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Another DSi Stylus

The nth time we bought this stylus for her dsi game. She always lost them. How i wish they had put a permanent string connecting the stylus to the dsi to keep the pen from getting misplaced. I was not going to buy this right away but i saw them for $3.99 at Target with the screen protector. I thought it was a steal, is it? For how long this will last, don't know!

To Accept Credit Cards

There is a restaurant inside a big oriental supermarket here in New Jersey that sells Japanese goodies and pastries. Every time we do our food shopping we stop by this restaurant to eat. You see a line any time of the day. The only downside is that they only accept cash. There is a big “cash only" sign by the register. I happened to know because one day I was there to eat but I do not have any cash with me and they would not accept my credit card. I ended up eating somewhere else.

If you want to get the market of millions of credit card holders, you have to open merchant accounts for you business. There is some researching to be done though before you decide to accept credit cards. You have to get the best credit card processing company to be able to get cheaper transaction rates for each sale you make. The lower rates you get the better it is for your sales.  Hope my favorite restaurant will start accepting cards soon.

Preparing For Take Off

On the very early day of August 12, we were already on board our plane to Orlando. A picture taken from my window, plane already moving preparing for take off. Time was around 6:30 am, the sun is just about to say good morning.

Save With Straight Talk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Now that our vacation is over, we need to start tightening our budget again for our next trip. I am targeting our cell phone bill because I am paying almost $200 per month while at Straight Talk, I can save more than half of what i am paying. The money saved can go to our travel fund for next year.  Here is the deal Straight Talk offers. First, I will not be tied up to any contract, no surprise bills and no credit checks. Their phone units are very impressive. They are all from trusted manufacturers like LG, Motorola. Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung.  My favorite part of the deal is the calling plans. They have the "all you need plan" for heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. The unlimited monthly plan is only $45 which includes calls, text, picture messaging and web. Paying only $499 for the whole year is a big savings in my pocket! Re…

Our Rental Car

This is our rental car. I took a picture of the scratch before we leave the parking lot. I know it has been recorded because of the X but i just want to make sure i have a photo of it. You never know when you are going to need it.

Our Mails While We Were Out

After a week of being away from home, our mailbox was full of mails, no personal mails but all sales and some bills. I did not find dentists mail for my daughter. When I called her dentist before we left, the receptionist told me that she will just mail her school form filled out already. It is a dental report signed by her own dentist. I always schedule her dental appointment few weeks before September so that the report will be the most current one. This is always a requirement when kids go back to school this September. I requested for it so early because i keep on forgetting when school starts. Last year, I think i submitted her dental report on the last day.

I am not really sure if how many days you have to be away that you have to notify your local post office if nobody is home to receive your mails. I decided not to inform them because our mailbox is big and it could handle our mails for a week except for big packages and pouches. Yes, we did received two boxes from things we b…

Finally, GPS Was Updated

If not for our Orlando trip, we will never remember to update our GPS. If i remember it right, this GPS is around 4 years old. It needs updating very badly. We can still get around here in Jersey with no problems but we want to be sure when we are in a different state. The update only took a few minutes. All you need is the usb cable that came with your unit, go to the manufacturer's website and look for support or updates. It is free.

Rug Cleaning

Our house would be empty for the whole week. I think this is the best time to have our rugs professionally cleaned. I was online earlier today browsing for professional rug cleaning service austin and I stumbled up The Steam Team of Texas. They do rug cleaning like the big rug i have in the living room. The cleaning is professionally done at their site to ensure proper cleaning and drying. I have no idea on how it is being cleaned but the cleaning procedures are explained step by step on their website at
The Steam Team of Texas does a lot more than just professional rug cleaning. They also specialize in carpet cleaning, upholstery, air duct, drapery and leather cleaning, pet odor treatments, 24-hour water extraction and a lot more. They have been in the business for 25 years serving Dallas and Austin, Texas. If you live in the area and wants to inquire about their services, you can give them a call at their toll free no.1800-880-7785. You can …

New Training Room

After almost a month of pounding upstairs, the noise finally stopped today. I am referring to the training room at my job that is being renovated. This is where classes and seminars of our sales people, contractors and distributors are usually held. Sometimes it is being rented out to other companies who do not have a training room in their offices. I would say it is about 8 years old with outdated fixtures and still has the huge 52 inch TV that ten people could not even carry. They asked if anybody of the employees wants to take the huge TV home, there were no takers.

I have not been upstairs yet to check the new training room but I heard that they totally changed it. There have been problems with the air conditioning before but new units have been installed. A new projector was already ordered with and the lights at the front were changed to halogen light bulbs which are more efficient and energy saving.  The only thing left that needs to be is the carpeting. By next week, the marke…

I Just Saw A Car Got Towed

I saw a police car slowing down on our street. Few minutes later, a tow truck came. The driver talked to the police and in two minutes the car was gone. The car towed was parked on a handicap reserved parking. I know he is not from here, just a visitor from a neighbor's party. I'm guessing the damage will be around $400. I don't know if he gets a ticket.

For The Car

When you go for your car repairs or maintenance, the dealer always charge much higher than any car repair shop but this one is the reverse. As I have already mentioned in my previous post, the dealer service center gave us a recommended job order to change the rear brake pads. The charge for this job is around $220.00. When my husband’s friend, a former Hawaii realtor and now a mechanic, came to the house last night, hubby mentioned it to him. He gave us an advice to go for the dealer because these car repair shops would not probably have the parts we need and still they would order it from the dealer, so we might ended paying for more. How I wish brake jobs are still included in the warranty but they are not.

It really helps when you know someone, a car mechanic at that who can give you advice with no money interest. When I called the famous car shop just for curiosity, they charge $100 more for the job and they want us to wait because they do not have the parts. As soon as I heard t…