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The Calm Before The Storm

We are expecting a snowstorm. I took this picture couple of hours before the expected time the snow comes. Between 10-18 inches is in the forecast. Be safe.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Data Plan For AT&T

I have been a blackberry user for almost three years but I did not sign up for any data plan, meaning, i don't use it for surfing. I can go online but since I don't have a plan I will be charged per kb. Come the time I have to upgrade my phone, I still got a smartphone but the difference now is that when you have a smartphone they require you to sign up for a data plan. And, with At&t, they got rid of the unlimited plan of $30/month. Either you get the $15/mo for 200 mb or $25/mo for 2GB (2048mb). So I signed up for the latter. After my first month of usage (I thought I will go over the 2gb) but to my surprise I only used up to 1 gb!!! I did not try to minimize my usage but I was not really into youtube and videos, if I was, I
still have 1gb left. So I guess, either or, I would still be fine.

I'm loving to be online anytime and I love my phone. It's not an iphone. Tell you about it next time.

When It's Fall and Almost Winter

About four weeks ago, my post is about beautiful fall colors. Now it is almost winter and all the leaves are gone....rotten to the ground. This is how it looks when you travel. Taken at Route 195 Interstate on our way to the Jackson Premium Outlet store. Next post would probably a snow covered highway.