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Ceiva Digital Picture Frame

One gift I received last Christmas was a digital picture frame. I have uploaded pictures that were taken last using the memory stick but never get the chance to add more photos since then. My time in front of the computer is mostly spent on updating my Website and blogging but to upload our new pictures on the memory stick is always neglected. I always have my camera inside my purse because I love taking pictures but I am so lazy to upload them. My friend has suggested changing my frame to Ceiva digital photo frames which according to her is a lot different from what I have at home. She invited me to her house to have a demonstration of her Ceiva photo frame with an HD screen. She was able to upload pictures without having to connect to a computer and directly from phone or email. Here’s what I found so unique with Ceiva digital photo frame, it can automatically display photos sent directly to the photo frame from family and friends. Wow, how cool is that? You mean, every day I can wa…

Extreme Heat Policy at the Australian Open

The Australian Open is the only major tournament that has an extreme heat policy. Under this policy, if the temperature reaches a top of 40 degrees Celsius (around 104 Fahrenheit), the roof of the Rod Laver Arena is closed and air conditioners are switch on. This happened yesterday when the organizers canceled the matches and invoke the policy for the first time when temperatures soared up to 43 degrees C. The match between Serena and Kuznetsova was held up for 45 minutes while the court roof is being closed. It takes around 25 minutes to close the Rod Laver Arena. This heat also caused the defending champion Noval Djocovik and Victoria Azarenka to retire because of heat exhaustion. The heat wave is going to last for a few more days in Melbourne.

Pres. Obama Gets to Keep his Blackberry

President Obama is a self confessed blackberry addict. A lot of pictures were taken during the campaign as Obama taps his blackberry for messages which caused a controversy after winning the presidency if he could keep his blackberry or not because of national security concerns and the tradition of having an email free president. He argued and won the battle over bringing the blackberry to the White House but not his old blackberry unit. His new smartphone which has been nicknamed as "Barackberry" is a $3,350 device, a spy-proof Blackberry called Secreta Edge. It is made my General Dynamics, which is capable of encrypting top secret voice conversations and handling classified documents. It is super encrypted and is the only device approved ny NASA for top secret communications. Although Obama is allowed to have a Blackberry, he cannot do instant messanging and his phone book is only limited to senior staff and a small group of personal friends. Another first in the history; …

Blogroll is Gone

Sorry, I missed your name again. Please leave a message and I will add you name on my blogroll as soon as I can.

Thank You.

I Joined Paying Post

When I started blogging, my only purpose was to have a journal of my day to day activities. I have stopped bringing my organizer and I only depend on my blog to record the important events of my life. As I go along, I have met fellow bloggers that have introduced and taught me how to make extra money online. With my blogs, I get paid to post my reviews and opinions about certain products or services which have turned my blogging not just for fun but money making one. I am happy that I have this extra source of income which has helped my household a lot in regards to our expenses. The idea of getting a second job was already canceled because I would rather stay home and do paid blogging than being away from my family working.I am going to share to you the latest blog advertising network I joined. Again, with high recommendation from fellow bloggers, I recently joined paying Paying Post. Paying Post is the place where bloggers and advertisers meet. As a blogger, all you have to do is si…

Because We are Tired To Cook

We decided to eat dinner at Boston Market tonight. Both of us got home around 7pm and I asked papa if what are we going to eat. He said, "repeat" meaning, our leftover from last night. That's fine with me but we have no cooked rice yet. It will take around 30 minutes to cook rice in the new cooker. We are both hungry already except for my daughter who just came from my friend's house where papa picked her up. Now the next question is to eat there or to go. We decided to eat there. We ordered a whole rotiserie chicken plus the following sides: corn, mashed potatoes, mac and chees and apple pie. Other than chicken, I did not know that BM now serves sirloin. I will try it next time. I like their corn bread which I took some extra home. Everything is good when you are hungry.

I Did Not Make It

I was short with my entrecard dropping tonight. Sorry folks. I was trying to beat the 12 midnight cutoff for the day (eastern time) but I really can't make it. I saw the clock 11:59 pm then flip to the dashboard's all back to zero drops for the day. It's 12:03 am now, good night. See you guys in the morning or in a few...

No Sharapova at the Australian Open

Maria Sharapova will not be able to defend her title at the 2009 Australian Open because of her shoulder injury. She was already out of the U.S. Open and Beijing Olympics last year because of the injury. She said that her shoulder is better but she just started training back; she feels that she is not capable of playing to the level she wants to be. Australian Open is the first grand slam in tennis for this year.

Obama's Limo is a Hybrid

Being that he promoted hybrid cars as a presidential candidate, he will be getting one on his first day at the White House. President Elect Obama will be on a brand new hybrid Cadillac limo that will drive him on the 2 mile route on the inaugural parade this coming January 20th. This car has an 8 inch thick door that can protect that can withstand any threats to the President with the best of the best communication capabilities like phones, satellites, internet at his fingertips. He will be totally removed from the society once inside his limo hearing no notice from the outside world.

Have a nice ride Mr. President Elect.

Australian Open 2009

It’s only 11 more days to go and the 2009 Australian Open starts. It is the first grand slam for this year which will be held at Melbourne Park from January 19 to February 1. Last year’s winner for men’s was Novak Djokovic while Maria Sharapova will be defending her trophy for the women’s. I am sure all tennis fans are already excited to see all top ranked players in Melbourne, Australia.

The Hiltons at Branson Landing

Our neighbor is back from their vacation in Missouri. They stayed at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing for five nights where they got the New Year’s Eve package. This neighbor of ours are both retirees who just enjoy their time together travelling around the country and abroad.

We had the dinner at their home and they were so thankful to my husband for cleaning their walkway when we had a snow storm while they were away. They showed us the pictures taken at the beautiful Lake Taneycomb and at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel where they got invited for brunch on New Year’s Day. By the pictures and videos they have shown, I would surely love to go to Branson Landing to enjoy the waterfront shopping, dining and entertainment. My daughter would be fascinated by the $7.5 million water fountain all choreographed to light and music. You do not have to go far because all these are happening within downtown Branson Landing.

Planning to have a break this winter with no place to go…

My Gift from Secret Santa

This is what I got from our kris kringle from work. We call it secret santa. It is a massager slippers from homedics. The vibrating massage feels good on your feet after a day's work. It needs two AA batteries.

This is my new house slippers. Whoever you are secret santa, thank you very much.

Chatting On New Year's Day

When I went to my friend’s house to pick up the DVD she was lending me, she was busy doing the free single parent chat in the computer. She is a single parent with two kids, a 17 year old daughter and a ten year old son. Because it is New Year’s day, my friend and her chat mate are exchanging new year’s resolutions from all over the world. She can see all her friends through the computer’s webcam.

If you are interested in joining the single parent chat city, just go to to register. To join is free and all you have to do is register your username, give an email address and create your own password. Once you have done that, you can start joining the chat rooms and make friends from people around the globe. My friend is having so much fun when she chats with single parents like her. What is fun when you join chat rooms with people that have something in common is that your interests are alike and it is not hard to start a conversation when you are almost in the sa…

First Day of 2009

It is a holiday today. We woke up late around 10:00 a.m. on a sunny but very cold Thursday morning. We got home by 1:00 am last night after spending the New Year at my BIL's house. This morning, we were craving for some bagel but because we got lazy to get up right away we did not left the house until 11:00 am. Too late for bagel and coffee so we had our brunch. After eating, we stopped by Costco but they were closed. When we got home my friend called that she has the "Caregiver" dvd so I will be watching it in a minute. I'm still sleepy from last night but I'll watch Ate Shawie first before taking a nap again.