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The C'elle Technology

Recently we celebrated my father’s 15th death anniversary. He died of diabetes at a very young age of 55. My father was diagnosed with the disease when he was in his forties but he does not want to follow strict diet as advised by his doctors. It got into some complications until he his health deteriorated and deteriorated.

Looking back onto those days that my father was sick, do you think, had I started with my menstrual blood stem cell preservation like the one being offered by
C'elle; was there any chance that I could have saved his life? Until now, I always wish that I could have done something to extend his life.

Through C’elle’s technology, a woman is being able to preserve her stem cells found in her monthly period that can be a potential medical treatment in the future to cure major diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, stroke, vascular regeneration and a lot more. This can be beneficial both to you and your direct family members.

It is never too late to enroll in this program. Actually, right now is the best time to enroll to avail the limited time offer of only $299 by using the promo code CN400 on your checkout. That is a $400 savings right there! After your enrollment, you will receive a collection kit from C’elle with instructions on how to collect your blood stem cells and how to send it back to C’elle for cryo preservation. This is a recession proof investment. All you can think of is your gain and peace of mind from now on.


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