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It Is Inventory Time

Before the year ends, it is our scheduled yearly inventory at my job. We will not be open to customers except for emergencies. All the sales people will be here at our main branch to help out in counting. This company has not totally computerized its inventory system so part of it is donemanually. It takes days to finish it. As early as now, some guys at the warehouse are segregating materials, separating which are includedin the inventory or not. Several of our trade show materials, like the pipe and drape , table skirts and banner stands are temporarily moved inside the office. We do not count them since we only use them once a year for our trade show booths. Same group of people are in charge with the parts department every year and because of familiarity they become faster as we go along. It is tiring to do inventory but we make it light by having our central music system play some live music with free-flowing food and plenty of overtime. On top of our bonus, we love inventory ove…

Another Car Expense

.i do not really consider this as an unexpected expense because my car is already 9 years old. i am just thankful that it is not a major one.

my mechanic already i need my back brakes replaced so i specifically went to the car shop for that. it turned out i also need my front brakes resurfaced. i really made sure these brakes are done before we get hit by a snow. so, that's done but on my job order they still recommend to change the left inner tirod end. there are other job recommendations but some are just because they want to sell more unnecessary service so i declined them. the tirod ends are next.
i feel safer driving my car now with brand new brakes. thanks car for being so good to me.
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I Thought I Am Done With Christmas Shopping

I really do not rush on my Christmas shopping so when I see something that I like as a gift for somebody, I buy it and put it in a big box at the basement. I have a long list; sometimes it takes months before I finish buying them but the last one should be bought by Thanksgiving weekend. Why? Because, as it gets closer to Christmas, the shopping malls get crazy and I am trying to avoid being in those places at all.  Also, the December weekends are reserved in preparation for my daughter’s birthday which is a week before Christmas and the Christmas Eve dinner. 
I really thought I was done with my shopping then I received an email of orders from my brothers and cousins in the Philippines this morning. They want clothes, shoes, purses and 2 sets of scrubs for my cousins who are in the medical school. Somebody is going home to Manila this weekend and they want all these stuffs sent through her this Sunday. In as much as I do not want to be in any malls these days, I have to now. I know of …

In Celebration of Thanksgiving

From my blog to yours, i want to greet everyone a happy thanksgiving. Let us celebrate and be thankful for all the blessings we have. Enjoy this joyous celebration with family and friends. If you are travelling, please be extra safe and be careful driving.

Winter Is Almost Here

Who does not like winter?
When somebody asks if I like east coast winter, I always say yes because it is the truth. I like the winter season. What I dislike about winter is the snowstorm and when you have to drive to work. If you are just home on a snow day, it is the coolest, just in your pajamas enjoying that hot chocolate while watching the snow falling outside your window.
So, why do I like the winter? I like the winter fashion. It is anything goes, you can mix and match any color; wear your fashion boots with a scarf, gloves and a beanie. I do not see any irregular choice when you shop for winter clothes and shoes. My favorite outfit is wearing a short knit dress, thick leggings and my laced boots. It is only during the winter time that I say goodbye to my keds shoes.

Shopping for some winter shoes? Go check out Always take a look on their new arrivals and promo items. Some shoes are up to 20% discount plus free shipping by using the code ISFREESHIP on check out. …

New Phone Upgrade

I got the phone upgrade for one of our family lines. My daughter sometimes uses that phone. Maybe, it would be permanently for her in the near future. I only pay $10 extra for that line so i kept it. Recently, it was due for upgrade. There were other phones for free but i prefer for a smartphone. The available phones vary everyday depending on the stocks or availability. Luckily, last week i saw a blackbery torch red 9800 for $10. Hey, why not? I got it in the mail today. Free 2nd day shipping.

Airsoft Store

When my hubby's friend from Philippines came last summer, he gave him a lot of camouflage suits like the one they use in the military. I thought those camouflage suits were for his son that has plans of joining a training up north in the Philippines but my husband says that the father and son have been into airsoft recently. What is airsoft? Hubby said that it is a gameplay where you go into a simulated combat not using real guns but replica firearms and non-metallic pellets. Now, I am not even surprised why a lot of Filipinos are into airsoft in the Philippines.

There is a retailer of airsoft guns called GF Airsoft and Tactical, that started its store along Rt. 22 in Green Brook, New Jersey and now has a new GF Airsoft Arena in Flemmington, New Jersey. The arena features 7,500 sf playing area and a full retail store where you can buy all kinds of airsoft weapons and accessories. For those who cannot come to visit the stores, GF Airsoft and Tactical is also available online at htt…

Woman Within

When it is cold outside, freezing and snowing, you do not want to get out of the house anymore to drive and shop. Shop at and you still get all the discounts plus free shipping. They have everything that a regular store offers; from all kinds of fall and winter clothing even plus size maternity clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, Woman Within has them. Here are the deals they have now – extra 40% off your highest priced item, plus extra 40% off your 2nd highest priced item if you buy three or more, plus another extra 40% off your third priced item if you buy five or more. Hurry, this offer is only up to 11/14/11 with the promo code WW64785 on checkout. Do not forget the free shipping if you sign up using your email address.

There is more to that. Do you also want to win $250 Woman Within shopping spree?  Woman Within is having the 2011 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes. All you have to do is fill out the form online and you can be the lucky winner of a $250 shoppi…

iCloud on my iPhone, iPod

Finally, i was able to update my iphone to the iOS and iCloud. I don't have the iPhone 4s i have not met siri yet. With the iOS update, i saw a newstand, reminders, and a new email account. And, with only one swipe down you will see all notifications right on your homescreen. I found that cool and time saving. I have to try the imessage with the iPod. I tried it once but i got an error message, like an ! mark. The only mishap happened when i downloaded the iOs was the songs on my iTouch were gone. The only i remembered when i updated the software was when it asked me to update from itunes or icloud, i think i entered icloud. It is not that many songs on my new itouch yet so no biggie.

Moving and Me

Posted by Gaylord Campbell
Moving makes me really antsy but it’s not for the reasons you might think. Most people don’t like to move because it’s such a hassle – what if something gets broken and how will the family adjust in the new area? But for me it’s more than that: I’m always terrified I’m going to forget something. I don’t know what it is but I just worry to death about the utilities and changing my address and things like that – what if I were to forget something really important? For example, I went to when I got to my new place and I found a great rate. I signed up and everything was fine until I remembered I still hadn’t cancelled my old internet service! I was paying for two at once and it took me a month to realize it! I just am so disorganized moving really brings out the stressedside of me and no one likes that. I mean, who deals well with a lot of stress?

Must Have Shoes For The Winter

The snow came early this year, in October to be exact. The snow is not a surprise to people who are living in the East Coast but the damage it brought was overwhelming. It is the third day that we do not have power at work brought about by a lot of tree branches that snapped affecting power lines. I hope winter is not going to be worst this season. For the meantime, I have been getting ready for whatever it takes.

These are my must have shoes to battle the freezing cold and snow this winter. You must have a tall hunter boots. This shoe is very comfortable, keeps your feet dry even on a two feet of snow. This is my favorite boots when I do shoveling after a snow storm.

Then for everyday comfort, get this ugg women's boots. I think I already have three pairs of Ugg boots. I tell you, it really keeps your feet warm and give you a better traction when walking on the snow. I also bought my daughter Ugg boots for school.

Then when it is time to party or socialize at night, get a pair of…

Check Engine Light Is On

I went for gas Tuesday morning on my way to work then coming home i noticed that the check engine light is on. My car was still running fine so we waited for Friday and do the checkup. The results came  with code P0456 which is evap control small leak detected. Probable causes  are faulty fuel cap, purge system leak, faulty canister vent control valve and faulty purge control valve. We brought it to the mechanic and first thing he told us is to change the gas cap. If the light is still on after we changed it, bring the car back to him. Off we went to Nissan to buy a gas cap. Hubby changed it but still the light was there. We were supposed to bring it back the next day but lo and behold, the light was gone. My 03 Altima is old so I am really expecting something would come up but it still runs ok. Hope the gas cap solved the problem but i am still holding on to the results of the test just in case.

Total spent: $23.00 for the cap. To run the test was free at autozone.

When You Are Looking For An Insurance Policy

Our topic in school now is about medical insurance. At first, I thought it is just a simple topic about buying an insurance to pay for your bills when you get sick. I forgot to consider  a lot of insurance companies offering medical insurance and as an insured, which among them is the best. The same is also true when you are buying an insurance policy for any other insurance. There are different types of insurance policies available and sometimes it gets confusing which among them has the right policy that meets your needs. This is where Advantage Term Life comes in handy; they will help you find in your decision-making process to come up which insurance company is the best for you. On their website,, you get information of the different types of insurance policies for life or whole term, smokers, mortgages,  universal, group policies, key man, second to die and so many others. They will give you the best competitive affordable term rates for you and y…

No More Cash Only

Do you still see establishments, like our favorite Chinese restaurant, have signs right at the register that says “cash only”? Yes, there are still a lot of establishments that do not accept electronic payments until now. I wonder how many clients they lose everyday because they do not have cash in their wallets but they have cards instead. I am one of them a lot of times. It is just now that I always have a cash in my wallet because I have to give my daughter lunch money every day but other than that I am fine with just my cards, driver’s license and cell phone in my pocketbook.

For those who own a business and wants to start accepting electronic payments, check out Mercury Payment Systems (MPS) found on for smart payment processing systems. They offer cost efficient electronic payment from the point of sale, your cash register or terminal. Other merchant services they offer are custom or pre-designed gift cards, health benefit cards, health care management,…

iOs 5 and iCloud

iOS 5 has been here for days now but still did not get the chance to download to my phone. My friend was showing me a new version of FB after she downloaded to iOS 5 but i already have that new version through a fb update on my iPhone. Hmm, i wonder what else is new. She also said that it took around 25 minutes to upgrade to iCloud because she has many pictures on her phone.

Maybe I can do mine this weekend...or tomorrow.

Cape Cod Beach Rentals

I know that winter season is almost here but let us not make that a reason why we cannot make reservations for summer vacation. First on the list to look into is cape cod rentals.

We are only a drive away from Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. It is not even 300 miles from NJ. It maybe less than 4 hour drive from our house. At you can browse which town of Cape Cod you want to stay in. Just tell them when you want to take your vacation, where you want to stay and how much do you want to spend. From there, you are only seconds away to finding your dream Cape Cod beach vacation. If you need help in finding your Cape Cod rental, you can use the user guide to Cape Code and Islands at the website. There are 3000+ vacation rentals in the Cape Cod area and on the islands during the summer. Just think, one of those can be yours. If you want to take a look on some of the beach rentals yourself, go to and find the pictures of the property. The…

Shopping For Your Man

When we were still living in the Philippines, I can hardly find big and tall clothing for my husband (he was just my boyfriend that time). Now that we live here in the U.S., it has never been a problem for me anymore looking for big and tall clothing for hubby.

There is an online store called that sells all types of clothing, shoes and belts, underwear and sleep wear for big and tall sizes. Right now, a lot of their fall styles are on sale.

I found a fleece pullover hoodie made of cotton/polyester with front-pouch pocket with drawstring at hood for only $34.99-$44.99 now with a savings of $5.00 on each item if you buy 2 or more. Another extra discount of 25% off your highest priced item by just entering the code KSFALL on checkout is also available. This promotion is valid up to October 17, 11:59 p.m. (edt). Men’s polos are also at buy one get one 50% off. If you are a King size cardholder, you get exclusive discount and express checkout every time you …

At Att's Website

This is what you see when you log on to your att account. Soon att customers will be meeting iPhone 4s in a few days. The wait is over but did you really go for the 4s? or, still waiting for the coming of the iPhone 5.

Traveling With Soha To The Australian Open

It is a dream of every tennis player like my husband to see all the grand slam tennis tournaments. There are 4 grand slams and the Australian Open comes first every January, then the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

All of us play tennis including my daughter.. We go to the U.S. Open in NYC every year. Our next plan is to see the tennis australian open. Although there are a lot of friends offering free accommodation when we go to Australia but we still want to check the Australian Open 2012 tennis tour packages being offered by Travels With Soha. Travels With Soha will take care all your travel needs in visiting the Australian open which starts from your flight to Melbourne, getting the best hotel with amazing views of the city and close to the Rod Laver Arena plus front seat tickets. This also includes access to an exclusive tennis club, tennis instruction and coaching from former ATP World Tour Player and Coach Lan Bale. Included in the packages are trips to see the best o…

Renting At Edmonton

Looking for apartments these days have been made easy by the internet. At edmonton apartments for rent, rental properties are available at for viewing online by renters. If you are looking for a house, apartment, condominium or town homes for rent in Edmonton, you do not have to be physically in the area to check the rental properties. When you are at the website, just click the particular area you are interested in finding a rental property then a list of available properties for rent will be shown, each with pictures, detailed description which includes but not limited to the size, number of bedrooms and bath, amenities, appliances included, pets allowed, exact location, rental price and other features. Once you have picked an apartment, a message center is available where you can get in touch with the landlord. is not only a website for people who are looking for rental properties but also for property owners who want to advertise their vacant re…

Blu Sky Scrubs

Gone are the days where medical field personnel only wear white, blue or green medical scrub uniforms. Scrubs have become fashionable with matching scrub hat and accessories. At , you can shop scrubs for women, men and children in different colors and styles. They have the uniform scrubs in solid colors like shades of blue (light and navy), shades of brown, gray, purple, pink, black and a lot more. You have the choice of getting a scrub set or pick any tops or bottoms you prefer. All nursing uniforms or medical scrubs are made of high quality fabric.

I just checked the new arrivals and they have the 2011 pink ribbon collection for the breast cancer foundation. The pink ribbon designs are featured on the scrub hats and for every purchase from this collection during October, blu sky scrubs will donate $1.00 to the foundation. Do not forget also that when you shop $55 dollar worth of clothing at blu sky scrubs, shipping is free on your order with free return…

No iPhone 5

i waited for 1 pm eastern time (10 am pacific time).
i kept on reading live blogs of the apple event in cuppertino, ca.
nope, iphone 5 is not coming.
instead, it's an iphone 4s.

that's it?

Printer Ink Collector

This is what they call me at the office. At work, I think we have four laser printers and two ink jet printers. We print thousands of copies every week so imagine how many printer ink or toner cartridges we use in a month. What do we do with them? Sometimes there is a recycling guy that picks them up once in a blue moon so when I saw how they pile up at the storage, I asked my boss if I can have those empty toners and cartridges for my daughter’s school fund raising. From then on, everybody started calling me as the ink collector. I do not mind at all. By now, everybody in the office knows where to go after they replace their toners or ink cartridges.

While we talk about empty ink cartridges, this reminds me of our home computer printers. We have two, one colored printer and a black and white laser printer. Why a laser B&W one? Because my daughter prints a lot of her worksheets at home, and it is too expensive to be using the colored printer all the time. With the b&w printer …

The Coming of Iphone 5

Is it really to be called iPhone 5? As rumored, it will be launched in about a week. A website I read is inviting readers to sign up to get a special coverage of the iPhone 5's launch. My husband is excited. He wants to get one but the problem is his iphone 4 is not even a year old in its subscription. Does anybody know if at&t allows early upgrade for a fee? I am saying because if he gets the iphone 5 then i get the iphone 4. I upgraded my line to an android phone but an iphone is very much welcome too.

When Your Ipone 4 Does Not Turn On

Hubby's iphone 4 shut down for no reason yesterday. You cannot power it one. We thought it got drained but still not working after it was charged. I was not worried at all because it is still under warranty but a friend told me to hold the power button and the menu button at the same time for about 10 seconds or more. Wait until the apple comes on. Whola! It worked and the iphone 4 is back to life.

What's In The Box?

During the holiday season, I send at least two boxes of goodies to my folks in the Philippines. Inside those big boxes are gifts, mostly toys for the kids, a lot of clothes, shoes and groceries. I do not buy them at one time but those are items I have saved and collected during my shopping spree here. I always wait for items to go on sale before I buy them, and then just put them in box when I get home. As soon as the box gets full, it is ready for shipment to home. Too bad, I cannot put any electronic items anymore. I had a bad experience the last item I sent them in the box. They can wait when we go home next year.

There is one special item than was personally ordered from me. I did some shopping at for my niece who recently passed the nursing board exam in the Philippines. When I learned she passed the board, I immediately send her a message if she wants anything from here. She just wanted five sets of nursing uniform…

On Buying Toys For Kids

The “ber” months are here. This is a sign to many of us that the holiday season is fast approaching. To a lot of kids, holiday season especially Christmas is the time to receive a lot of gifts. My daughter who is 7 years old has made two lists of things she wants. Two lists because one is for her birthday on December 18 and another one for Christmas. I told her when she makes her list there should be at least one educational toy on each one. I was not surprised she puts a lot of books and a wooden kitchen deluxe on her lists.

To parents who want to shop for novelty and early educational toys for your kids, I recommend They sell toys that develop your kid’s curiosity and creativity. These kinds of toys will help the kids in their mental and physical growth making the learning process fun and enjoyable. Toys are categorized into different groups depending on the age or grade of your child. And also, do not forget to check what are on sale plus you get free shipping on orders …

Bringing A Car Is Getting Expensive

Last year, it was $16 dollars for parking at the U.S. Open. Now 2011, it went up to $19. If you are driving a Mercedez, parking is free!

Tips If You Are Buying A House

We always hear it is the best time to buy a home now because of lower interest rates and the prices of real estate are down due to recession. Lower interest rates and low home pricing are very significant factors if you have plans of buying a house but a lot to consider. First, you have to ask yourself if you can afford it or get approved for a loan. Is your credit in good standing? How about if you have a bad credit?

People with good credit standing can get a loan with less or no problems at all but if you have a bad credit it would be more difficult. However, it does not mean you will not get a loan approved. At, they specialize in helping people with credit problems get a loan that is suitable to their needs. There is also a lot of helpful information in their website that can help lenders get the loan they wanted. You start by filling out a mortgage application inquiry form. If you are interested, pay them a visit at and fill out the f…

Magellan Knows

I am talking about Magella, the GPS. I thought it would only say GWB when we were at the bridge but no. Magellan knows exactly where you are, whether at the upper level or lower level. We always get lost in nyc, not now. The gps is heaven sent. Thank you a lot.

Finding A Place To Stay in Alberta

I was askedby my cousin to find her a place to rent in Calgary Apartments. She is being relocatedto Canada by her company with free accommodation for one year. My cousin thinks that I live close to Alberta. I remember during our last conversation I mentioned to her that Canada is only 400 miles away from my house. She probably forgot to realize that Ilive on the East Coast. Alberta is on the West Coast part of the U.S. She was laughing when itold her about it. Wherever iam, it is not a problem getting her an apartment in Alberta. At, you can see listings of rental properties all over Calgary. Just click on the website what part of Calgary you like, either on the north west, north east, south westor south east and on each area, you can view pictures, description and rental prices of houses, apartment or condominiums available for rent. The listings also show the number of bedrooms, how many bathrooms, or the size of the rental property. It is so easy.

I just emailed my…

Tennis Channel Is Out

I already called cablevision to stop my subscription for the sports pack because tennis channel is totally out. I also upgraded our service to the gold package where we get hbo, cinemax, encore, starz and on demand for free. It was only $10 more of what i was paying. Another thing too, i removed our tfc channel and leave gma only. We only watch them for phil news and gma has a better schedule for gma news than tfc, so gma won. Lol. This is so far our winter tv listings. It always change when spring and summer season are back.

Survey Tool

A friend of mine introduced me on how to make extra income through the internet. Apart from blogging and posting ads on my website, I have learned on how to answer surveys online. I get paid by doing surveys. I have done a lot of surveys from different companies and i have observed several companies use similar format or templates on their questionnaires. My friend told me that companies giving out surveys are using a software called online survey software to create surveys faster. It is a tool to make surveys effective and get important feedback from consumers. is an online survey creator mostly used by these companies that helps them ask the right questions and get best results or feedback. It has different plans depending on what you or your company needs. The personal plan is free, basic plan is $9/mo (or $108 if billed annually) and the pro plan for $24/mo or $288 if billed annually. Take a look on what can offer you. More information is found on the…

Blogging Made Easier

I have been posting entries to my blog for sometime through the apps called blogger lite or blogger plus. They are third party apps. Now has its own apps for iphone and android users. It is free. Just download the apps and you can start blogging anywhere in minutes. Love it.

Shopping For Dorm

No, it is not for my daughter but for my godson who is going to college. We picked him up at the airport last Friday and stayed for us for a couple of days before proceeding to his dorm. He is from California and got accepted on a college scholarship here at the east Coast. My godson is now 18 years old, last time I saw him was during my daughter’s christening in California 6 years ago. Now he is man ready to start a career in college.

The first day he was here was spent shopping for his dorm needs. I told him before he left LA that he does not have to bring everything with him; only his favorite shoes and clothes. We can but the heavy and bulky stuffs here, like the bedspreads and comforters to avoid bringing too much luggage on the plane and also to save money because each baggage you check in has a fee of $25-$30 per luggage. We also went to have a first look of his dorm and it is like a hotel complete with amenities. He shares the room with one roommate. While touring the place, …

I Want To See The Nadal and Djokovic Match

It is already ongoing right now. The finals started at 4pm eastern standard time and i am still at work. I can only get the radio stream via radio but i cannot get onto the video since they blocked some websites in our computer. I am expecting a 5 set game and not less than 4 hour match so that i can still catch the end part when i arrive home. For the meantime, i'll listen to the radio.

Sunday Morning

The malls and businesses are closed in our town every Sunday except for drugstores, supermarkets and restaurants. We are observing the blue law which does not allow these establishments to open. If we want to go shopping on Sundays, we have to drive to another town that is not affected by this law. We got used to this. We just enjoy the no traffic around the city during Sundays.

After watching on TV on how the whole nation commemorates what happened ten years ago, we headed to the mall for a delayed back to school shopping. There is a big difference now when me and my daughter go shopping, I cannot pick her own clothes anymore. Right after we enter a store, she will asked me if she can go to the clothing for girls section right away unlike before, she does not care about the clothes i buy as long as she has something to munch on while she sits on her stroller. I cannot shop for any womens jeans unless we stopped by the girls clothes first. Once she is done, that is the only time i can…

No More Tennis Channel At Cablevision

Who do you think would be happy with this? Losing your Tennis Channel connection in the middle of the 2011 U.S. Open. That is the only reason why we subscribed to the Sports Pack of Cablevision - because of the tennis channel and now we cannot see the games on TV anymore. I heard that Tennis Channel pulled out from Verizon Fios too. Whatever is the dispute between these companies, i hope it will be settled soon! Thanks to ESPN and CBS for still bringing to us the semis and final games.

The Party Is Canceled

The police department of the town called again informing us that no businesses that will open tomorrow because of the flood that they are expecting tonight. We got a lot of rain since yesterday and the river is going to crest by tomorrow so as early as now they are warning offices not to open on Friday. We are not happy although there is no work for us because we are supposed to have the big boss' 87th birthday celebration. He is the founder of the company, the father of our current CEO. He is very dear to us. If this man can work at his company until his last day on earth he will do so but he was losing his eyesight and his wife passed away, the family decided that it would be better if he will stay in a nj senior care home. This new jersey elder care living became his new home since then. If not because of his age and his health, he would still come to the office everyday. This company was his life.

The birthday celebration is now canceled for Monday. It will be held at the conf…

We Were There

We were at the U.S. Open for two days. We watched games on the second day and third day. We are tennis family so go there from day session then continue through the night session. Here is a picture taken at the Louis Armstrong stadium while we were watching a match. See you again next year.

Life on the Road

Authored by Rickey Combs

Life on the road isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and it’s really hard for me to be away from my family and friends all week every week. I thought that since I was young and didn’t have a family or anything it would be easy for me to take this travelling gig but as it turns out it’s really lonely out here and I find it hard to get back in the groove when I get home. I went to the other day to get my apartment hooked up but I sure do wish I could get a cat like I’ve been wanting but honestly, that wouldn’t be fair for the cat. I love my job and the pay is awesome but if the travel doesn’t lighten up any over the next year I think I’m going to have to start looking for something else. This lifestyle isn’t something you can do long term and I’m finding that out the hard way, one week at a time. Travelling is tough!

Flooding By Irene

I am thankful that we were not affected by the hurricane Irene. I have friends whose houses/basements were under water, some got to evacuate, lost power (some for a week already!) and some had cars submerged in the water. My job did not open until Friday because the whole town is flooded. I live on the hilly part of my town so it saved us from having water inside our house.

This is a picture taken going to our main street. It was taken the Monday after Irene left. It was like a lake with water so strong coming out from the river. This water stayed for two days but the damage will be felt for a long time by people who got affected by it.

Another DSi Stylus

The nth time we bought this stylus for her dsi game. She always lost them. How i wish they had put a permanent string connecting the stylus to the dsi to keep the pen from getting misplaced. I was not going to buy this right away but i saw them for $3.99 at Target with the screen protector. I thought it was a steal, is it? For how long this will last, don't know!

To Accept Credit Cards

There is a restaurant inside a big oriental supermarket here in New Jersey that sells Japanese goodies and pastries. Every time we do our food shopping we stop by this restaurant to eat. You see a line any time of the day. The only downside is that they only accept cash. There is a big “cash only" sign by the register. I happened to know because one day I was there to eat but I do not have any cash with me and they would not accept my credit card. I ended up eating somewhere else.

If you want to get the market of millions of credit card holders, you have to open merchant accounts for you business. There is some researching to be done though before you decide to accept credit cards. You have to get the best credit card processing company to be able to get cheaper transaction rates for each sale you make. The lower rates you get the better it is for your sales.  Hope my favorite restaurant will start accepting cards soon.

Preparing For Take Off

On the very early day of August 12, we were already on board our plane to Orlando. A picture taken from my window, plane already moving preparing for take off. Time was around 6:30 am, the sun is just about to say good morning.

Save With Straight Talk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Now that our vacation is over, we need to start tightening our budget again for our next trip. I am targeting our cell phone bill because I am paying almost $200 per month while at Straight Talk, I can save more than half of what i am paying. The money saved can go to our travel fund for next year.  Here is the deal Straight Talk offers. First, I will not be tied up to any contract, no surprise bills and no credit checks. Their phone units are very impressive. They are all from trusted manufacturers like LG, Motorola. Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.  My favorite part of the deal is the calling plans. They have the "all you need plan" for heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. The unlimited monthly plan is only $45 which includes calls, text, picture messaging and web. Paying only $499 for the whole year is a big savings in my pocket! Re…

Our Rental Car

This is our rental car. I took a picture of the scratch before we leave the parking lot. I know it has been recorded because of the X but i just want to make sure i have a photo of it. You never know when you are going to need it.

Our Mails While We Were Out

After a week of being away from home, our mailbox was full of mails, no personal mails but all sales and some bills. I did not find dentists mail for my daughter. When I called her dentist before we left, the receptionist told me that she will just mail her school form filled out already. It is a dental report signed by her own dentist. I always schedule her dental appointment few weeks before September so that the report will be the most current one. This is always a requirement when kids go back to school this September. I requested for it so early because i keep on forgetting when school starts. Last year, I think i submitted her dental report on the last day.

I am not really sure if how many days you have to be away that you have to notify your local post office if nobody is home to receive your mails. I decided not to inform them because our mailbox is big and it could handle our mails for a week except for big packages and pouches. Yes, we did received two boxes from things we b…

Finally, GPS Was Updated

If not for our Orlando trip, we will never remember to update our GPS. If i remember it right, this GPS is around 4 years old. It needs updating very badly. We can still get around here in Jersey with no problems but we want to be sure when we are in a different state. The update only took a few minutes. All you need is the usb cable that came with your unit, go to the manufacturer's website and look for support or updates. It is free.

Rug Cleaning

Our house would be empty for the whole week. I think this is the best time to have our rugs professionally cleaned. I was online earlier today browsing for professional rug cleaning service austin and I stumbled up The Steam Team of Texas. They do rug cleaning like the big rug i have in the living room. The cleaning is professionally done at their site to ensure proper cleaning and drying. I have no idea on how it is being cleaned but the cleaning procedures are explained step by step on their website at
The Steam Team of Texas does a lot more than just professional rug cleaning. They also specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery, air duct, drapery and leather cleaning, pet odor treatments, 24-hour water extraction and a lot more. They have been in the business for 25 years serving Dallas and Austin, Texas. If you live in the area and wants to inquire about their services, you can give them a call at their toll free no.1800-880-7785. You can …

New Training Room

After almost a month of pounding upstairs, the noise finally stopped today. I am referring to the training room at my job that is being renovated. This is where classes and seminars of our sales people, contractors and distributors are usually held. Sometimes it is being rented out to other companies who do not have a training room in their offices. I would say it is about 8 years old with outdated fixtures and still has the huge 52 inch TV that ten people could not even carry. They asked if anybody of the employees wants to take the huge TV home, there were no takers.

I have not been upstairs yet to check the new training room but I heard that they totally changed it. There have been problems with the air conditioning before but new units have been installed. A new projector was already ordered with and the lights at the front were changed to halogen light bulbs which are more efficient and energy saving.  The only thing left that needs to be is the carpeting. By next week, the marke…

I Just Saw A Car Got Towed

I saw a police car slowing down on our street. Few minutes later, a tow truck came. The driver talked to the police and in two minutes the car was gone. The car towed was parked on a handicap reserved parking. I know he is not from here, just a visitor from a neighbor's party. I'm guessing the damage will be around $400. I don't know if he gets a ticket.

For The Car

When you go for your car repairs or maintenance, the dealer always charge much higher than any car repair shop but this one is the reverse. As I have already mentioned in my previous post, the dealer service center gave us a recommended job order to change the rear brake pads. The charge for this job is around $220.00. When my husband’s friend, a former Hawaii realtor and now a mechanic, came to the house last night, hubby mentioned it to him. He gave us an advice to go for the dealer because these car repair shops would not probably have the parts we need and still they would order it from the dealer, so we might ended paying for more. How I wish brake jobs are still included in the warranty but they are not.

It really helps when you know someone, a car mechanic at that who can give you advice with no money interest. When I called the famous car shop just for curiosity, they charge $100 more for the job and they want us to wait because they do not have the parts. As soon as I heard t…

Carefree Maintenance

We had our carefree maintenance checkup for the van at VW this weekend. There is one recall on our car so they also included that. We dropped off the car around 8:30 am and they called us up to pick it up around 1pm. Additional job they found to be done: change the rear brake pads.

I Need A Better Anti Virus

Two kids plus my daughter were busy playing computer games on my laptop over the weekend. I have allowed them to use my computer with a promise that they will not go to any website without my permission. They all said YES but every time I come at the play room to check them, they are on a different website playing another game online. So what happens after I got back my computer? I saw several games downloaded with a lot of pop ups coming out. I know my free antivirus program that I installed on my computer lacks all the features to prevent pop ups and all the viruses so I immediately did a clean up to get rid of unnecessary downloads the kids made.

I need to get the best antivirus for my computer. I am just lucky I never got any threats by just using the free antivirus I downloaded online. Whether I am the one using the computer or the kids, it does not matter because viruses can strike anywhere. I have so many files on my computer that I cannot afford to lose.  Are there any suggest…

Car Registration Renewal

Finally I was able to renew my car registration yesterday. I left work early to go to DMV and lucky enough, I was out the door in 20 minutes. I can do my renewal online but I thought I won't be getting my registration card in the mail before the end of the month which is my last day but my coworker says I can just show the cops (in case I get pulled over) the receipt I printed online in lieu of the new registration card. That is a good idea but I really don't want to take the risk. Now I have the new and another year to go.Published with Blogger-droid v1.7.4

Straight Talk 2

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you want to cut your cell phone bill to more than half but still enjoying the same benefits? Here is a solution: get the Straight Talk 2. There is no contract to sign up, no monthly bills to pay and no credit checks. With Straight Talk you will get great nationwide coverage with excellent reception/connectivity. They have phones from trusted manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. Here is the real deal with Straight Talk. It has everything you need.  Sign up for the "All You Need Plan" with 1000 minutes, 1000 texts and 30 MB of web data. This is excellent for heavy texters and phone users. They also have an unlimited monthly service of only $45 which includes calls, test, picture messaging and web browsing for only $499.00 for the whole year!!! Oh my, this is only five monthly phone bills in other companies. Imagine the savings you can get! Y…

Insurance Is Too Expensive

The younger step daughter used to drive my old car when she goes to school and work. My car is 9 years old and if you are young, you do not really want to be driving my old car anymore. So that is what the stepdaughter probably felt. When she was able to save a little money for down payment, she bought her own car. It is a 2 door car with sunroof; almost brand new. We did not know about it. We were surprised when we saw it parked at the drive way one day.

After few weeks, the statement for the auto insurance came in the mail. I almost passed out when I saw the monthly premium she pays. It was more than her car note! We asked if she was aware of the amount before she purchased the car and she said she requested a free insurance quote but because of her age and being a first time driver, her insurance would really be high.

There is no way you can escape a high insurance premium when you want to get a car at a young age. It is expensive to be on the road if you are a teen or new driver a…

Goodbye Red, Hello Gray

I use a mouse for my laptop. For simple browsing and surfing, I can do without it but i find it difficult for dropping. Yesterday, my old mouse dropped on the floor like three times. When i tried to use it after dinner, the cursor was not moving. I thought the battery was just low. Changed it, still nothing happens. It was dead. I looked for old corded mouse for deskstop but can't find any. When i checked the time, it was 9pm. I grabbed my car keys and off i went to Walmart (closest to my house is like 5 minutes away). Bought a brand new one, same brand. I like logitech so i better stick to it.
Here is the old and the new.

I Got My Tent

I ordered a tent online before the 4th of July weekend. It was really an as soon as possible thing because the tent was supposed to be used during the holiday weekend. I was already in the computer searching where to buy cheap scrubs when hubby called me to stop it first and look for a tent instead. I just bookmarked so that i can easily go back later. Off i went to look for a tent that i can buy then pick it up at the store. This is not my first time to do this so after i placed an order i left to pick it up. Normally it would only take 20 minutes to finish the order but when i went to pick it up the store computer shows it will not be available until the 7th. Do not ask me how pissed i was so i ended buying another one ( a bigger one) but i did not cancel my order. Came Sunday, the supposed camp day, it rained the whole day!!!! The kids were all disappointed but what are we going to do, right?

Yesterday was our rain da…

I Wish I'm At The Lake Today

Today is going to be a very very hot day. How I wish I am back at this lake to swim. We will be expecting the temperature to reach above 100 degrees starting by noon time with high humidity. Heat advisory is all over the tv. Stay cool everyone!

Cleaning Time

Have you started with your spring or summer cleaning yet? I started with mine already but only the bedrooms are done so far. But before I forget, does anybody know of some leather furniture cleaning tips? Our couch and car seats need cleaning badly. If I can do it at home, I will be saving a lot of money compared to having it done professionally. Anyway, back to my cleaning blues, I have plans of calling after I am done with the living room and basement. I can do all the work but I want professional cleaning on my carpet. I always have the carpets cleaned during summer time when the weather is hot. Drying is better and faster during this season. This also reminds me to do some research on hvac cleaning service. This is not for my home but for my friend who lives in Dallas, Texas. She hopes that the cleaning will Improve her cooling system otherwise she might need to replace her 10 year old furnace.
I hope all this cleaning will be done before we leave for va…

How Safe To Send Cash Thru Mail?

I sold something online and the buyer does not have a paypal account. Before he bought the items, he asked me if i accept money order instead. I agreed. I know that m/o is never issued unless it is funded. When i got the mail after five days, i surprised to see cash instead!!!! Everything was in tack, nothing is missing! Is it safe to do this?

Getting excited for Disney's Animal Kingdom

Guest post written by Charlie Dexler

I've always thought that zoos would be that much better if they had theme park rides in them. Now, I really love zoos and animals. I take the kids to the zoo pretty often and quite frankly I think I enjoy it more than they do. Well, I thought that it sounded like such a neat idea when Disney opened up the Animal Kingdom part years ago. I thought it sounded like my dream vacation. But we're just now getting around to going to it because the kids are finally old enough now to enjoy going to something like that.

I've looked up just about everything that's possible to learn on the internet about Animal Kingdom. A few weeks ago while I was doing just that, I ran across the site After I looked through it a little bit, I decided to sign up for one of the internet packages for our home that I saw on there.

The part of the park that I'm looking most forward to is the Kilimanjaro Safari. You get to actually see …

July 4th Fireworks

Taken last night during our town's firework's display.
Happy 4th to All!

On A Rainy Sunday Morning

Planned beach: cancelled. It's raining.

Some things happened for a reason. Now, I got the chance to watch the Wimbledon Championship between Nadal and Djokovic. I am watching it live over a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts.

For tonight: Watch the 4th of July Fireworks.

Happy 4th of July!

A Night With The Yankees

Hubby and his co-worker went to watch the Yankees vs. Rangers at the new Yankee Stadium in NY. It was my hubby's first. Here are some of his mobile uploads:

And here are the damages:
Ticket $110
Parking $35
Philly Cheesesteak $12
Beer $11
Toll $8
Watching the game live - Priceless!!!

On the 2nd day

The second day of the heat wave was hotter. This is the temperature in the morning and it was more humid. A perfect beach day.

US Open Tickets On Sale by Monday

2011 US Open will be on aug 29 to sept 11 at the national tennis center in queens, new york. It's first ticket sale to the public will be on monday, june 13 at times square pedestrian plaza between 46th and 47th streets. It is free to the public featuring other tennis activities. John mc enroe will be present during the event.


This day 1 of the Spring Scorcher. It was 100 degrees at 6pm registered at my car's temperature. Today is going is going to be hotter.

16gb iPhone 4 for $147

I have subscribed to cnet's newsletter and this is what i got from my mailbox Monday. You can now buy the white or black 16gb iphone4 at selected walmart stores for $147, a $50 off from their original price of $197 with two-year contract from at&t or verizon. This deal is not available online so you have to go to the store.


I just downloaded Viber iphone app that lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages. If you are an iphone user, check this out. It's cool!

Magic Lessons

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon
What would you say if I told you I had the most unusual hobby in the word for a sixteen year old? No, seriously, I’m a magician! I know you won’t believe it but I really love hanging out in my room and practicing my tricks. I’ve gotten so good lately that I’m even starting to come up with tricks of my own, which is really satisfying. I know there’s not much money in magic but my ultimate goal is to get good enough to do it as a side job when I get older. There’s nothing more fun than entertaining a room full of kids with my tricks! I saw an ad online to clickfor deals on wireless internet which may be a go! od idea so I get on magic chat rooms and purchase some of my supplies from home. I hate having to go to the library to get online! Until then, practice makes perfect so I’m going to keep going with the tricks I already know.

Galaxy S to iPhone

Former phone: samsung galaxy S
Now: iPhone 3GS

I love the galaxy S but why the switch? It is because of the battery issue. I use my cellphone for the Internet every day and the battery drains so fast on the galaxy s due to its crystal clear pictures and graphics (a lot better than the iPhone). Other than that this phone is amazing and I like the android os too. So since hubby got an upgrade for an iPhone 4, I decided to get the 3GS. I'm fine with it but the screen is smaller for my blurry eyes. So the Samsung Galaxy S is up for sale soon?

Chevy Volt

It was my first time to see Chevy's new electric car called Volt. We were on a traffic stop right by the Chevy dealer and Chevy Volt is out on display. My first reaction was, "it's not a small car at all." To me, the size is like a Prius or even a little bigger. It's nice!

It is named as 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

To All Pregnant Moms Out There

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have two friends who are pregnant right now. Both are soon to be first time moms and both are almost if their forties. They have been calling me about my pregnancy with Isabella since I was almost the same age when I had  her. They are both doing well and full of stories every day. Actually, we are going to see each other this weekend to have outdoor lunch to welcome the first day of spring. Out lunch date will be the best time to introduce to these two moms to be cryo-cell. I want to share to them the importance of u-cord service at . U-cord blood banking is a process where your baby's cord blood stem cells are extracted immediately after childbirth. This is the only chance that cord blood can be collected. The collection of blood is done by a healthcare provide using the u-cord collection kit supplied by cryo-cell. After this, the bag of cor…

On A Lunch Break

I am right here at the car wash station waiting for my turn. It is a good thing that there is a small restaurant right next to the car wash place where I can grab something to see and still see my car being done. I am done eating but i am still the fifth in line next to the 2011 Hyundai Genesis. All the cars ahead of me are doing the ultimate wash and under wash to get rid of the salt under their cars while I am only doing the regular wash that is why it is taking too long for the guys to get done. And also, nobody is working at the detail section so these two guys are doing all the work.

I swear I am not coming back to this car wash station anymore. This is the only one closest to my job and I am doing my car wash during my lunch break. I thought it would be fast and quick just like the other car wash stations i have been to. The owner of the Hyundai Genesis car also told me that he has been here for 30 minutes already. He was having his firsthyundai genesis interior and exterior was…

No Idling

My car was due for car inspection so I went early to beat the end of the month crown. It did not take long for them to finish. No mechanical inspection, emission only. When I got back to my car after the inspection, it has this sticker on its windshield: NO IDLING! BREATHE EASY!

My Boots

I am wearing right now the size 8 rain boots with a thick wigwam wool socks. I bought this shoes yesterday but it is one size bigger. I like it so much that is why I bought it hoping with the thick socks, it will not be uncomfortable to my feet. My husband says I am crazy and why do I have to buy a boots one size bigger just because I like the style then wear thick socks? I have been looking for this boots and now I found one.  I just wish I did not bring him when I bought this rain boots but he came along to buy some duofold thermals and a hanes undershirt. If he did not tag along he would not know that this boots is big on me.  Now I have to deal with all his comments every time he sees me wearing it.

I hope I find one that is really my size. I confess that it is a bit uncomfortable wearing thick socks but it is too late now. Also, come spring time, it is going to be rainy but not cold, so wearing thick socks in this boots is funny. I cannot return this anymore. I will just make thi…