home

In a few weeks time we will be starting a brand new year again. Are you fond of making a new year’s resolution? I am not. If I do have, I would rather keep it to myself and I will only tell everybody when it is done or fulfilled. This is more of a plan or wish than a resolution for 2009. Hope we could push through with our plans of buying a house next year. Our realtor updates us with new listings in our town but we prefer to get a custom built home if there is one available. We have seen one custom built Schumacher home in Pennsylvania and it was beautifully done. We have our own style and design that we want for the future house and we thought that if we are paying so much money for it we might as well get one that would fit our needs. One of the trusted custom builder is Schumacher Homes, a company that has built more than 5000 custom homes across the nation. They have available floor plans on their website which you can modify including the features, colors and materials to fit yo…

Insurance Mix up

I got a bill from my primary care doctor for a visit made last January 08. It is for $97 and change. I have two insurances, one from my job and from my husband as family. Since I don’t use my own insurance, it created a problem. I did not mean to hide it but my reason for not using it is that my husband has cheaper co-pay. For some reason, they found I have two. So when they processed my bill against my husband’s insurance, they paid at first but they reversed it when they saw I have insurance. My own insurance is considered the primary so my insurance will pay first and whatever is left unpaid; my husband’s insurance (secondary) is responsible. I never thought this would be the case. I thought it’s all up to me which insurance to use.

Business Expansion

Before we went to the mall yesterday, we went to do our laundry at the Laundromat. Although we have our own washer and dryer but when we have to wash big comforters and lot of sheets we do it in the Laundromat for easy drying. The owner was there and he was very happy informing us that he puts up another location in town. The new branch is more sophisticated since you do not need quarters to operate the washing machines and dryers. All you need is a refillable card from the machine inside the store.

We have known this man for a long time. He is very hard working and hands on in his business. He told us that he got approved for the small business loans being offered by Merchant Advisors that is why he was able to expand his business. According to him, it did not take long for his loan to get approved with less requirements and no closing costs. The grand opening will be held on the 1st of January and as a welcome treat to customers, they will get 20% off. This new branch will be open 24…

Christmas Rush at the Mall

We went to the mall yesterday to do some shopping. We almost turn around when we see this sea of cars at the parking lot. You really need a lot of patience dealing with parking. My husband dropped us off at the entrance while he looked for parking. It took him 45 minutes to find one. The mall has extended hours as it gets closer to christmas.

My Mojo

Among all my laptop bags, my favorite one is the Mojo courier bad I bought from Spire. When I go to work, I only carry a small tiny purse for my wallet and cell phone and the rest of my stuffs are inside my Mojo. If only this laptop bag could talk, I am sure it has a lot to say. But instead, let me speak in behalf of my favorite laptop bag.

Its day starts very early around six in the morning. As soon as I wake up, I will check my mails hurriedly then start putting away my stuffs to my laptop bag. Before I go to take shower, I will put my Mojo in my car at the garage. At below freezing temperature, it is very very cold inside my car with no heat. It will take an hour more before me and Isabella will be ready to leave.

As soon as my daughter steps into the car, she would sometimes go up and down the back seat with my laptop sitting on it. I know how it hurts being stepped upon. My Mojo gets all the dirt from her shoes and the crumbs from her food. From the parking lot to my office, my Moj…