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When Gas Prices Increase will see this line of cars at Costco gas station. Gas prices started to rise since last week, some to an increase of almost 20 cents per gallon. They are predicting a $5/gallon price this summer. I just filled up my tank yesterday @3.15/gallon. I already felt bad about this but felt better a little bit when my friend in LA posted that they have $4/gallon. Whatever it is....gas is getting EXPENSIVE!!!!

At Costco today, the price is $3.08.

Create Traffic To Your Website

In two weeks, I will be celebrating the 4th year anniversary of my website or blog. I can still remember when I started four years ago. I stumbled on a blog online and I got interested. I availed one of the free blogging services but I had no clue how to build links to my website. I think for how many weeks my website had no traffic at all.

As I go along, I learned about free links and free link exchange. It was also through some help from my new found friends online that I was able to know why you have to update and improve your website regularly. Through tutorials too, I learned what are html’s, templates, webmasters, pr ranking, increase traffic and a lot more. There are a lot of tools needed to get traffic to your website online. If you are interested in having webmasters help you do the job, you can register for a free account at  and their link building tools will help your website achieve a ranking on major search engines. Register now and …

I Hope This is The Last (For Now)

Just when we thought it has finally bid us goodbye, the snow came again this morning. We woke up in a blanket of icy white stuff, almost 6 inches. The mountains of dirty iced snow is almost gone....friday we had a 60 degree sunny weather then dropping to freezing again. As what we always say...."it's still winter, so don't complain."

Tango App For Iphone and Android

A friend who has an iphone recommends to download app for my android phone. Through tang, iphone and android can do video calls (like iphone's facetime) without the need to be in a wifi hotspots. This is good for me and hubby. He has the iphone while i have the galaxy. More info when after we get the app for our phones.

Babysitting On Saturday

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine. When you have a baby, you always grab every offer of babysitting especially during weekends. I offered to babysit my grandchild (my stepdaughter's son) yesterday. My daughter was so happy about the idea. This is a re-scheduled one actually, supposed to be last weekend but since my daughter was sick we moved it yesterday. The stepdaughter was here at the house early yesterday morning with a big diaper bag plus an extra car seat and stroller. We will be out of the house so we really need a car seat and stroller. The diaper bag has everything the baby needs. The stepdaughter was telling me that she switched to Boudreaux's Butt Paste. I used this with my daughter and it was very effective on her diaper rush and it soothes her irritated skin. It is a skin protectant with 16% zinc oxide and Peruvian balsam. I've seen Boudreaux's butt paste featured on several shows li…

Blogger Apps For Droid

Finally blogger has made its apps for android users. You can upload it now for free at the Anroid Market. I have been using the Ander Hedstrom (free w/ ads) but this new one is really from blogger. Blogging is getting easier for android users.

What's keeping it so long for blogger apps for iphone/ipod touch users?

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Super Bowl Party

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine. Our calendar is already marked for this weekend’s big party – the Super Bowl Weekend party. The step daughters, friends and the grand kids will be coming over to be with us to watch the game this Sunday. For the party, it will be pot luck. The older step daughter is cooking chicken rotisserie with her yummy Spanish rub. She said that she will start marinating her chicken as early as Thursday. After the chicken is cooked, that is the time she puts the TABASCO® Original Red which adds more flavor to the chicken, making it so yummy and delicious. The TABASCO® Original Red is "so much more than hot" that makes the chicken not only spicier but flavorful up to the last bite.  For the kids, I will be making buffalo wings out of the recipe I got from the Game-Day Party Menu. Hubby kept on reminding me to check Pizza Perfected if we can have something ordered and delivered for unex…