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2010 U.S. Open

Yes, it's that time of the year again. We are at The Open watching the games. See you back with pictures!

Skywatch Friday

I took the top photo using the auto mode in my camera while waiting for our table outside the red lobster restaurant last Saturday.

Then, I switched my camera to a different scene mode using the "night scenery" and took the same picture. Big difference!

More of the skywatch friday here. TGIF!

Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am so happy that this day has finally come. Finally, my two-year contract with a particular cell phone company is over. I am totally out and I do not want to be tied up on a two year contract again.

I will be switching to another carrier as soon as I find one suitable for my budget. I saw a flyer clipped on my windshield about Boost Mobile. I already heard about Re-boost but did not really get a chance to take a look at their plans but looking at it now it seems that they have everything that I wanted. First, there is no contract and they have a Blackberry unlimited plan for only $60 with unlimited nationwide calling, text, web and email. This is like half of what I am paying right now!!! Reboost gives you a lot of other popular phone choices also with unlimited plan. All Boost Mobile phones can easily connect to different social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Flexible payment option…

iPhone Cases

Because of what happened to the iPhone, friends have been giving my husband iPhone cases for his use. He is so grateful of their kindness. They just offered without hubby asking from them. Now he is so extra careful not to break his phone again.

Thank you guys.

The iPhone is Fixed

I thought all I need was a new iPhone. It was not a hopeless case after all.

My friend in CA was telling me that she knows somebody there that can change broken faceplate for iPhones. I was about to send it to her  but she told me to check craiglist first if there is somebody in my area that can fix it. What's not on craigslist anyway? So I found several people that can change the whole plate. I called all of them to canvass pricing. When I spoke to the guy, he sounded like it's not a big deal and it can be done in 30 minutes or less. True to his word, after 20 minutes he came back with my iPhone fixed and the broken faceplate. It is perfectly working same with the touch screen. How he did it, it was a secret. I went to his house and just waited inside my car.
Take a look, he did a good job! I paid $50 and probably saved $140!!!

Ticket America

I have friends from Atlantic City who are here today to watch the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox game. I just got home from picking them up at the train station then I brought them to the new Yankee Stadium. New York is not far from where I live but when there is a Yankee game, traffic is terrible. Today’s game started at 2:05 p.m. but I have to leave early to avoid the traffic build up at the GW Bridge. Thank God, we do not have to line for tickets anymore. They all have their NY Yankee tickets from ticket America already. My friends told me that their tickets arrived via FedEx two days before.

I have tried purchasing some concert tickets at before and I was very satisfied with their service too. With ticket America, you can purchase not only sports and concert tickets but also tickets for Broadway or theater performances. All you have to do when you are at their website is select the city and it will give the list of shows available and their corresponding dat…

The Broken iPhone

My husband dropped his iPhone on a tile bathroom floor. Half of the faceplate was broken and to just save it from falling apart he has to put some plastic tape to keep them together. The iPhone is still 100% working even the touch screen. You can still make and receive phone calls, send messages and go to the web. Right now we are looking for somebody who can change the faceplate because to bring it to apple, I am sure they will just tell you to buy a new one or have it fixed for a price almost the same as buying a new one. What I'm not sure is that if you have bought the warranty do you think you can have this fixed without paying?

ampm Secret Menu Tab on Facebook

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of ampm. All opinions are 100% mine.

One store that I miss since I moved to the east coast is ampm. When I was still living in California, I always stop by the arco gas station to fill up then grab something to eat at ampm. They offer everything from sandwiches, drinks, coffee and snacks. This is the store you wanted when you are hungry and thirsty. Have you ever tried their specialties? My favorites is the Towering Inferno made of three burgers, spicy cheetos, chili and nachos. I must admit I cannot finish the whole thing but it is so yummy. Try also the tower of torta, chili conquistador or the hot Chihuahua. If you are interested in ampm food, you can see the list of secret menu items on the secret menu tab of ampm on face book. They also posted the latest addition to the secret menu tab introducing the Italian taco. Sounds yummy again, right? Go check them out on facebook and do not forget to leave your comments. New secret menus hav…

Blackberry Torch

The newest blackberry called the blackberry torch was unveiled yesterday in Manhattan, New York. According to the AT&T boss, the Torch is “the best blackberry ever.” It is another AT&T exclusive and will be available by August 12 for a price of $199 with a two year contract. The Torch has a touch screen display with a QWERTY slider, 5 mega pixel camera with flash and auto focus. It uses a new web browser which enable you to open multiple web pages at the same time, has a social networking feed application, wi-fi, gps, 4gb of internal storage with 6 hours of talk time. Data plans for the blackberry torch start $15/month for 200mb of data or $25/month for 2 gig of data. There is no more unlimited plan with AT&T service. You can sign up at the AT&t website to get updates when the torch will be available.