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My Future Online Store

I have been selling goods on eBay for about a year now. It started when I was trying to get rid of some old junks from my basement then it became a hobby for me. To be honest, I made money out of it and I see that my listings grow every day. I now have regular customers that keep on coming back checking what I currently sell. Hubby is so supportive of my new venture and he is willing to help me in every way he could.

My current plan is to convert my eBay venture into an online store by building a website where my customers can go directly and shop. My husband can design the website for me but to get traffic is something that I need some help. I need SEO services to market my website and eventually increase my online sales. I know the competition is tough but I think I can make it with the proper seo tools and online marketing strategies.

I hope I will be full blast with my store come the holiday season. I am both excited and scared but with a lot of determination to succeed.

Mercedes In The Open

For how many years, Lexus has been one of the major sponsors at the U.S. Open. And, if you are driving a lexus, you get free parking ($18). As a sponsor, you get to display your newest models and let the tennis fans go inside the cars and have pictures taken. You feel their presence while you are watching The Open. For this year, the U.S. Open has a new sponsor – the Mercedes. You can’t miss it’s logo – it’s right there at the Net.

My Hubby's Jacket

About a month ago, I introduced to my husband the world of eBay. We have been looking for camouflaged field jackets and pants for cold weather and we cannot find them in any regular store. He needs thick clothing like this because he works outdoors during the winter time. So he went to eBay and found a lot of stuffs that he wanted and today we received a packaged of the items he bought from one seller. He had bought a desert camouflaged thick outer garment that can be worn in cold dry climate. It is a pre-owned item and the custom label still attached to the clothing. Almost all the preowned items we viewed online has still their custom labels attached so I just told my husband that we can probably take them out and wash the garments thoroughly before he wears them.

It is our first time to buy pre-owned items over the internet and I can say that you get good deals from it. The items that my husband bought are slightly used but to me they look brand new. If not for the missing tags, yo…

The Unpacking of The iMac

The iMac has a new home…our home.  We were all super excited to unpack our new computer right away.

The unpacking was a breeze. No big and heavy tower to lift from the box. No wires to attach. All you need is the power cord to turn on your iMac. The very slim and tiny keyboard, hi tech mouse and super clear monitor are wireless. That’s it….a monitor, keyboard and mouse then you are all set. Plug the computer and it will automatically search for available wireless network and in minutes you are surfing the net.

Just loving the iMac.

Goodbye Vaio, Hello iMac

As I have posted before, my old sony vaio desktop finally said goodbye, just died a peaceful death. It did not take a week before hubby made his final decision to get a new computer. So last Thursday, we went to best buy, I thought it’s just to check out some new models but my hubby’s mind was all set to get a new one. When he asked me if the student discount for Mac is offered at Best buy, I told him, maybe not..probably at the apple store. So off we went (walked) to the apple store, a walk from the best buy building to the mall where the apple store is takes probably five minutes (they both share the same parking). He just moved the car closer to the mall while me and daughter just walked. At the apple store, since we already know what we want, it only took 10 minutes and we are out of the store carrying this big box….