What Happen To Entrecard?

I have been trying to access entrecard the whole day and I always get "serious error has occured" message. Is their site down? Are you getting the same message? Gotta do the drop...
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Road Conditions Today

There will be:
1. Snow
2. Sleet
3. Rain

Drive Safely!
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The Snow Is Falling

This is the third time in three weeks. We are getting hit again by another snow storm that will last until tomorrow noon. The accumulation is rising quickly and a forecast to leave a foot by tomorrow with blizzard condition at times. School closing is already up on TV. I'm scared to drive 15 miles to work on this stormy weather.

I can't wait for spring time.


The Aftermath

This is what the last blizzard of 2010 left us a day after christmas. We got almost two feet of snow with winds up to 40 mph. This is the most treacherous snow storm I have experienced since I moved here in the east coast about a decade ago. It was really bad. 

My poor car!

My street

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First Blog Of 2011

I would like to start the year by thanking all those who visited my blog. Please try to leave your footprints so that I know who you are and I could return the favor. Thank you very much and more power to all bloggers!

Here's my top entrecard droppers:

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Happy New Year To All!

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