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Ken Block

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PacSun. All opinions are 100% mine.

I first got to know Ken Block when we went to a car and motor sport show sponsored by the dealer where we bought our truck. During the show, I saw a lot of car racers and spectators wearing Ken Block Gear and clothing mostly in black with the big neon M design for Monster World rally. Ken Block created and assembled Monster World Rally Team, the team that is driven not only to win but also to market autosport through innovative, creative and interactive ways. Their goal is to become the best-known team in the WRC and bring rally to the masses along the way. He is also the co-founder of the famous DC shoes, a leader in performance skateboarding shoes and lately, Block signed up with Ford Motor Company to campaign for Rally America series and World Rally Championship.

If you want to own any of the Ken Block gears they are now available at Pacsun stores or at Pacsun has the Ken Block and t…

MP Clothing and Accessories at Nike Outlet

When we were at a Nike Outlet down the shore hubby found MP’s line of clothing inside the Nike Factory Outlet Store. At first, I didn’t get the first time he showed me the MP sweat pants he likes to buy. In my mind, who is MP? But when I saw the jacket in red, white and blue color…oh yeah, it’sManny Pacquiao!!! Not all Nike Store Outlet carries his clothing line because the Nike Factory closest to my house does not have his clothes. Only at the Jersey shore outlet we found MP’s clothes and shoes. Hubby and my daughter posed for some souvenir photos.


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of FriendGiftr. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yesterday was my daughter’s graduation from Kindergarten. It was only me and my best friend who attended her graduation because my husband cannot leave work. You know that I do not have family here except for one cousin who lives in New York so all my relatives have been texting me when I will be posting the graduation pictures on facebook. So finally I did it this morning. Now all her cousins, nieces and her godmother who lives in California are all asking on how to send their graduation gifts. I replied through my facebook page that they do not have to stress themselves out. All they have to do is buy my daughter a gift card throughFriendGiftr. All of the answered back, “what is friendgiftr?”

Friendgiftr is a website where you can buy and send real and/or physical gift cars to friends and family for any occasion or holiday. You can select from over 120 retail and restaurant gift cards, from $…

The Ice Cream Truck

The ice cream truck or mr. frosty comes by at our job every 2:45 p.m. starting from the time the weather gets warmer and before it gets colder. If you want to buy ice cream you have to be outside the office by 2:45 p.m. otherwise you'll miss him. He will stay for around 5 minutes or longer depending on the number of customers. I have known our mr frosty for the past 10 years - same man, same truck. Then one day, we saw Kona Ice going around the block , more colorful with music and something new to offer. Our good old mr frosty has ice cream and this kona ice sells shaved ice with different flavors (like italian ice). I remain loyal to mr frosty. But with the presence of Kona, it is more ice cream selections for us. Competition is good.

The Men Pen Concealer

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of The Men Pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you go to a store looking for mens cosmetics normally you see colognes, shaving and skin care products. Under the skin care products you can find face wash, moisturizing or face lotion and shaving cream but I never find mens makeup like concealers. Do you think men do not need make up? This was a big question to me when my brother asked me to buy him something for his face to hide blemishes and pimples. His face is not that clear so when he started this job in the fashion industry he started to get conscious of his face.  Since I could not find any makeup for men at the store I went online and found The Men Pen, the men’s cosmetic concealer pen. The Men Pen is made specifically to conceal specific areas on the face like acne, moles, scars, dark circles, blemishes or any rough spots. This is the make up for men that are being used by men actors, models and businesspeople every day. It is ver…

The Iphone 4

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone at the Apple’s annual  Worldwide  Developers Conference in San Francisco. The next generation iPhone called the iPhone4 has a lot of features not available in the iPhone 3GS. New Features of the iPhone 4: 1.24% thinner than the current 3GS, being called by Steve Jobs as the “thinnest smart phone on earth” with metal casing on the side. 2.Has the front facing camera that allows users to make video calls, this is called the “Face Time”- users are capable to video chat with Mac computers and other iphone 4 users via wifi. 3.Better screen resolution with 326 pixels per square inch. 4.Improved battery – users can talk up to 7 hours, 40% more talk time than the 3Gs. 5.Record HD video with editing capabilities 6.5 mp camera with built LED flash at the back The new iPhone4 will be in the market starting June 24th in the U.S., Britain, France, Germany and Japan for $199 (16 GB) and $299 (32GB). Also starting the 24th, the iPhone 3GS (8Gb) will go on sale …

The Plane For Skywatch

Took this photo while we are strawberry picking last Saturday. It was a beautiful day to be at the farm with clear blue sky above. More of Skywatch here.