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Free Chicken at KFC Today

FOR TODAY ONLY – APRIL 27, 2009. Kentucky is giving away free grilled chicken at any of their participating U.S. branches. This is your chance to get a taste of KFC’s newest menu – Kentucky Grilled Chicken. It is totally free. One piece of chicken per person but it is a manager’s choice as to what part of the chicken you get. Kentucky is offering a healthier chicken - not fried but GRILLED.


Beautiful Batik

Who would not like batik especially if you grew up in Davao, right? Before coming back here in the U.S., I brought a lot of summer dresses and shorts for me and for giveaways to friends. Everybody likes the batik even for those first timers. They like the softness of the fabric and its beautiful designs.

I am so happy I found a handmade Batik store online called kraf online, fully owned and managed by a Malaysian company called Globe Traders Sdn. Bhd. They sell batik shirts, bags, stationery, accessories, gifts & souvenirs and even table sets and bed covers. All their products are made of different unique patterns in various colors. My favorite is the picture frame made of batik. I think this is a very appropriate gift to my co-worker. She has never been to Malaysia but she is fond of this country and loves to eat their food. For myself, I am planning to get the batik silk scarf made from 100% silk chiffon. Since I am into writing notes all the time, I also want to get their batik …

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Thanks Budak Gauk for this…

The C'elle Technology

Recently we celebrated my father’s 15th death anniversary. He died of diabetes at a very young age of 55. My father was diagnosed with the disease when he was in his forties but he does not want to follow strict diet as advised by his doctors. It got into some complications until he his health deteriorated and deteriorated.

Looking back onto those days that my father was sick, do you think, had I started with my menstrual blood stem cell preservation like the one being offered by C'elle; was there any chance that I could have saved his life? Until now, I always wish that I could have done something to extend his life.

Through C’elle’s technology, a woman is being able to preserve her stem cells found in her monthly period that can be a potential medical treatment in the future to cure major diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, stroke, vascular regeneration and a lot more. This can be beneficial both to you and your direct family members.

It is never too late to en…

The New No.1 Tennis Player

She is the new world’s No.1 tennis player announced by the WTA Tour last Monday. Dinara Safina is from Russia replaced Serena Williams in the No.1 spot. Her brother Marat Safin was a former No.1 in 2000 making them the first brother and sister team to be the No.1 in professional tennis. Safina has earned the no. 1 spot without winning any grand slam yet but have twice reached a major final; the last was at the Austalian Open.
I took this picture of her when we went to see the U.S. Open last year. We will be there again this year.

Free Kissimmee Vacation

I thought spring has arrived. I have put all our winter clothes away thinking that we might not be using it for more than six months but just few days after I put them in the storage, I took them out because it was still freezing and cold. Even this morning, I saw some frost on the grass. We want sun, sun, sun and more sun!!!

This is the why we are going back to Florida for a Kissimmee vacation. For a getaway, we always think of Kissimmee as the perfect place for the whole family. Our favorites are the water parks at the Walt Disney World Resorts namely the Wet n’ Wild, Disney’s Blizzard Water Park, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon and the Aquatica at SeaWorld. We are meeting some families over at Orlando so I am sure all the kids will have a blast in all these water parks.

After being in the sun the whole day, we prefer a mellow evening to be just walking around Old Town. Here you can go for a walk, shop around, dine and they have an entertainment every night. If you have an American idol voice…

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federrer

To all Roger Federrer fans, he is already taken.

Roger and his long time girlfriend Miroslava “Mirca” Vavrinec last Easter weekend in his hometown of Basel, Switzerland. It was a very private wedding with only friends and families present.

When Federrer was interviewed about his wedding at the Monte Carlo Masters, he said that he cried again but this time it was tears of joy and happiness. They are expecting their first born this coming summer.

Roger and Mirca, a former WTA Tennis player, met at the 2000 Sydney Olympics when they are both competing for Switzerland. In 2002, Mirca retired because of a foot injury and since then became Federrer’s public relations manager.

Congratulations Roger and Mirca – the new Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federrer.


Privacy Harbor Email Services

Everyday I receive emails congratulating me for winning the lottery or telling me to confirm my subscription to some books, magazines or to renew my car’s warranty. I did not subscribe to anything nor did I buy any lottery tickets but the senders of these emails even have my name on it!!! Scary! I am sure that I am not the only one who gets this kind of emails everyday.

Since I started to earn some money online, I am planning to get a private email for security reasons. I do not want that an advertiser or anybody has access to my email or personal information. What we write on an email is something private between you and the recipient. It is not meant to be shared to anybody.

I am looking into the services being offered by Their main objective is to protect your information and messages by encrypting and storing them safely in their secure servers. They also offer virus protection, giving you access to retract messages that you sent in error, phone and chat support p…

Hooking Up PS3 To Bose Home Theater

As I have mentioned in my previous post that we have bought a PS3, hubby was very happy with his new toy. Oh I forgot to mention that we also got 2 free blue ray DVD movies. We picked Casino Royale and 21 (this is a good movie). Everything was fine but one more thing left to be done. Hook up the bose 321 home theater system to the PS3. It was another trial and error thing and several trips to best buy for inquiries and cable plus a lot of googling. It was finally done by hooking up the bose using an optic cable plus another red and white cable for the sound. Now my husband is all set for a blue ray DVD marathon.

Walk or Run For a Good Cause

Two days ago, my husband handed me a paper containing a prayer for a cancer patient. He said that a co-worker of him has asked if we can fax and email a copy to her relatives in the Philippines. This prayer is for her niece who has been diagnosed recently with cancer. I did what she requested to do. To hear a story like this makes your heart heavy. If one way or another I can be of help I am willing to offer any support I could give.

Today I started something for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Bumble Bee Foods is sponsoring a program that will help raise money to help Breast Cancer Network of Strength provide emotional support to cancer patients while waiting for its cure. From April 1st 2009 - October 31, 2009, for every mile you walked or run logged at, Bumble Bee Foods will donate $0.15/mile to this cancer network. I only jogged for around two miles today but I will try to add more miles every week. My goal is to make at least make $1.00 every time I go jog…

Ring Tag

I got this ring tag from Beng. She has a new blog that is celebrating its first monthsary. Go check it out. Thanks beng.

Why should the wedding ring be worn on the fourth finger? There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given by the Chinese.....
Thumb represents your Parents.
Second (Index) finger represents your Siblings.
Middle finger represents your-Self.
Fourth (Ring) finger represents your Life Partner. & the . . .
Last (Little) finger represents your children.
Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold them together - back to back.
Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb - tip to tip. (As shown in the figure below):

Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)..., they will open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong, and have to leave you sooner or later. Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers (representing siblings)...., they will also open, because yo…

Fall & Winter Apparel Clearance Sale at Sears

I could tell from today’s weather that winter is finally over with the warm wind coming through now. We are having a beautiful day today with temperature reaching up to 70 degrees. For me this is already exciting because this is the time that stores are having their clearance sale on winter clothes.

On my lunch break today, I quickly stop by Sears to pay my Sears Card. I had enough time to browse on the apparel section and I saw signs offering 75-80% off original prices on fall and winter clothes from now up to April 18th. Since I was on my lunch break, I just left the store hurriedly but as soon as I got the chance to go online, I checked sears website and started my shopping right away. Check out the winter clothes and the discounts I got on the following items:

I have been eyeing this pair of jacket and pants every time I visit Sears but I could not afford its regular price of almost $170. Now that it is on clearance, I sure will not let this go away. See how much savings I got, for …