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Chicken Terriyaki

Would you believe this is only $5.99? Actually, it is $4.99 but hubby wanted extra meat so it's a dollar more. You will always see a long line at Sakkio Japan at the food center. People patiently wait for their food while they cook it in front of you. I like their chicken terriyaki more than the beef and they also have shrimp. So if you are in the mood for rice, this is a good one.

Summer Vacation At Branson Landing

One of the most visited place by millions of people not only during summer is Branson Landing, Missouri. All year round, the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel are always ready to accommodate their guests with the best services and amenities to customers. Being situated at the center of Branson Landing, these two hotels are the favorites among tourists and visitors of the place. For your convenience, these hotels are both very accessible to shops, restaurants, boutiques, theme parks, live entertainment theater and a lot more.

In Branson Landing, you can experience walking along the scenic paved boardwalk overlooking Lake Taneycomo. As an added attraction to the town center, Branson had built a spectacular water fountain that dances to music, fire and light. You will also see this waterfront setting as you dine at the finest restaurants in the Midwest. Entertainment for the whole family is nonstop during your stay at Branson Landing.


Word Racer

I get hook in playing word racer at yahoo. The game is simple. Find as fast you can as many words from the letters given. The spelling must be correct. What I find amazing always is that at the end of the game, you thought all the words have been found but when you scroll down to the list, there are still plenty available. You can join any tables and it plays up to 8 people. You can also chat with your mates. If you are fast and if you find the complicated words, you get high points. Play this game when you are sleepy, it will wake you up!


A Wii for the Queen Of England

Now the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth will not be playing Prince William’s Wii anymore because the gaming company THQ is giving the Queen her own Wii. It is one of a kind Wii, a special edition, only made for the Queen. Her Wii is gold plated – ah, ah, not like the whites one you have!

So why the Queen? They said that this is a form of promoting their upcoming game called Big Family Games which according to game revolution is a collection of mini games like “golf, tennis, lawn darts, horseshoes, etc. This new game is for the whole family, from the kids to the moms and dads and grandmas too. But you know what, me boss’ dad plays the Wii at the nursing home and he is 88 years old. Say?

Phatband Internet From Charter

With my busy schedule, I do not have time to watch TV anymore. I get lucky if I can still watch the 11:00 o’clock news before going to bed. Only five minutes after the news starts I will be falling asleep. I tried to catch all my favorite shows through my computer but sometimes my internet connection gives me headache too. I need the new Charter High-Speed Internet Ultra 60, the fastest internet with speeds up to 60Mbps. I wish we live in St. Louis where it is now available but I could wait until Ultra60 will be rolled out in our area. With Charter’s high-speed internet ultra60, you get the ultra streaming you need to watch movies or videos online. You can download photos, music and videos and play game online instantly in no time. Besides the speed, it is also ultra safe with its best virus detection and PC protection at no additional cost to customers.

For more information about this new high speed ultra60 internet from Charter, visit and look for the Ultra60 Info…

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is one of my favorite stores so with Marshalls. I am a bargain shopper and I don't buy clothes at regular prices not unless it is outmost needed or nowhere can be found. This is a brand new branch at Secaucus, NJ.

I shop at TJ Maxx for clothes, shoes, sheets and even kitchen utensils. Just have patience in going through their stocks. You will find really good bargain along the way.

TJ Maxx became eco-friendly too with their shopping bags. This is for free regardless of how you shop unlike other stores which charge 5 cents each for the bag.

Join Kissimmee's Sweepstakes Vacation Giveaway

Kissimmee, Florida has an ongoing promotion called Freedom to Enjoy Kissimmee Sweepstakes. There are winners every month and two Grand prizes at the end of the promotion. The drawings are made on or around 04/01/09, 05/05/09 and 06/01/09. On this Vacation give away by Kissimmee, you will get a chance to win one of the three 3nights/2days vacation for two or one of the two weeklong vacations for four.

Once you are in Kissimmee, you are in the center of everything. Enjoy the various theme parks, water parks, golf, museums, outdoor activities, shows, dining and entertainment or simply a leisure walk with your family at the Old Town. Kissimmee has so much to offer to its visitors all year round. They also have the premiums outlet stores for those who want to go shopping.

Make you summer plans now by visiting and click the freedom to enjoy sweepstakes. Who knows you and your family will be the lucky winners of a free summer vacation. Good luck and enjoy your summer!

$2,500 Sneakers

Are you an Xbox fanatic? If you are, maybe you would like to have this Xbox-inspired shoe too.

This Xbox shoes is custom made by Sole Junkie, a California based artist who specializes in customized sneakers. If you buy this shoe, you do not get an Xbox with it but just an Xbox logo that lights up. Underneath the logo is a fiber optic wiring with a battery and switch in the tongue. It has 2 settings; strobe or constant light functions. It is being sold right now on eBay. You can start making your best offer or bid. Starting price is $2,500!!!! Yes, that’s how much this shoes cost!

credit:plugged in @

Get Help Through Debt Consolidation

Before the recession started, I cut all my credit cards to avoid being over debt. When you carry credit cards in your wallet, they become a temptation to over spend way beyond your budget. You may not feel the burden right away but once you get the statements every month, you will realize you went overboard.

To keep within the budget, you should have your own debt free program that has to be followed strictly. I have one for myself and so far I am doing fine. With the credit cards eliminated, the only biggest expense left each month is my rent debt. Lowering bills is not easy but once you become debt free, you will feel the big relief and you can sleep tight at night. I am sure you will not miss the annoying phone calls from creditors.

If you have problems paying your bills, try talking to the experts about debt consolidation at They have every solution to your problems; from debt consolidation to debt settlement, credit counseling, foreclosures, refinanci…

The “IDOLS” Are In Manila

David Cook, American Idol Winner Season 7 and his runner-up David Archuleta are in Manila for a concert at the Mall of Asia on May 16, 2009. They arrived yesterday (Tuesday, Manila time) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. David Cook came via Singapore Airlines at 3:15 p.m. while Archuleta arrived via Qatar Airways at 3:30 p.m. This concert is being produced by Jo Marie Yllana’s Fearless Production.

Ticket Prices: (in Phil Peso)
Titanium – P12425
Platinum – P6215.00
VIP – P3625
Gold – P2075 (free seating)
Silver – P625 (standing)
Bronze – P315 (standing)


New Results In Stem Cell Research

A CryoCell Press Releasewas made at the annual meeting of the International Society of Cellular Therapy held in San Diego, California recently. CryoCell International announced the results of a recent study that by adding blood stem cells from a woman’s menstrual blood to stem cells from umbilical cord, it expands the number of progenitor cells which could broaden the beneficial use of stem cells. Menstrual blood stem cells can be collected and readily available while umbilical cord blood cells can only be collected during a child’s birth and does not produce enough stem cells typically required for transplantation. Because this limitation, they want to identify ways to expand cord blood stem cells. On their study, by using both menstrual blood cells and cord blood cells and processed to reduce the number of red blood cells, it resulted a significant change if the functional capacity of cord blood cells with the addition of menstrual stem cells. With this newly released finding, it en…

Our Poor Car Needs Battery

When my husband was leaving for work this morning, our car will not start. He came back to the house to inform me. I brought the van to him and we jumpstart it and voila! The car started! My husband got to work without being late and no problem with the car. Now he just called me, he is leaving work and he jumpstarted the car again.

The car battery needs to be replaced. My husband went directly to Sears, got a Die Hard car battery. He said he will install it himself and just return the used one to Sears for disposal.

Our car is a Nissan Altima 2003. It has 96,000 miles, regularly maintained with oil changes, tire rotation, etc. For this year, we got brand new brakes both front and back, got 4 brand new tires and now the battery. It is still running great and in good condition. No major repairs. Not bad with gas. No complaints. Thank you car!

Happy Mother's Day

Toys For Kids

I have a five year old daughter who is on pre-k right now. This is her first time to be in school and I am so happy that she loves school a lot. It will be her graduation from pre-k next month and as a gift I am planning to give her the Dora The Explorer Backpack School adventure building blocks from Mega Brands. Building these blocks would develop her imagination about school, her teachers, friends and classmates. Dora The Explorer is my daughter’s favorite cartoon character. Her first introduction to Dora was when she was a year old until Dora became her favorite along with Boots The Monkey and Isa the Iguana. She learned how to count in Spanish because of Dora. This came helpful too because her cousin speaks Spanish. I am sure my daughter will be delighted upon seeing her gift. I would like it to be a surprise present for her.

When shopping for children’s toy, MEGA Brands carries all kinds of toys for boys and girls of different ages with leading brands like MEGA Bloks, Rose Art, M…

Mama Liberty Crown Reopens July 4th

Last August, I had visitors from California touring New York, PA and Washington DC. I took them to the Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. To go there, you take a ferry either from the NJ or New York side. We went down Ellis Island but we only took pictures of Mama Liberty. Since at that time, they do not allow visitors to up the crown, my visitors did not bother to leave the boat. They just took pictures. But, starting 4th of July, the crown of the Statue of Liberty will be reopened for the first time after its closure right after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It was closed down because of security reasons. There will be 30 visitors per hour allowed into the crown and the selection is by lottery. To go up, you have to climb a 168-step double helix spiral staircase with the guidance of the park ranger. More improvements are still being done before and after the reopening.


Protect Your Pets Through Home Again

This May 3-9, 2009 is American Humane Association Be Kind to Animals Week. Being a supporter, Home Again is donating $1 to for every pet registered in the program by outfitting your companion animal with proper identification; by putting a tiny microchip beneath the surface of the animal skin for identifying your pet and the owner’s contact information. This is a way of reuniting owners with their pets if they get lost or found by somebody else. The Home Again Web Site will provide you more information about injecting microchip your pets and how they do the recovery process.

Home Again is also working hand in hand with, a fundraising Web site specifically created to help shelter animals. They are a non-profit animal charity that supports animal shelters across the country. These shelters need funds to take care of every pet that is being brought to them until they find the owners. If you want to help or be a part of this program, do your online shopp…

I Like Kentucky Grilled Chicken

Since I have a post about the new kentucky grilled chicken, we tried it last Sunday using the coupon they sent through the mail. All I could say, that the chicken tastes good and healthier with the absense of the oil used in frying. I am wondering how are they gonna do with KFC? F stands for fried, how about KGC? G for Grilled. lol. Just a thought.

Gift Card Sweepstakes From Charter

In a few weeks from now, on June 12, 2009, we are all switching from the analog to digital broadcasting. I am so surprised that there are still a lot of people have no idea what this is all about. Here at my job, they posted today at our bulletin a reminder about this digital transition. This deadline has already been extended but I guess some people are just so busy with their lives that they pay no attention until they get affected by it.

We have been ready for the digital switch. If you do not want interruptions on your TV viewing, you can sign up with Charter Communications for your cable TV, internet and telephone services. With Charter HD, you get HD programming at no extra cost with extra clear pictures. You have a great deal if you sign up with Charter right now. For this month of May, they have a promotion called Charter's Free Gift Card Sweepstakes where you get a chance to win one of the four weekly $1,000 gift card prizes and the grand prize of $5,000 gift cards. This c…

Logitech Cordless Mouse

I bought this mouse for $19.99 to be used on my laptop. It's a V220
Cordless optical mouse for laptop. It was available in black, blue and red. It is so easy to use. After opening, insert the AA battery (not included), plug the receiver in the USB port and you are all set.
The mouse is a little smaller than the regular mouse but it works fine with me. Works very well.

Best Mother's Day Gift

Although I am so busy at work today, I managed to sneak out from the office to have lunch with my godmother and her family. They live in Las Vegas but they are here to visit her daughter who is having a baby. My godmother is so excited because this is the first time that she will be grandmother not only to one but two grandchildren. Yes, her daughter is having twins.

Over lunch, we talked about a lot of things including my daughter and my family back in the Philippines. She also asked for my suggestion if what mother’s day gift should she give to her daughter this coming Mother’s Day. I asked her if she heard about Cryo-Cell U-Cord? She was all ears to me when I was explaining the benefits of storing or preserving through Cryo Cell the baby’s cord blood stem cells and how these stem cells could treat a lot of diseases not mentioning the its uses in thousands of transplants worldwide. This is a special gift to a very dear person who is going to be a mother soon.

Avail of Cryo Cell’s spec…