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Serena William Australian Open Champ

Congratulations to Serena Williams (USA) for winning the Australian Open Championship in Melbourne Australia against Justine Henin of Belgium 6-4, 3-6, 6-2. This is Henin’s comeback from retirement and Serena’s 5th Australian Open title, her 12th Grand Slam single championship. The match was aired live in the U.S. this early morning. The men’s single championship will be tomorrow early morning U.S. time against Roger Federrer and Andy Murray.
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Do you know what Tiguan means? It's VW new small SUV, not really new but around 2 years in the market now. Tiguan is a combination of "tiger" and "iguana." This is not the only animal-themed car for Volkswagen. Remember the Beetle and the Rabbit?

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Jetta TDI

These are the vehicles by VW run by clean diesel. Hubby is so much eyeing on the new Jetta Sportswagen TDI by Volkswagen. He always say that this will be our future car, our contribution to having a clean environment (eco friendly) and to have a efficient car in terms of gas mileage. This car runs on an ultra low sulfur diesel that reduces emission. TDI means turbocharged direct injection, a kind of system that reduces the black emission from your car. TDI is the term used to describe the new turbocharged diesel engines by Volkswagen. As this technology becomes popular, I am sure we will be getting more information in the mail. Blame it on our Routan.

Google's Nexus One

Launched last Tuesday is google's Nexus One, a challenger to apple's iphone. Google believes that more people have been surfing the web via their smartphones than personal computers. The Nexus One has a 5 mega pixel camera and a flash as compared to the iPhone that only has 3 megapixel with no flash. It is also built with a light sensor to detect how bright an environment is making the screen auto adjusts its brightness. The purpose is to be able to save its battery life. It also has a noise canceling technology for easier use in noisy places.
As for pricing, you can buy an "unlocked" Nexus One for $529 or sign up for T-Mobile's 2 year agreement and get it at $179. Google will also offer versions of its new phone that will give phone users the option of selecting their own wireless providers. Verizon USA and Vodafone Europe will start offering subsidies of the nexus One this spring.
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Fine Clothing From Ramblers Way

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

If there is one thing that I like to add more into my wardrobe, that would be clothing from Ramblers Way. I got the taste of the one ok a kind softness of a next to skin worsted wool when a friend gifted me a shirt from Ramblers Way last Christmas.

Are you familiar with Ramblers Way? It is an American product from the founders of Tom’s of Maine, one of the first makers of natural personal care products. The wool they used for their clothing are from their sheep farms in Maine and ranches in Colorado, Montana, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas and Utah. The Ramblers Way wool are smooth, strong and incredibly soft fiber making you wear their clothing all day long. Their desire is to re-imagine wool as a next to skin, superfine fabric that can bring comfort and warmth to people.

To shop for their apparel, just go to and you can choose among the following categories: women’s apparel, men’…

Current $ to Peso at

The current exchange rate for dollar to peso at right now is 44.868. A friend who is still at work just asked my favor to send money to the Philippines. For $150, total to philippine peso is only P6730.20 php and the service fee is $4.99.

I am just giving you an idea of much to send money to the Philippines via The money is available for pick-up in the Philippines in just a matter of minutes.

The New LG Chocolate Touch

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

After using a PDA for around two years, it was time for me to change my cell phone. My two year contract expired today and as a bonus I get a free phone if I sign up for another year or two. I want a phone that has a camera and the capability to store some music.

Among the phones offered to me, I picked the LG Chocolate Touch. The salesperson was very kind enough to show me all the features of this phone. It plays music using the Dolby mobile technology giving you a crystal clear sound quality. I like the sweet visual effects and the rhythmical beat that vibrates the handset to the sound of music. Go figure how a forty something like me can be beating my favorite music on my cell phone. This is another favorite - the mobile blogging feature where I can update my blog or face book anytime. With LG Chocolate Touch, I can also send text, photo, video, voice messaging, visual voicemail plu…

You Think You Can Drive?

If you think you had too much to drink, iphone is trying is help drivers before they take the wheel and drive. A new iphone apps called R-U-Buzzed developed by the Colorado State Department of Tourism where you can enter your weight, how long have you been drinking and how many drinks you had then you will get an estimated blood alcohol content and it tells you if you are safe to drive or not. This will allow you to determine your blood alcohol level. You can download this apps in your iphone for free.
The best reminder: Don't drink and drive. Always have a designated driver.