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It's That Time

The oil change warning light is on so you gotta do what you have to do. What i believe is that oil change should be done every 3000 miles but others say that with newer cars, it can go to more than 5000 miles. I don't have a standard rule for that. When I see the light is on, I know that it is time. Go to the quick oil change. It will only take 30 minutes at the most.

Black Friday Parking Mishap

As me and hubby were for a parking spot, we saw one van parked near a Honda Accord car, driver went out of his van suspiciously looking, kept looking around if somebody sees him then went around the accord and scratched the whole car. He hurriedly went back in his van and sped away. Hubby honked his horn but he was gone. We suspected a parking rage happened then this guy came back to make revenge. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving To All!

What's Wrong With My Playstation 3?

I have a Playstation 3 so I bought the new Playstation Move bundle so that we can play Playstation move games ( like wii). It was fine and to connect the Move to the console was easy. The Playstation Move bundle came with 1 controller, a camera and 1 game (Sports Champion). We had fun playing. The pictures are clearer (HD) compared to the Wii.

The problem came when we tried to play again last night. When we switch the TV to hdmi 1 or 2 to play the playstation 3, it says that there no input device, etc.... then we saw a message "the hard drive is corrupt" then a message to restore. We did restore but it did not fix the problem. There is nothing in my hard drive, maybe some players information but games downloaded or saved, none. We use our playstation 3 more for blu ray movies. I don't know what to do now....just so frustrated. I'll try doing the "restore" in the next few days....hope a miracle happens!!!!

Fall Colors

Driving along New York thru way, you will see magnificent colors of trees during fall. These shots were taken two weeks earlier before you see the best colors. There are still a lot of greens but it was still beautiful. See you next season!

Skywatch Friday

I got a nice shot of Delta Airline plane making a descent at JFK Airport in New York. Where am i? I was watching the U.S. Open. at the nearby Tennis center in Queens, NY.
I miss Skywatch Friday. Click here for more entries. Happy weekend!