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It's Vacation Time

I am so excited about spring. Today, we actually have warm weather at 65 degrees. It is a bit windy but not cold. I hope we get our refund this week so that we can start planning our vacation.

Hubby likes basketball so we think of going to Missouri to see the NAIA Division II men’s basketball tournament on March 11-19 and the Walmart FLW Bass Tournament on March 12-15, 2009. For me, I have no particular idea where to spend our vacation as long as I get a break from my routine of home, school and work. Missouri is one state I have not visited yet but I heard a lot about the beautiful places there; the shops, boutiques, restaurants and I will get to see the famous water fountain. Besides this, we have plans of staying either in Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or HIlton Branson Convention Center Hotel. These two hotels are accessible to various attractions in Branson Landing like the museums, lakes, theme parks and the 49 live entertainment theaters. Hey, I think this coming March is …

My Taster's Choice

We have free coffee at work, actually 2 varieties; a brewed coffee (Maxwell) and we also have the keurig coffee machine with various green mountain coffee. I don’t like the taste of the brewed coffee and the other one is too strong for. I sometimes crave for coffee so I brought my own. It’s the Nescafe taster’s choice single pack packets, six packets in a box. It’s decaf so I don’t worry about my hyperacidity. It’s $1.15 a pack….cheap than stopping at starbucks everyday.


Funny Greeting Cards

At work, we celebrate birthdays of employees by giving him or her a card and a birthday cake. I am in charge of buying the birthday cards. It has become a habit when I go to a store I never forget to stop by the card station to get a card or two. But recently, I stopped doing it because I found funny greeting cards for all occasions at I do not get reimbursed for my gas so buying them online is wise decision. Thanks to for this.

Can't Finish Dropping

I don't think I would be able to finish my entrecard drops tonight. My daughter is not feeling well so I have to sign off early. Hoping everybody's evening is wonderful and see you all in the morning.

UCord Service By Cryo-Cell

We just came from the doctor today because my child is sick. She has on and off fever since Tuesday making her to skip school since yesterday. Today, after her dad picks her up from the babysitter, she was wearing a new pair of clothes because she threw up. I was not worried before but when you see a child becoming weak with loss of appetite something is really wrong in her system. To me, I will do everything just to keep my baby feel better. If I could only take all the pain especially for babies that still do not know anything except to cry when they are sick.

I always remember the importance of Cryo-Cell U-cord service every time a child is sick. Through the Cryo Cell, you are able to preserve the stem cells found in the baby’s umbilical cord blood or menstrual stem cells found in a woman’s monthly period. The stem cells found in the baby’s cord blood are those normally found in our bone marrow which can treat a lot of diseases and used in thousands of transplants worldwide. You wil…

The Nissa Versa

They always say that President's day is one best day to shop for a car. So we did but not for us. It was for hubby's aunt. We went to Nissan to take a look at their Versa car. The aunt is in her 60's and lives by herself. She just needs a car to take her to work and do some errands. I tell you, you may see this Versa on the road as a small car but it is actually roomy. It has a sedan and a hatchback. I like the style of the hatchback better. Also, if you see the add about a Nissan Versa for $9,999.00 it is for a manual transmission with no radio and no aircon. It is the most basic. For the fully equipped, the price is around $16,000 with air bags, air conditioning and cd audio system. This is a nice car for a single person and very efficient with gas. Did she buy the car? Yes, and she is happy with it.


A Valentine Gift

My husband and daughter picked me up at lunchtime from my job to join them for lunch. It was quick but it is always nice having lunch with them. They just came from my daughter’s school. While at the restaurant, my husband asked me what I want as a Valentine gift. I already told him few weeks ago not to buy flowers if he has plans of doing it. Flowers are not cheap on Valentine’s Day. I told him not to get offended but I am being practical during this economic crisis. He smiled and he knows where I am coming from. So you think that will keep my husband from not buying anything for VD?

So I told him about the wall oven that I saw at I have been looking for this at my favorite store here but they do not have it in stock. My friend who is a shopaholic like no other suggested to me to search it at Shopwiki and true enough I found it at their Website. Here is the best part. also gave me a list of stores online where it can be bought locally and I found one two mil…

Stamps Up to $.44 cents in May

The United States Postal Service has announced last Tuesday that they will be increasing their first class stamps starting this coming May from 42 cents to 44 cents. To avoid an increase, you can stock up on the Forever Stamps which will continue to be at the price of 42 cents until the increase occurs. These Forever stamps are valid regardless of the rate increase.

Shopping for a Freezer at Shopwiki

I and hubby are planning to buy a new freezer. Actually, this would be an additional because we already have a refrigerator but the built in freezer is not enough for all the frozen food we have. I am a normal food shopper but when I see something on sale at the supermarket I buy and store them in the freezer. I practiced to put dates on frozen meat so that I know which pack has to go first. We need an extra storage for other frozen stuffs other than meat. I even have bread and bagels in the freezer. Like during summer time, ice cream, yogurts, popsicles go on sale so I store them a lot and kids go through it quickly. Now you can imagine how packed my freezer is. It is not that I am scared that we get hungry but kidding aside it is cheaper to eat at home than in the restaurant.

We have been browsing at for their freezers. I think we will get the frost–free chest freezer because the size is perfect for the small space in the basement. This is what I like shopping at shopwik…

It's a beautiful sunny day

It is a gorgeous day today. We are having a sunny 6o degree weather on a February. Everybody is rejoicing, taking a break from the cold days of winter. Piles of snow at the parking lot have thawed making extra slots for parking. I know this is just a teaser but it is good while it last.

End to Junk Mails

When I get to work every day, the first thing I do is open my email and check my messages. I have a different email for my work and about three personal emails. This is an SOP at my job that before you start your day, check the company’s internal mailing system for work that needs to be done immediately or requests from customers that need urgent attention. What takes a lot of time really is not the checking of my emails but the cleaning up of my inbox from junk mails and spam mails. I have asked my boss if I could sign up for a free junk mail removal service so that they could take me out of the junk mail list.

So, I decided to join The Privacy Council to End Junk Mail totally. There is a minimal cost to join them but right now they are giving away 500 free memberships. The focus of the their service is to put an end to unwanted junk and spam mails that get into your mail box everyday and to stop those annoying phone calls for telemarketers. Once you are removed on the junk email or p…

A Big Thank You

Thanks for all my entrecard droppers and advertisers for the month of January. I really appreciate all your visits and hope to see you back at my site.
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