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In Celebration of Thanksgiving

From my blog to yours, i want to greet everyone a happy thanksgiving. Let us celebrate and be thankful for all the blessings we have. Enjoy this joyous celebration with family and friends. If you are travelling, please be extra safe and be careful driving.

Winter Is Almost Here

Who does not like winter?
When somebody asks if I like east coast winter, I always say yes because it is the truth. I like the winter season. What I dislike about winter is the snowstorm and when you have to drive to work. If you are just home on a snow day, it is the coolest, just in your pajamas enjoying that hot chocolate while watching the snow falling outside your window.
So, why do I like the winter? I like the winter fashion. It is anything goes, you can mix and match any color; wear your fashion boots with a scarf, gloves and a beanie. I do not see any irregular choice when you shop for winter clothes and shoes. My favorite outfit is wearing a short knit dress, thick leggings and my laced boots. It is only during the winter time that I say goodbye to my keds shoes.

Shopping for some winter shoes? Go check out Always take a look on their new arrivals and promo items. Some shoes are up to 20% discount plus free shipping by using the code ISFREESHIP on check out. …

New Phone Upgrade

I got the phone upgrade for one of our family lines. My daughter sometimes uses that phone. Maybe, it would be permanently for her in the near future. I only pay $10 extra for that line so i kept it. Recently, it was due for upgrade. There were other phones for free but i prefer for a smartphone. The available phones vary everyday depending on the stocks or availability. Luckily, last week i saw a blackbery torch red 9800 for $10. Hey, why not? I got it in the mail today. Free 2nd day shipping.

Airsoft Store

When my hubby's friend from Philippines came last summer, he gave him a lot of camouflage suits like the one they use in the military. I thought those camouflage suits were for his son that has plans of joining a training up north in the Philippines but my husband says that the father and son have been into airsoft recently. What is airsoft? Hubby said that it is a gameplay where you go into a simulated combat not using real guns but replica firearms and non-metallic pellets. Now, I am not even surprised why a lot of Filipinos are into airsoft in the Philippines.

There is a retailer of airsoft guns called GF Airsoft and Tactical, that started its store along Rt. 22 in Green Brook, New Jersey and now has a new GF Airsoft Arena in Flemmington, New Jersey. The arena features 7,500 sf playing area and a full retail store where you can buy all kinds of airsoft weapons and accessories. For those who cannot come to visit the stores, GF Airsoft and Tactical is also available online at htt…

Woman Within

When it is cold outside, freezing and snowing, you do not want to get out of the house anymore to drive and shop. Shop at and you still get all the discounts plus free shipping. They have everything that a regular store offers; from all kinds of fall and winter clothing even plus size maternity clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, Woman Within has them. Here are the deals they have now – extra 40% off your highest priced item, plus extra 40% off your 2nd highest priced item if you buy three or more, plus another extra 40% off your third priced item if you buy five or more. Hurry, this offer is only up to 11/14/11 with the promo code WW64785 on checkout. Do not forget the free shipping if you sign up using your email address.

There is more to that. Do you also want to win $250 Woman Within shopping spree?  Woman Within is having the 2011 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes. All you have to do is fill out the form online and you can be the lucky winner of a $250 shoppi…

iCloud on my iPhone, iPod

Finally, i was able to update my iphone to the iOS and iCloud. I don't have the iPhone 4s i have not met siri yet. With the iOS update, i saw a newstand, reminders, and a new email account. And, with only one swipe down you will see all notifications right on your homescreen. I found that cool and time saving. I have to try the imessage with the iPod. I tried it once but i got an error message, like an ! mark. The only mishap happened when i downloaded the iOs was the songs on my iTouch were gone. The only i remembered when i updated the software was when it asked me to update from itunes or icloud, i think i entered icloud. It is not that many songs on my new itouch yet so no biggie.

Moving and Me

Posted by Gaylord Campbell
Moving makes me really antsy but it’s not for the reasons you might think. Most people don’t like to move because it’s such a hassle – what if something gets broken and how will the family adjust in the new area? But for me it’s more than that: I’m always terrified I’m going to forget something. I don’t know what it is but I just worry to death about the utilities and changing my address and things like that – what if I were to forget something really important? For example, I went to when I got to my new place and I found a great rate. I signed up and everything was fine until I remembered I still hadn’t cancelled my old internet service! I was paying for two at once and it took me a month to realize it! I just am so disorganized moving really brings out the stressedside of me and no one likes that. I mean, who deals well with a lot of stress?

Must Have Shoes For The Winter

The snow came early this year, in October to be exact. The snow is not a surprise to people who are living in the East Coast but the damage it brought was overwhelming. It is the third day that we do not have power at work brought about by a lot of tree branches that snapped affecting power lines. I hope winter is not going to be worst this season. For the meantime, I have been getting ready for whatever it takes.

These are my must have shoes to battle the freezing cold and snow this winter. You must have a tall hunter boots. This shoe is very comfortable, keeps your feet dry even on a two feet of snow. This is my favorite boots when I do shoveling after a snow storm.

Then for everyday comfort, get this ugg women's boots. I think I already have three pairs of Ugg boots. I tell you, it really keeps your feet warm and give you a better traction when walking on the snow. I also bought my daughter Ugg boots for school.

Then when it is time to party or socialize at night, get a pair of…