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Sony Vaio With Blu Ray DVD

Recently I had purchased this new laptop from sony – the vaio VGN-FW351J/H. It is an amazing notebook, with 17 inch monitor; super fast processor, easy to use (wide) keyboard, good battery life and the ultra clear monitor perfect for the blu ray dvd player. The only downside I could tell is that it is a bit heavy if you want to bring it with you every day. It was my husband’s choice to upgrade to a bigger one only because it has a blu ray but I was originally shopping for just an alternative to the desktop we have at home. As I mentioned, the laptop was superb until we tried to hook it up to our bravia 1080p. It says that by using HDMI cable you can connect it to your tv and watch blu ray. I and the husband tried everything we could but we can’t make it work on our tv. You can hear the sound but what you see only the desktop screen on TV and this message: “Stop. Your display environment does not support protected content”. We are both frustrated. In my mind, I could have settled for…

Buying A Flat Screen TV

Since the flat screen TV'shave become popular, the prices have dropped significantly compared than its prices a year ago. I and hubby have decided to have an upgrade of our old and thick TV set. We have three television sets at home but we will change the one in the living room first. This is the most used TV in the house.

I just realized how difficult it is to decide which of the many we are getting. When buying, there are a lot of things to be considered like the size, 720p or 1080p, LCD or plasma, prices, brands and a lot more. We tried to go online at and we are able to compare different television sets which have narrowed down our search. Once you picked what you want to purchase, just click the “go to store” icon and it brings you to the store where it can be purchased showing the best price possible. This saves you a lot of energy rather than going to different local stores to do the comparison. Hubby is satisfied with the one he picked; it has all the features he w…

My Car Needs Repair

I have scheduled my car for brake repairs tomorrow. For the past two days, I have been using my husband's truck because I am scared to drive my car anymore. It was making a sound once I apply the brakes and I could smell burnt rubber on one of the wheels. Hubby knows I'm not comfortable driving a car that needs repairs so we switched vehicles for two days. I drive 50 miles a day while his job is only 5 miles away. So we are dropping it off early tomorrow then just pick it up when the job is done.

TGIF and happy weekend to all.

Playing Golf In Germany

My brother-in-law is a golf enthusiast. This is his only sport and his son is into it also. My husband is into tennis; never was he ever influenced by his brother although he does not know how to play golf; he knows the game and like watching it on TV. Now that it is getting warmer, we would not be surprised if anytime we will be getting a phone call that his brother is coming over to meet with friends in New Jersey to play golf. He was recently in a Golfreisen in Thailand. A Golfreisen is a German term for a golf holiday.

I could recall when my brother-in-law was in Germany for a tour. Germany is known to have beautiful golf courses. He was staying in a hotel located near a golf course but he said he never got a chance to get on the green. Why? Because in Germany it is not like in the Philippines or U.S. that it is open to all where anybody can play golf as long as you know how. Not in Germany. A golfer must have a license called Platzreife before he or she can get on the green. He sa…

I Sold This on Ebay

This is my old blackberry pearl. I upgraded to the blackberry curve. What am I going to do with the old one? Sell it on ebay. My starting bid was $.99 cents with free shipping. The phone was still in a very good condition with a very few (not really visible) scratches. I liked this phone too but the reason why i changed to the blackberry curve was the convenience of texting on the curve. I was very honest with the condition of the phone and the buyer was happy; he gave me a positive feedback. So it is not only through blogging that you can make money. Look around, you may have a lot of junk that can still be sold and get some money for it.

Learning Massage Techniques Through Videos

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage TechniquesMassage Supplies

During this time of financial crisis, we have to think ways of how to cut back our expenses. I would like to do my part by not going to the spa for my massages anymore. Instead, I will try to learn the chair massage techniques and foot reflexology through the instructional DVD’s I bought from Aesthetic VideoSource. On these videos, the award winning Meade Steadman will show what are the ways, techniques, and strokes on how to do hand and foot reflexology and chair massage. The latter was specially requested by the husband so that he can have a good massage after a tennis game. Next time I am buying the breast massage video after I have mastered the two DVD’s I bought. If you are interested in buying too, visit

Losing a Job

I just got informed that a friend got laid off today from her job. Since the recession has started, I keep on praying that no one among my family, friends or anybody I know gets terminated during this time of crisis but I think this is something that we cannot control as employees or workers. I feel bad. She has two kids. There are still companies that are hiring but it is the competition that will hurt you. It's a tough world.

Kissimmee's Sweepstakes Free Vacation

My husband called me asking what month we are going on vacation this year. At his job, they are required to submit their vacation days by the end of the month so that HR check and do its approval ahead of time. We always get the months of May or August but since our kid still has school until June, we may go for August this year. Florida is our target place and we want to stay right in Kissimmee, being the center of Florida. Of course, the first on our list is to visit various theme parks, Disney’s Animal and Magic Kingdom for the daughter, and my husband wants to see MGM and Universal Studios again. Since the step daughter has intentions of joining this trip, I and my husband can have a dinner for two and enjoy the night life of Kissimmee while the daughters can stay and chill at the hotel.

Before planning this vacation, I already warned my husband of how much it is going to cost us but he said we did not go for a trip last year so this will be a treat for us. But me, being the wife …

First Oil Change

Our van had its first oil change last Saturday. It has 3,000 plus miles and the reminder for oil change has been flushing since 2,500 miles. How can we forget, right? We went to the 15 minute oil change.

They clean your windshield and vacuum the inside before they do the oil change. No extra charge for this.

This is where they do the oil change. You can not see them because they do it under ground. It is quite a site if you are not used to do this man's work. But really, thanks for this fast lube & oil, it is like a drive through. No waste of time waiting.

Now it is being done. We were there for like 20 minutes top. This is our first stop for the day. The van is ready again for another 3000 miles.

Young Christian's Weekend in Branson

The step daughter asked permission from her father at dinner time this evening if she can go to Dollar City in Branson this end of the month. There is a big event this coming March 27-29, 2009 called Young Christian’s Weekend at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri where thousands of teens from across the country gather and meet to have a two straight days and one night of concerts and music, listen to inspirational speakers bring praises, worships and messages for everybody. The music of bands like Kutlass, Downhere and Leeland will rock the theaters with energizing music and dancing. Our youths get the chance to listen to the words of John White of Kanakuk.

Her dad gave the go signal as long as her group gets their booking in advance at either Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing or HIlton Branson Convention Center Hotel. These Hilton hotels are both very accessible to Silver Dollar City and situated within the entertainment capital of the Midwest. I am sure she and her friends wil…

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

I remember Dr. Seuss because of his famous Dr. Seuss children’s books. He was born March 2, 1904. A writer and cartoonist who became known for his books like, The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Horton Hatches the Egg, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and a lot more. He died September 24, 1991 in San Diego, CA.
Google has made a special design to celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday.
Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!