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It Is Inventory Time

Before the year ends, it is our scheduled yearly inventory at my job. We will not be open to customers except for emergencies. All the sales people will be here at our main branch to help out in counting. This company has not totally computerized its inventory system so part of it is donemanually. It takes days to finish it. As early as now, some guys at the warehouse are segregating materials, separating which are includedin the inventory or not. Several of our trade show materials, like the pipe and drape , table skirts and banner stands are temporarily moved inside the office. We do not count them since we only use them once a year for our trade show booths. Same group of people are in charge with the parts department every year and because of familiarity they become faster as we go along. It is tiring to do inventory but we make it light by having our central music system play some live music with free-flowing food and plenty of overtime. On top of our bonus, we love inventory ove…

Another Car Expense

.i do not really consider this as an unexpected expense because my car is already 9 years old. i am just thankful that it is not a major one.

my mechanic already i need my back brakes replaced so i specifically went to the car shop for that. it turned out i also need my front brakes resurfaced. i really made sure these brakes are done before we get hit by a snow. so, that's done but on my job order they still recommend to change the left inner tirod end. there are other job recommendations but some are just because they want to sell more unnecessary service so i declined them. the tirod ends are next.
i feel safer driving my car now with brand new brakes. thanks car for being so good to me.
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I Thought I Am Done With Christmas Shopping

I really do not rush on my Christmas shopping so when I see something that I like as a gift for somebody, I buy it and put it in a big box at the basement. I have a long list; sometimes it takes months before I finish buying them but the last one should be bought by Thanksgiving weekend. Why? Because, as it gets closer to Christmas, the shopping malls get crazy and I am trying to avoid being in those places at all.  Also, the December weekends are reserved in preparation for my daughter’s birthday which is a week before Christmas and the Christmas Eve dinner. 
I really thought I was done with my shopping then I received an email of orders from my brothers and cousins in the Philippines this morning. They want clothes, shoes, purses and 2 sets of scrubs for my cousins who are in the medical school. Somebody is going home to Manila this weekend and they want all these stuffs sent through her this Sunday. In as much as I do not want to be in any malls these days, I have to now. I know of …