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My husband is so envious every time he sees a Chevy camaro on the road. He always says that when we have the extra money we will buy one of the chevy camaro and he wants the yellow one. He already knew what kind of Chevy camaro accessories he wants to buy to improve the looks and to personalize the car. This is also why we go to car fest or drag racing because my husband likes cars and how to dress them up. He watches car shows and auctions on TV and online, he always check for new accessories at, an online store of all auto accessories for all types of vehicles. They also offer all kinds of chevy camaro accessories like billet grills, wooden dash kits, stainless mesh, body styling kit, custom wheels and a lot more. Actually, you can shop by brand or by product of any vehicles of your choice. Other than their wide inventory of car accessories,, offers price match guarantee, fast efficient and secure shipping plus easy return policy with no restocking fees. Check ou…

Waterfest Burn Out Event

A burnout happen when a car is stationary but the wheels are spinning causing the tires to heat up and smoke resulting from friction (wikepedia). Burn out is one of the events during the Waterfest last July 18, 2010. There were three cars that joined and the one who is most applauded by the audience is the winner.

Out of the three entries, the winner was the truck (the picture right above). He was the most applauded one although the smoke pink emitted from the other car was so unique and awesome. I was not sure what other prizes were but on their website, it says that the winner receives a set of vredestein tires. Yeah, that car really needs a new set of tires after the burn out!

Hydration Station

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Haws. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was reading an article today about Hydration Station, a touch free, filtered water dispenser for reusable bottles and containers. This is what we need at my job. We have a drinking station but it stinks. First, it is located at the warehouse where it is open to dust and hardly ever maintained. This is the why I bring my own water bottle everyday but I do not really like spending my money when it should have been provided to us for free.

With Hydration Station, you get rid of the gallon of water jugs. You do not have to buy bottled water anymore. You can use your reusable container by simply placing a bottle or glass under the nozzle. It is sensor operated so you do not have to touch anything during use. It uses tap water but before the water reaches the nozzle, the water is filtered to remove sediment, chlorine taste and color. Hydration station is best for health conscious individuals, user friend…

MYM Entry

It's been a long time since I last joined MYM.

I found this shirt at a Nike factory store. What it says on the shirt caught my attention. Cannot resist by not taking a picture!

It is true for a lot of people.

As the favorite line from nike goes: Just Do It!

Looking For Single Ladies and Men

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of All opinions are 100% mine.

My friend who is a single mom met a very wonderful guy through online dating.  The guy is also from NJ but he works in the city. They are enjoying each other’s company. Even the kids like the guy.  While I was having a conversation with her over the phone this evening, I was surprised when she asked me my perception of online dating.  I told her, I have nothing against it. To me, online dating is just the means of meeting someone but whatever happens after you met is all up to both of you. Actually, I am familiar of two dating sites she mentioned. One is and the other one is These are two newly launched adult dating sites offering two levels of paid memberships consisting of silver and gold status. What is cool about these two new adult dating sites is that they focus on meeting people within your area.  As soon as you are on the websites’s homepage, you are di…

Cooler + Scooter

This is uber cool.

There are a lot of guys riding on this motorized cooler at the waterfest. It is just the ordinary cooler where we put ice to keep drinks/food cold but what they have has wheels and you can ride on it!!!! Are they scoolers? (cooler + scooter combined). Whoever invented this - i give you a thumbs up. At the waterfest, you keep on walking on a hot sunny day but if you have this coolest ride, you do not walk anymore and when you get thirsty, just open your cooler and you have an instant cold drink!!!


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of iNetVideo. All opinions are 100% mine.

I think we are one of the unlucky customers of flat screen TV’s. We bought our first flat screen TV not even two years ago from a wholesale club. We are amazed on how crisp and clear the pictures compared to our 10 year old TV but around two months ago the screen started to have lines that eventually disappear after few minutes of watching. It was bearable until about a week ago, half of the screen went dark that we cannot enjoy watching at all. To get it fixed is like buying a new one (prize wise) so we had no choice but to get a brand new one. Now we are a happy owner again of a new flat screen led TV with a free blu ray home theater system.  Watching blu-ray movies on our new TV is awesome. The sound and picture quality are excellent. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Now that we have this blu-ray home theater system and a new flat screen TV, hubby has been browsing the internet where he c…

VW & Audi Waterfest

These are pictures fromWaterfest, an annual event for Audi and Volkswagen cars at the Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ. It is a car show featuring classic, sports, sup up audi and volkswagen cars. They have booths selling car accessories, parts, cars, etc. etc. and a drag race at the raceway park. You can see the latest, hi-tech and even techno cars at the show. It is a two day event, starting Saturday July 17th and Sunday July 18th.

Become A Fan of ampm on Facebook

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of AMPM. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know that face book has been in existence for years but I only joined face book this year. I was never active at any social networking websites I have joined before but with Facebook it is different. Other than gaining and finding friends, I have joined clubs, fan pages, shared videos, get updates from my favorite online stores, get discounts, recipes, verses, quotes and a lot more. If you love food and is into cooking, this is something that you would really like. You can become a fan of your favorite restaurants and their menus. Like for example, by becoming a fan of ampm, you can check the secret menu tab on ampm's face book page. My favorite is the Towering Inferno with its spicy cheetos and cheese. Do you think I can finish this three burgers? Just by looking at the picture makes me hungry now. Try becoming a fan at ampm’s facebook page and let me know which among the list of Secret Menu i…

Email From Apple Re: iPhone 4

I got this email from Apple yesterday, Thursday regarding my reservation for the iPhone 4 and i think they will only keep the phone for me for 24 hours. I am having second thoughts if I really wanted to get the iphone4 this time. First, because of the "death issues or reception issues" in which the phone's signal would drop when it is held in a certain way. On this newest iphone, the stainless steel that surrounds the phone serves as the antenna. Apple has not come out with a solution to the problem besides telling the users not to hold the phone that way or get a bumper. There is actually a special Apple event this Friday regarding the iPhone 4, so let us see what Steve Jobs will say. Are you smelling a recall? Hmmm...

I have a blackberry but after 4 years that my husband  has been using an iPhone with no complaints at all, I am considering of trying it then this problem. Maybe i'll give few more weeks for any development, then I will make a reservation again with A…

Next-to-Skin Wool Apparel

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it is summer time and on a steamy hot day like today, you would not want to think about a wool sweater. For the meantime, you just want that thick, hot and heavy wool to be out of your sight much more wear them.  But, you would probably think twice if you have the rambler’s way wool garments. Rambler’s way worsted wool garments are wearable all year round because they are warm and cool. The wool they used for their garments are enzyme treated to prevent shrinkage not pre-washed with chlorine used by most clothing companies, they are non-synthetic, natural and chemical free. These are garments that you can wear off the rack or box, no need to wash them first. They are already pre-washed and ready to be worn right away.

What is so special with the Rambler’s way garment? First, they are 100% American made. The Rambouillet wool is from Ramblers Way Farm, a sheep farm in Maine and other ranch…

Skywatch Friday

This is the sky at around 8pm last Sunday, 4th of July. We were at the park to watch the fireworks display that starts at 9:15 p.m. We are waiting for the sunset so that the sky will be perfectly dark before the fireworks start. The little clouds added beauty to the sky as the sun was going down. For more skywatch friday, please go here.

Happy weekend everyone!

Branson Convention Center

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Branson Convention Center. All opinions are 100% mine.

The company I work with always have annual trips for sales people and customers. This is the chance that the company is able to present recent developments and updates of new product lines available for distribution. Last year the trip was in Arizona and this year they are targeting the Midwest. Any recommendation or suggestion from employees of a perfect place for the annual trip is very much welcome by the administration.

One place being considered in the Midwest is Branson Convention Center located in Branson, Missouri. Hilton’s Branson Convention Center has the stunning technology and professional amenities for high impact company meeting, seminars, training or even large wedding or family reunion. It has wall to wall modern meeting technology, endless audio-visual combination and effects plus 220,000 square feet of meeting place. Another plus point for Branson Convention Cent…

iPhone 4

Taking a closer look at the new iPhone. We went to the apple store but unfortunately the iphone 4 is sold out. You can make reservations, they will take your email address and the iphone is expected to come in two weeks.

They already confirmed my reservations through email. It says that i am not obligated to buy or cancel my order but if it becomes available they will notify me through email and i will be picking it up from the apple store

One week already passed. I am excited.