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A Night With The Yankees

Hubby and his co-worker went to watch the Yankees vs. Rangers at the new Yankee Stadium in NY. It was my hubby's first. Here are some of his mobile uploads:

And here are the damages:
Ticket $110
Parking $35
Philly Cheesesteak $12
Beer $11
Toll $8
Watching the game live - Priceless!!!

On the 2nd day

The second day of the heat wave was hotter. This is the temperature in the morning and it was more humid. A perfect beach day.

US Open Tickets On Sale by Monday

2011 US Open will be on aug 29 to sept 11 at the national tennis center in queens, new york. It's first ticket sale to the public will be on monday, june 13 at times square pedestrian plaza between 46th and 47th streets. It is free to the public featuring other tennis activities. John mc enroe will be present during the event.


This day 1 of the Spring Scorcher. It was 100 degrees at 6pm registered at my car's temperature. Today is going is going to be hotter.

16gb iPhone 4 for $147

I have subscribed to cnet's newsletter and this is what i got from my mailbox Monday. You can now buy the white or black 16gb iphone4 at selected walmart stores for $147, a $50 off from their original price of $197 with two-year contract from at&t or verizon. This deal is not available online so you have to go to the store.