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Pres. Obama Gets to Keep his Blackberry

President Obama is a self confessed blackberry addict. A lot of pictures were taken during the campaign as Obama taps his blackberry for messages which caused a controversy after winning the presidency if he could keep his blackberry or not because of national security concerns and the tradition of having an email free president. He argued and won the battle over bringing the blackberry to the White House but not his old blackberry unit. His new smartphone which has been nicknamed as "Barackberry" is a $3,350 device, a spy-proof Blackberry called Secreta Edge. It is made my General Dynamics, which is capable of encrypting top secret voice conversations and handling classified documents. It is super encrypted and is the only device approved ny NASA for top secret communications. Although Obama is allowed to have a Blackberry, he cannot do instant messanging and his phone book is only limited to senior staff and a small group of personal friends. Another first in the history; Obama the first e-mailing President.


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Where can I get one of those? I was surprised he got to keep it considering all the secret information he has access to.

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