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The Eye Lasik Procedure

I have been complaining that I cannot see very well when it comes to reading small letters. I even told my doctor about it when I had my annual check-up. He said that is normal when we come to a certain age. It only means one thing when he said that. I am old.

I am a person that does not want to wear glasses. But because there are moments that I really need glasses, I have bought a set of reading glasses just for emergency use. Hubby told me that I have to do something with my vision before it becomes a more serious case. He suggested to take a look on how LASIK surgery works.

As I am reading and getting information from, I could say that I am a good candidate for an iLASIK procedure. I am not a 25 year old anymore but do you know that if someone of that age starts to wear contact lenses, he or she will be spending more than $20,000 over a lifetime? Whew, that is a lot of money! The cost of an ilasik procedure will pay for itself in seven years. There are many surgeons who of…

The Photo Tag

I got tagged by 3o and then some. Thanks for this one.

Show your readers the tenth photo you find on your photo file folder.

So here is mine.

This is the tenth picture on my first folder. Yes, I still have pictures even from way back, like 4 years ago. Most of them have already been uploaded to my online album or have been transferred to a disc for storing.

So, what’s up with this picture?

I took this picture two years ago when we went to the U.S. Open (2007) in Queens, New York. We took the No. 7 train from Port Authority and got off right at the Mets stadium. Walking from the station to the Tennis Center, you will see these trains parked on several tracks. I guess this is where all the No. 7 seven trains are parked.

Now I would like to know what Tita Beng, Tammy, Analou, Dorothy and Schizoshrink can share to us.

Have a Nice Weekend.

Goodbye Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett died this morning after years of battling anal cancer. She was 62. She was diagnosed in 2006 with cancer and has been in and out of the hospital. She died with her family and friends surrounding her. Her long time partner Ryan O’Neil was with her during her battle and he even announce on 20/20 last week his plan’s of proposing to Farrah. She has one child named Redmond who is in jail.
Farrah Fawcett became popular in the 70’s on the show “Charlie’s Angels” with Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson. She is formerly married to Lee Majors, the star of Six Million Dollar man, also in the 70’s.
Now, the pain is gone. Prayers for the family. May her soul rest in peace.


People Jar

There are so many social networking websites in existence right now. We all know who are the most popular and the common element among them are only to make friends and socialize. But, have you heard about People Jar?

People Jar is not a social networking website. It is a free directory platform that helps you make new connections in any field through specific characteristics. On the website, you start by typing a keyword for a person you are looking for, like their specific characteristics or field of interest. If there is no such keyword available, you can make a suggestion. You can further refine your search by entering relevant characteristics such as location, language spoken, special field, gender, etc. Once you find the results, you can view the person’s detailed profile and start a new connection.

To me, PeopleJar will be beneficial to people searching for a job or someone who is looking for a worker or somebody for a job to be done. This will be an alternative to the usual subm…

My Car Got Repaired

The symptom was the car dies when it is idle. Check engine light is on. But you can restart it without problems. After work, hubby was able to bring it to autozone for the free car report diagnosis and it gave him various codes. Autozone has no service dept so he was asked to go to pep boys. But pep boys does not want to give an estimate without running the report again for $89.99 but the guy said, for a tune-up probably around $300. I called firestone, they said around $500-$600 for a complete tune-up. Hubby left and went to his friend who has a car repair shop. He did another diagnostic test and came up with the same results.

Hubby left the car Friday night and we pick it up yesterday. Total damage was $330 including taxes for ignition coil replacement and flush transmission service. Now the car is running great again. With 97,000 miles I am not surprise about these repairs anymore. Hope it will go for another 97,000 miles.

To All Dads

Dinovite Your Dogs

I do not have a pet dog but my friend has one. Having a dog is one thing that I have to give up when we moved to this complex. Even if I do not have a dog at the moment, I still get the chance to take care of Tiny when my friend goes away. They live about a block away from our place so I always volunteer to look after her when they are not home.
As you see Tiny in the picture, her hair looks very healthy now. You cannot see any trace of excessive shedding anymore. Few months ago, you will always see this dog scratching with hair falling all over the carpet, car or even at my friend’s bed. Her distinct smell is all around the house that sometimes you may think that she has not bath at all. One day, while we were taking her for a walk, one dog owner saw Tiny scratching non-stop so she approached us asking my friend if she ever heard of Dinovite? The lady also asked my friend if how she feeds her dog and she was saying that the commercial dog food lacks many of the delicate nutrients a d…

Clark - Boracay Flight

Now you can fly from Clark to Boracay starting June 18, 2009 via Zest Air. The fare is only P788 and it flies twice weekly, every Thursday and Saturday, leaving Caticlan at 2:10 p.m. arriving Clark at 3:30 p.m. This Caticlan-Clark flight will be using the MA 60, a 56 seater aircraft. Other destinations of Zest Airways are Davao, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Kalibo, Cagayan de Oro to name a few. They also have the airbus 320 for their flights to Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, Tacloban, Tagbilaran and Puerto Princesa. They just launched their second Davao flight last May 16 for P1788. According to Zest Air, they will be having international flights to Asia in the future.

Win $10,000 Scholarship Fund

When I was still pregnant, I planned to breastfeed my baby for about a year. I listened and followed all the advices given to me by fellow moms and I ate nutritious foods that will help me produce milk for my baby. I did everything but I am not one of those lucky mothers who can produce milk enough for her baby’s needs. I was able to breast fed her for only two days but my breast milk was not enough for her so my doctor advised me to switch to formula.

I used Comforts baby Formula for my daughter. I know there is nothing that can substitute breast milk but Conforts for Baby is fortified with iron containing all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that a newborn baby needs on her first year. This baby milk formula contains lactose, lipids DHA & ARA which are very important in the baby’s mental and visual developments. Since comforts baby food contains all the essential ingredients that are required in an infant formula according to the FDA and the Infant Formula Act, this is alread…

Domain Renewal

This domain is turning a year old this June 21st. Although it expires on the 21st, Mr. G has sent me notices by email reminding that they are charging my credit card on file by June 11. At first, my debit card on file was denied which freak me out because WHY? Then I realized that the card on file was a wamu account which wamu later changed to chase (remember the merger). I have never updated my file. I do not even remember that I used my wamu debit card before. Now it’s paid for another year but when I checked my online banking transactions I got charged twice by Mr. G. I do not know if it is a bank error or Mr. G. I hate calling customer service but I have to. I want my $10 back or apply my payment for two years. So, it’s another year or two for “out of the blue.”

HP Pavilion DV4-1225DX Notebook

This laptop computer works great, fast and lightweight with only 14.1" screen. With HP you cannot go wrong with their computers. It has 4GB ram and you can watch dvd with super clear picture plus a lightscribe disc labeling system. The only con with this model is that it has a low battery life, around two hours only on hp recommended performance but other than that it is a great computer.

Summer Camps

Today I received the schedule of school activities for the rest of the month of June. They only have two full days left and the rest is half days. This is the first year my daughter went to school and she had loved school so much that she does not want to miss any day at all. I do not think she realizes yet what summer vacation is; that she will not be seeing her classmates and friends for two months.

Now that school is almost over, I have been looking for Summer Camps available for her age group. I want her to keep busy this summer. Although the school has sent a program for summer reading activities but with summer camp it will be her chance to enjoy the outdoor with other children. I happened to go to, a website where you can search kid’s events and activities, summer camps or day care that is available in your area or neighboring town. You just have to enter you zip code and a list of activities for different dates will show. This great not only for the kids but parents t…

Roger Federer, The Champ!

Congratulations to Roger Federer for winning the French Open Championship last Sunday. Federer got emotional again at the end of the third set, beating Sweden’s Robin Soderling on a straight set. Finally, he got a French crown, making him a holder of 14 grand slam titles: 3 Australian open, 1 French open, 5 Wimbledon and 5 U.S. open a tie with Pete Sampras (but Pete Sampras retired without a French open title). Sampras holds 7 Wimbledon, 5 u.s. open and 2 Australian open. Could this be Federer’s first or last French open title before retirement? I hope there will be more, or another Wimbledon in the next few weeks?
Good luck and Congratulations daddy Roger! credit:

Destination Branson Landing

Summer season is here. We are going to have our company trips once again. This is the time that we schedule our annual trips for our salespeople as part of the company’s incentives and also to our loyal customers. Our salespeople and customers go with their families and significant others with all expenses paid by the company. For this summer, it is a trip to Branson Landing, Missouri. A lot of our salespeople want to experience playing golf at the new Payne Stewart Golf Club being managed by the Hilton. This is also very convenient from Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel where they are all booked. While the husbands and boyfriends are playing golf, the wives and the ladies will enjoy the shopping, entertainment, museums, boutiques around the area. I am sure the kids would love to see the famous electrifying fountain while walking at the boardwalk and visiting the theme parks. They are all very excited now that everything has been completed …