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My Talbot's Midnight Shopping

Last night I was up until midnight doing my online shopping at Talbots. The husband was very tired from a tennis match and already snoring, did not even feel when I sneak out of the bedroom, turn on my laptop at the living room and do my midnight shopping. Since I have this $500 Talbot gift card with me, I cannot control the urge not to spend it right away. I cannot wait for the morning to come. So now ladies, this is my own red chair confessions.

I bought this belted cable vest in pine cone color. I work in an office that is freezing during winter time. If I have the thermostat control I will keep it at 70 degrees but nope, so I just have to bear with the cold. I need this sleeveless vest to keep my body warm but leave my arms uncovered.

If I buy a new vest, I have to get a matching pair of shoes and bag as well. I like all the high heeled boots but I think I need this low heeled lug-sole leather short boots. I am preparing my feet for the Christmas rush so I am hitting two birds with …

Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

Who is Lucy?

She is Lucy Vodden who became an inspiration for the famous Beatle song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds.” The birth of this song came when John Lennon’s son Julian, who was 4 years old, came home with a painting from school with the words “Lucy in the sky with diamonds.” Lucy and Julian are friends. Julian showed the painting to his father at that time that John Lennon was gathering materials for their album “Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band released in 1967. So the birth of Lucy in the song.

Yesterday, it was announced that Lucy Vodden died after a long batter with lupus. She was 46. Lucy is in heaven. May she rest in peace?

Being Well-Groomed Matters

Since the unemployment rate has been increasing for the past months, I always read articles on how to help people get a job. Usually, the articles are focused on the resources of available jobs, how to make your resumes, how to dress up in an interview and do’s and don’ts while being interviewed. They never say literally that you have to be well-groomed when you go for an interview but to me that is already common sense. To be at your best, you have to be well-groomed.
Talking about being well-groomed, Gillete has made a survey of more than 500 HR professionals and the results showed that 84% of the HR professionals agree that well-groomed employees are ahead in the corporate ladder than those not well-groomed. This made Gillette launch a Gillette Career Advantage on to help job seekers and professionals get advice from Mark Jeffries and GQ style correspondent, Brent Fahlgren. When you visit this Gillette Resource Center, you can also get tips on how to have an edge at thi…

The Honda U3-X

This is called the Honda U3-X, a concept “personal mobility device.” The device is being controlled by how you balance yourself while riding this U3-X. To adjust as to its speed, turning and stopping in all directions, the rider has to lean his upper body to shift the body weight. The difference with the Segway is, on the Segway the driver stands as he rides but on the U3-X, the driver actually sits on it. It is about 2 feet tall, 22 lbs and runs on a lithium ion battery. Operation time is one hour on a fully charged battery. This Honda U3-X will be unveiled at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show this coming October 24, 2009 in Japan.

credit: Review

I was just watching a show on TV about weddings. These are the lavish and most extravagant weddings a bride can dream of. It starts from the engagement party, to the preparation for the big day and the wedding day itself. I saw that even the smallest detail of the wedding preparation can cost thousands of dollars. I said to myself, what if the bride and the groom are wearing Fake Diamond Engagement Rings? Do you think the guests would still be able to see the difference? I am sure a lot of them won’t. What matters is the glitter of the ring as the bride does the march. I am saying these because, I was browsing and all their fake wedding rings are lovely. It is really hard to tell which one is which unless you are an expert but all I could day is that our Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings bought seven years ago are still impressive up to now.

If you are planning a wedding, take a look at the huge selection of wedding ring sets and bands at You will b…

Save the Ants?

These stickers are some of the freebies VW was giving away at the Waterfest. I do understand what Road Trip and uber cool mean but Save the Ants? i don't get it. I am lost as to what Volkswagen means by save the ants? I was at the service center last friday and i forgot to ask them. Anybody that can enlighten me or my readers.....please!!! Thanks.

Enter To Win An LG Bliss

When I checked my Facebook page this evening, I saw a friend suggestion sent by one of my friends. She knows that my daughter has an LG phone so she sent me an invitation to join the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page. By connecting to LG Bliss on Facebook, I was able to know their ongoing contest called Lose The Ugly, Find Your Bliss Sweeps which started last 09/11/09 to 11/06/09. All you have to do is upload an image or video of anything that you think is ugly and want to lose on Only one entry per Facebook account and you need to be 18 years old or older. The grand prize for this “findyourbliss” contest is a brand new LG Bliss Phone and a $50 gift card (so you can buy your own Bliss) as a secondary prize. There will be five lucky grand prize winners and fifty secondary winners.
You may want to see the Gallery of the Utterly Ugly on Bliss Facebook page or at my sidebar. If you have a photo or video that you deem ugly, submit it now and have the chance to win the go…

The New 2009 U.S. Open Champ

Juan Martin del Potro, 20 years old from Argentina is the new 2009 U.S. Champ for men’s singles. He won the championship match over the no.1 seeded Roger Federer in a 4 hour 6 minutes match, 3-6, 7-6(5), 4-6, 7-6(4), 6-2. A day before at the semis, del Potro ousted Rafael Nadal earning his first finals at the U.S. open. Juan Martin said that his dreams were to win the U.S. Open and to be like Federer. The teary eyed del Potro fulfilled one of his dreams Monday night. This could have been Federer’s 6th consecutive U.S. Open title and his 16th grand slam overall but it is nice to see a fresh new face accepting the championship trophy, a fat $1.85 million dollar check and a key to a brand new Lexus convertible. Juan Martin del Potro is the first man from Argentina to win since Guillermo Villas in 1977.


The Red Chair Revelation

Before you proceed reading this, make sure you saw the video in my previous post about the Red Chair Confessions. Let us not spoil the fun and excitement created by these videos. I tried my best to make a guess but all my guesses were wrong. I thought the ladies at the videos were talking about a very handsome man, a show, a book, a food or something irresistible. I think I am still right by saying it is something irresistible because now that it has been revealed that it is the new Talbots, that is how I am going to describe Talbot’s with its new image which is more hip, modern and affordable. Talbot’s is not your mom’s store anymore!

Right away after the revelation, I visited Talbot’s website and I was impressed with the changes. For sure this is a destination for us women; it is something that will make us feel confident, sexy, and alive at affordable prices. Talbot’s is a store for women’s apparel, shoes and accessories carrying its own brand Talbots and J. Jill. I did not waste an…

Lexus At The U.S. Open

Lexus is one of the big sponsors at the 2009 U.S. Open. As soon as you enter the Billie Jean National Tennis Center, you will see this Lexus car with body made of tennis ball material. They have this every year at the open and you can have a picture taken along with the car by Lexus people that can be claimed on their website. An ID will be given to you and a code on how to retrieve the photo. Lexus also have this HUGE tennis ball and the new RX Hybrid on display. They are the official transport of the players from their hotels to the Tennis Center and if you are driving a Lexus, you get free parking at Citifield (savings of $18).

Join Netfirms Contest and Win An iPod or MacBook

Do you have plans of registering of getting your own domain name but do not want to spend money for it? Well, here is one that is not really for free but you can win great prizes such as an iPod touch or MacBook. Netfirms Inc. who is a provider of web hosting, domain name, e-commerce, email, e-marketing services and technology solutions is having a Netfirms contest starting September 9 to October 7. The unique thing with this contest is that you will be using twitter to register your domain name. You can either register a domain name by tweeting "Win a #free iPod Touch or Macbook from the @Netfirms #contest. Domain registration services via Twitter" or register a domain name via the net firms twitter domain registration service for $7.99. One domain registered equals one entry and one retweet equals one entry per day. Isn’t this so cool? But here’s how it really works. You will send Direct Message to Netfirms via ,asking them to register a domain for you.…

Nike Air Max Courtballistec

If you have been watching the U.S Open, you will see this shoe being worn by a lot of tennis players. This is one of the cutest yellow Nike tennis shoes. Who would think that a yellow still looks good on a man’s feet? Nike can do it.
While at the U.S. Open last week, I was able to take a close up photo of this tennis shoes from one of the players. Thanks to you.
This sneaker is called Nike Air Max Courtballistic 1.3 Mens Tennis shoe. More colors available. Cost $120.

Red Chair Confessions

My friend called me to go online and check the Red Chair Confessions video. She was trying to explain it to me but I really can’t get her point. She said that I have to watch them and let her know what I think about the confessions?
I obliged my friend’s request and now I am in the same situation like her. I have a hint that this is something that the ladies will love. In my mind, maybe it is a very handsome man, a show, a book, a type of food or something that seems to be irresistible. On the video Momma;s Little Secret, she said that for the first time she felt so confident, sexy and alive….this cannot be a book, show or food! I don’t know now.
I was so eager to hear her entire video confession inside the closet but all of a sudden she heard a bell. What was that? Why she has to rush out? She said she has to be somewhere at that very moment and she is already late. Then after she was gone, you heard her child say, “Mom, I’m home!”
I am left with a lot of questions in my mind. I cannot …

Melanie Oudin - New 17 Yr Old Tennis Sensation

There is a new teenage sensation at the U.S. Open 2009 today in the name of Melanie Oudin (pronounce as oo-dan). She is a 17 (turning 18 this month), girl from Marietta, Georgia. Last year, she ranked 221st but last June 2009, she got a big break when she won a grand slam match against Jelena Jankovic (No.1) at the Wimbledon.

Now at the 2009 U.S. Open, she is described as a bulldog from Georgia because she is unstoppable and never gives up. Wearing a pink and yellow sneakers with the word BELIEVE stamped on the side of her shoe, she is on her way to the quarter finals beating bigger and more experienced opponents like Elena Dementieva (No.4) Maria Sharapova (No. 29) and Nadia Petrova (No. 13). She is the youngest American to reach the semi finals at the U.S. Open since Serena William’s time a decade ago. After she wins a match, you hear the beatle song “Just 17” playing in the background. Her next match will be tomorrow against Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark (No. 9) also a first time g…

2009 U.S. Open

The 2009 U.S. Open is now ongoing at the Billie Jean Tennis Center in Queens, New York. It started last Monday August 31 up to September 13, 2009. This is the last of the four grand slam tournaments for the year. Players will be playing at the Arthur Ashe Stadium, Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and the ground courts. For this year, then U.S. Open is broadcast live on espn, the tennis channel and the finals on cbs.