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I just downloaded Viber iphone app that lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages. If you are an iphone user, check this out. It's cool!

Magic Lessons

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon
What would you say if I told you I had the most unusual hobby in the word for a sixteen year old? No, seriously, I’m a magician! I know you won’t believe it but I really love hanging out in my room and practicing my tricks. I’ve gotten so good lately that I’m even starting to come up with tricks of my own, which is really satisfying. I know there’s not much money in magic but my ultimate goal is to get good enough to do it as a side job when I get older. There’s nothing more fun than entertaining a room full of kids with my tricks! I saw an ad online to clickfor deals on wireless internet which may be a go! od idea so I get on magic chat rooms and purchase some of my supplies from home. I hate having to go to the library to get online! Until then, practice makes perfect so I’m going to keep going with the tricks I already know.