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Happy Halloween

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World Series Game 2

Yankees will try it again tonight after losing to Phillies 6-1 last night. The game will start the same at 7:57 p.m. at the yankee stadium. Pedro Martinez will be pitching for the Phillies and A.J. Brunett for the Yankees. Watch the game live on FOX.

Watch TV on Your PC

I am the person who barely has the time to watch TV. I am a very busy working mom with a five year old. By the time I am finished with my chores at night I am already tired that I just want to hit the bed. I always thought of buying a portable TV where I can watch during my break at work but all I could find are pocket TV’s that are as small as a PDA. This is the reason why until now I have not bought one and I do not think I will ever buy one. Who needs a small TV when you can now watch TV on your PC. Thanks to The onetime fee of only $39.95 is a lot cheaper than the cost of a portable TV. All you need is an internet connection, download the software which only takes three minutes and you are all set to view over 1000 channels from different countries direct on your laptop or desktop. There is no contract and monthly fee that you have to worry every month. With liveTV4me and my wifi laptop I get to watch my favorite shows during my lunch break or at the parking lot whi…

Woman Offers Sex For World Series Tix Got Busted

Tonight is the opening of the 2009 World Series between the Yankees and Phillies. There are no more tickets available or you can get one that will cost you from hundreds or thousands of dollars up. One woman from Pennsylvania advertised on craigslist offering sex for world series tickets. Her ad says that she is a die hard Phillies fan and buxom blonde in desperate need of two ducats. According to the police, she said the price is negotiable, that she is the creative type that “maybe we can help each other!” She got busted when an undercover cop responded to her ad. She is now charged with prostitution.


Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale

When the end of the year gets closer, the more we get busy at work. First, I have to start organizing the bookings and reservations of our qualified salespeople for our yearly company trip. Now that the sales quota has been increased, sales earnings have to be checked anew. Although business is not as booming as the past years but higher authority has decided not to eliminate this yearly incentive.

The target destination for the next trip is Asia. This is a group trip so maybe we can get good rates for air fare and hotel. I brought to my boss’ attention the Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific where over one million room nights will be on sale for various Asia pacific destinations such as Australia, china, hongkong, Japan, new Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and a lot more. You can get amazing room rates across the Asia pacific for stay period from December 29 until April 2010 for as low as $30 per night. This is a good timing because we normally do our trips between the mo…

Free Chicken At KFC

This Monday, October 26th, more than 5,000 KFC is giving away grilled chicekn ot its U.S. costumers. KFC promised that there will enough chicken to everyone to avoid what happened during their chicken giveaway last spring where some stores run out of chicken.

Kentucky grilled chicekn is a new addition to their menu. It is GRILLED not fried.

Do not go any other day. This is on Monday only!

Get Free Quotes At Premuim Auto Insurance

One of the most important things you should have before you get into your car is having car insurance. It is a MUST that you have one, even a requirement before you are able to register your car. That is how important car insurance is.

Shopping for car insurance not difficult although time consuming and you have to do your homework to save money. Not all insurance companies offer the same rates so do your job. One website that I can suggest that will help you shop and get the best rate for your car insurance is I tried it myself by picking geico and liberty mutual and these are the results I got.

The free quotes show that I got a better rate with liberty mutual. It saved me a lot of time by not calling and haggling with insurance agents over the phone anymore. Just by entering your zip code, you can get Free Auto Insurance Quotes from different insurance companies in your area. It only takes few minutes to enter the information needed to come up with a quote an…

Game 3 of the ALCS

The Game 3 of the American League Championship Series between the Yankees and the Angels will start at 4:13 p.m. Eastern Standard Time at Anaheim, California. Yankee fans who cannot be in Anaheim to cheer can watch the game on tv or go to the free playoff party at the Yankee stadium this afternoon. The game will be broadcast at the stadium’s big screen and fans can watch for free at the Great Hall or in the opened sections of the Field Level. The turnstiles between gates 4 and 6 opens up at 3:30 p.m. and restaurants, food and concession stands will be open too. So to all Yankee Fans, join the playoff party at the Yankee stadium today.

Cryo-Cell Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Cryo Cell international is one of the leading and largest family cord and menstrual blood stem cell banks in the industry with more than 185,000 clients worldwide. With their cryo-cell blood banking service, you are able to preserve stems cells from an infant’s cord blood or a woman’s menstrual blood which may later be used to save a life. Stem cell treatments and transplants have been used in many diseases and conditions such as leukemia, heart disease, severe anemia, diabetes, stroke and a lot more. Ongoing studies and research are being made to expand to use of stem cells. Experts are anticipating that C’elle stem cells can be used for diagnostic and regenerative medicine very soon. One thing worth mentioning is that Cryo-Cell International is partnering with the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the exploration of using menstrual stem cells to cure breast cancer. Also, in celebration of the breast cancer awareness month, Cryo has a new program called C'Elle Breats Cancer D…

An Upside Down Car On Our Street

You don't want to be awaken by a big loud smash a few meters outside your bedroom window. It was 1:30 a.m. last night when we heard it. It was a total darkness inside the house then few mintues later we saw multi colored lights on our street. The police were there already. So when me and hubby went out to check, this is the scene. An upside down white brand new Mercedez, smashed, windows broken and hit the truck parked on the street. No ambulance yet. Thank god, the driver walked away unhurt. He was already inside the police car. How it happened, where he was going, how fast he was.... we don't know.

General Motors Is Shutting Saturn Cars

GM has been trying to make a deal (buy the Saturn line) with Penske Automotive Group owned by a former race car driver and auto dealer magnate Roger Penske but the deal collapsed after Penske was unable to find a manufacturer to supply new vehicles when GM stops making Saturn vehicles. GM will still continue to build the Saturn Aura, Outlook and Vue cars until 2011 but after 2011 Saturn has to come up with its own new cars made by a different manufacturer. Absence of any manufacturer to make the new Saturn, Penske does not want to take the risk of acquiring Saturn.

Saturn started in Nov. 1983 but was not officially launched until 1990, to compete with the growing of Japanese cars in the U.S.