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Happy Thanksgiving

To All My Readers and Friends - Happy Thanksgiving!

Are You Shopping For A Car on Black Friday?

We always get excited when it is Black Friday for the obvious reason that we could shop for a bargain. When shopping during black Friday we usually think about electronics, toys and clothes. But, how about cars?

According to some researchers, Black Friday is the best day to buy a car. They said that car dealers give the biggest discounts on the day after Thanksgiving. Now this made me realize because last year, without even considering that it was black Friday, we bought our VW Routan. We have been shopping for a car that week but we have not made up our mind yet and we were still in the process of comparing. When we went to VW, our intention was just to check their models but we ended up buying one. We got zero down, zero interest. I have also read that since it is end of the month - we talk about quotas, quotas, quotas…and also, since it is almost the end of the year – time to bring the next year models to the showroom so who still wants to keep last year’s models right?

My Bad!

One of my posts was rejected because I did not update my blog for 7 days. I did not know that. My bad! To make matter worst you cannot resubmit it. So, in case any of you is unaware of this, do not submit any opps if you have no new posts for the last seven day. Sometime, you have to learn your lesson the hard way.

Tweet A Cause

Make A Wish Foundation is one of the well known charities in the world. Its mission is to grant wishes of children with life threatening diseases. To be able to grant a wish on a child who is having a difficult medical condition generates hope and inspiration not only to the child but also to the families. My current employer has sponsored a child through Make a Wish and I have experienced meeting the child and his family. They paid us a visit after his trip to Disney World to thank my employer personally for granting his wish. I have seen the happiness in his smile while he showed us his pictures during his trip. It was a touching moment seeing the whole family so thankful for the opportunity of granting an ill child’s wish come true.

If you want to be a part in helping Make A Wish realize an ill child’s dream, you can join tweet-a-cause, a social media fund raising where tweeter users can help in granting Jacob’s dream of going to Disneyland with his family. Jacob is 4 years old and …

New York Yankees

Will It Be Tonight For The Yankees?

Yankees is one game away from being the World Series Champion for 2009. They won Game 4 last night beating the Phillies 7-4 making a 3-1 lead in the series. Game 5 will be tonight still at the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.