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Check Engine Light Is On

I went for gas Tuesday morning on my way to work then coming home i noticed that the check engine light is on. My car was still running fine so we waited for Friday and do the checkup. The results came  with code P0456 which is evap control small leak detected. Probable causes  are faulty fuel cap, purge system leak, faulty canister vent control valve and faulty purge control valve. We brought it to the mechanic and first thing he told us is to change the gas cap. If the light is still on after we changed it, bring the car back to him. Off we went to Nissan to buy a gas cap. Hubby changed it but still the light was there. We were supposed to bring it back the next day but lo and behold, the light was gone. My 03 Altima is old so I am really expecting something would come up but it still runs ok. Hope the gas cap solved the problem but i am still holding on to the results of the test just in case.

Total spent: $23.00 for the cap. To run the test was free at autozone.

When You Are Looking For An Insurance Policy

Our topic in school now is about medical insurance. At first, I thought it is just a simple topic about buying an insurance to pay for your bills when you get sick. I forgot to consider  a lot of insurance companies offering medical insurance and as an insured, which among them is the best. The same is also true when you are buying an insurance policy for any other insurance. There are different types of insurance policies available and sometimes it gets confusing which among them has the right policy that meets your needs. This is where Advantage Term Life comes in handy; they will help you find in your decision-making process to come up which insurance company is the best for you. On their website,, you get information of the different types of insurance policies for life or whole term, smokers, mortgages,  universal, group policies, key man, second to die and so many others. They will give you the best competitive affordable term rates for you and y…

No More Cash Only

Do you still see establishments, like our favorite Chinese restaurant, have signs right at the register that says “cash only”? Yes, there are still a lot of establishments that do not accept electronic payments until now. I wonder how many clients they lose everyday because they do not have cash in their wallets but they have cards instead. I am one of them a lot of times. It is just now that I always have a cash in my wallet because I have to give my daughter lunch money every day but other than that I am fine with just my cards, driver’s license and cell phone in my pocketbook.

For those who own a business and wants to start accepting electronic payments, check out Mercury Payment Systems (MPS) found on for smart payment processing systems. They offer cost efficient electronic payment from the point of sale, your cash register or terminal. Other merchant services they offer are custom or pre-designed gift cards, health benefit cards, health care management,…

iOs 5 and iCloud

iOS 5 has been here for days now but still did not get the chance to download to my phone. My friend was showing me a new version of FB after she downloaded to iOS 5 but i already have that new version through a fb update on my iPhone. Hmm, i wonder what else is new. She also said that it took around 25 minutes to upgrade to iCloud because she has many pictures on her phone.

Maybe I can do mine this weekend...or tomorrow.

Cape Cod Beach Rentals

I know that winter season is almost here but let us not make that a reason why we cannot make reservations for summer vacation. First on the list to look into is cape cod rentals.

We are only a drive away from Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. It is not even 300 miles from NJ. It maybe less than 4 hour drive from our house. At you can browse which town of Cape Cod you want to stay in. Just tell them when you want to take your vacation, where you want to stay and how much do you want to spend. From there, you are only seconds away to finding your dream Cape Cod beach vacation. If you need help in finding your Cape Cod rental, you can use the user guide to Cape Code and Islands at the website. There are 3000+ vacation rentals in the Cape Cod area and on the islands during the summer. Just think, one of those can be yours. If you want to take a look on some of the beach rentals yourself, go to and find the pictures of the property. The…

Shopping For Your Man

When we were still living in the Philippines, I can hardly find big and tall clothing for my husband (he was just my boyfriend that time). Now that we live here in the U.S., it has never been a problem for me anymore looking for big and tall clothing for hubby.

There is an online store called that sells all types of clothing, shoes and belts, underwear and sleep wear for big and tall sizes. Right now, a lot of their fall styles are on sale.

I found a fleece pullover hoodie made of cotton/polyester with front-pouch pocket with drawstring at hood for only $34.99-$44.99 now with a savings of $5.00 on each item if you buy 2 or more. Another extra discount of 25% off your highest priced item by just entering the code KSFALL on checkout is also available. This promotion is valid up to October 17, 11:59 p.m. (edt). Men’s polos are also at buy one get one 50% off. If you are a King size cardholder, you get exclusive discount and express checkout every time you …

At Att's Website

This is what you see when you log on to your att account. Soon att customers will be meeting iPhone 4s in a few days. The wait is over but did you really go for the 4s? or, still waiting for the coming of the iPhone 5.

Traveling With Soha To The Australian Open

It is a dream of every tennis player like my husband to see all the grand slam tennis tournaments. There are 4 grand slams and the Australian Open comes first every January, then the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

All of us play tennis including my daughter.. We go to the U.S. Open in NYC every year. Our next plan is to see the tennis australian open. Although there are a lot of friends offering free accommodation when we go to Australia but we still want to check the Australian Open 2012 tennis tour packages being offered by Travels With Soha. Travels With Soha will take care all your travel needs in visiting the Australian open which starts from your flight to Melbourne, getting the best hotel with amazing views of the city and close to the Rod Laver Arena plus front seat tickets. This also includes access to an exclusive tennis club, tennis instruction and coaching from former ATP World Tour Player and Coach Lan Bale. Included in the packages are trips to see the best o…

Renting At Edmonton

Looking for apartments these days have been made easy by the internet. At edmonton apartments for rent, rental properties are available at for viewing online by renters. If you are looking for a house, apartment, condominium or town homes for rent in Edmonton, you do not have to be physically in the area to check the rental properties. When you are at the website, just click the particular area you are interested in finding a rental property then a list of available properties for rent will be shown, each with pictures, detailed description which includes but not limited to the size, number of bedrooms and bath, amenities, appliances included, pets allowed, exact location, rental price and other features. Once you have picked an apartment, a message center is available where you can get in touch with the landlord. is not only a website for people who are looking for rental properties but also for property owners who want to advertise their vacant re…

Blu Sky Scrubs

Gone are the days where medical field personnel only wear white, blue or green medical scrub uniforms. Scrubs have become fashionable with matching scrub hat and accessories. At , you can shop scrubs for women, men and children in different colors and styles. They have the uniform scrubs in solid colors like shades of blue (light and navy), shades of brown, gray, purple, pink, black and a lot more. You have the choice of getting a scrub set or pick any tops or bottoms you prefer. All nursing uniforms or medical scrubs are made of high quality fabric.

I just checked the new arrivals and they have the 2011 pink ribbon collection for the breast cancer foundation. The pink ribbon designs are featured on the scrub hats and for every purchase from this collection during October, blu sky scrubs will donate $1.00 to the foundation. Do not forget also that when you shop $55 dollar worth of clothing at blu sky scrubs, shipping is free on your order with free return…

No iPhone 5

i waited for 1 pm eastern time (10 am pacific time).
i kept on reading live blogs of the apple event in cuppertino, ca.
nope, iphone 5 is not coming.
instead, it's an iphone 4s.

that's it?

Printer Ink Collector

This is what they call me at the office. At work, I think we have four laser printers and two ink jet printers. We print thousands of copies every week so imagine how many printer ink or toner cartridges we use in a month. What do we do with them? Sometimes there is a recycling guy that picks them up once in a blue moon so when I saw how they pile up at the storage, I asked my boss if I can have those empty toners and cartridges for my daughter’s school fund raising. From then on, everybody started calling me as the ink collector. I do not mind at all. By now, everybody in the office knows where to go after they replace their toners or ink cartridges.

While we talk about empty ink cartridges, this reminds me of our home computer printers. We have two, one colored printer and a black and white laser printer. Why a laser B&W one? Because my daughter prints a lot of her worksheets at home, and it is too expensive to be using the colored printer all the time. With the b&w printer …