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Chevy Volt

It was my first time to see Chevy's new electric car called Volt. We were on a traffic stop right by the Chevy dealer and Chevy Volt is out on display. My first reaction was, "it's not a small car at all." To me, the size is like a Prius or even a little bigger. It's nice!

It is named as 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

To All Pregnant Moms Out There

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I have two friends who are pregnant right now. Both are soon to be first time moms and both are almost if their forties. They have been calling me about my pregnancy with Isabella since I was almost the same age when I had  her. They are both doing well and full of stories every day. Actually, we are going to see each other this weekend to have outdoor lunch to welcome the first day of spring. Out lunch date will be the best time to introduce to these two moms to be cryo-cell. I want to share to them the importance of u-cord service at . U-cord blood banking is a process where your baby's cord blood stem cells are extracted immediately after childbirth. This is the only chance that cord blood can be collected. The collection of blood is done by a healthcare provide using the u-cord collection kit supplied by cryo-cell. After this, the bag of cor…

On A Lunch Break

I am right here at the car wash station waiting for my turn. It is a good thing that there is a small restaurant right next to the car wash place where I can grab something to see and still see my car being done. I am done eating but i am still the fifth in line next to the 2011 Hyundai Genesis. All the cars ahead of me are doing the ultimate wash and under wash to get rid of the salt under their cars while I am only doing the regular wash that is why it is taking too long for the guys to get done. And also, nobody is working at the detail section so these two guys are doing all the work.

I swear I am not coming back to this car wash station anymore. This is the only one closest to my job and I am doing my car wash during my lunch break. I thought it would be fast and quick just like the other car wash stations i have been to. The owner of the Hyundai Genesis car also told me that he has been here for 30 minutes already. He was having his firsthyundai genesis interior and exterior was…

No Idling

My car was due for car inspection so I went early to beat the end of the month crown. It did not take long for them to finish. No mechanical inspection, emission only. When I got back to my car after the inspection, it has this sticker on its windshield: NO IDLING! BREATHE EASY!

My Boots

I am wearing right now the size 8 rain boots with a thick wigwam wool socks. I bought this shoes yesterday but it is one size bigger. I like it so much that is why I bought it hoping with the thick socks, it will not be uncomfortable to my feet. My husband says I am crazy and why do I have to buy a boots one size bigger just because I like the style then wear thick socks? I have been looking for this boots and now I found one.  I just wish I did not bring him when I bought this rain boots but he came along to buy some duofold thermals and a hanes undershirt. If he did not tag along he would not know that this boots is big on me.  Now I have to deal with all his comments every time he sees me wearing it.

I hope I find one that is really my size. I confess that it is a bit uncomfortable wearing thick socks but it is too late now. Also, come spring time, it is going to be rainy but not cold, so wearing thick socks in this boots is funny. I cannot return this anymore. I will just make thi…