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The Coming of Iphone 5

Is it really to be called iPhone 5? As rumored, it will be launched in about a week. A website I read is inviting readers to sign up to get a special coverage of the iPhone 5's launch. My husband is excited. He wants to get one but the problem is his iphone 4 is not even a year old in its subscription. Does anybody know if at&t allows early upgrade for a fee? I am saying because if he gets the iphone 5 then i get the iphone 4. I upgraded my line to an android phone but an iphone is very much welcome too.

When Your Ipone 4 Does Not Turn On

Hubby's iphone 4 shut down for no reason yesterday. You cannot power it one. We thought it got drained but still not working after it was charged. I was not worried at all because it is still under warranty but a friend told me to hold the power button and the menu button at the same time for about 10 seconds or more. Wait until the apple comes on. Whola! It worked and the iphone 4 is back to life.

What's In The Box?

During the holiday season, I send at least two boxes of goodies to my folks in the Philippines. Inside those big boxes are gifts, mostly toys for the kids, a lot of clothes, shoes and groceries. I do not buy them at one time but those are items I have saved and collected during my shopping spree here. I always wait for items to go on sale before I buy them, and then just put them in box when I get home. As soon as the box gets full, it is ready for shipment to home. Too bad, I cannot put any electronic items anymore. I had a bad experience the last item I sent them in the box. They can wait when we go home next year.

There is one special item than was personally ordered from me. I did some shopping at for my niece who recently passed the nursing board exam in the Philippines. When I learned she passed the board, I immediately send her a message if she wants anything from here. She just wanted five sets of nursing uniform…

On Buying Toys For Kids

The “ber” months are here. This is a sign to many of us that the holiday season is fast approaching. To a lot of kids, holiday season especially Christmas is the time to receive a lot of gifts. My daughter who is 7 years old has made two lists of things she wants. Two lists because one is for her birthday on December 18 and another one for Christmas. I told her when she makes her list there should be at least one educational toy on each one. I was not surprised she puts a lot of books and a wooden kitchen deluxe on her lists.

To parents who want to shop for novelty and early educational toys for your kids, I recommend They sell toys that develop your kid’s curiosity and creativity. These kinds of toys will help the kids in their mental and physical growth making the learning process fun and enjoyable. Toys are categorized into different groups depending on the age or grade of your child. And also, do not forget to check what are on sale plus you get free shipping on orders …

Bringing A Car Is Getting Expensive

Last year, it was $16 dollars for parking at the U.S. Open. Now 2011, it went up to $19. If you are driving a Mercedez, parking is free!

Tips If You Are Buying A House

We always hear it is the best time to buy a home now because of lower interest rates and the prices of real estate are down due to recession. Lower interest rates and low home pricing are very significant factors if you have plans of buying a house but a lot to consider. First, you have to ask yourself if you can afford it or get approved for a loan. Is your credit in good standing? How about if you have a bad credit?

People with good credit standing can get a loan with less or no problems at all but if you have a bad credit it would be more difficult. However, it does not mean you will not get a loan approved. At, they specialize in helping people with credit problems get a loan that is suitable to their needs. There is also a lot of helpful information in their website that can help lenders get the loan they wanted. You start by filling out a mortgage application inquiry form. If you are interested, pay them a visit at and fill out the f…

Magellan Knows

I am talking about Magella, the GPS. I thought it would only say GWB when we were at the bridge but no. Magellan knows exactly where you are, whether at the upper level or lower level. We always get lost in nyc, not now. The gps is heaven sent. Thank you a lot.

Finding A Place To Stay in Alberta

I was askedby my cousin to find her a place to rent in Calgary Apartments. She is being relocatedto Canada by her company with free accommodation for one year. My cousin thinks that I live close to Alberta. I remember during our last conversation I mentioned to her that Canada is only 400 miles away from my house. She probably forgot to realize that Ilive on the East Coast. Alberta is on the West Coast part of the U.S. She was laughing when itold her about it. Wherever iam, it is not a problem getting her an apartment in Alberta. At, you can see listings of rental properties all over Calgary. Just click on the website what part of Calgary you like, either on the north west, north east, south westor south east and on each area, you can view pictures, description and rental prices of houses, apartment or condominiums available for rent. The listings also show the number of bedrooms, how many bathrooms, or the size of the rental property. It is so easy.

I just emailed my…

Tennis Channel Is Out

I already called cablevision to stop my subscription for the sports pack because tennis channel is totally out. I also upgraded our service to the gold package where we get hbo, cinemax, encore, starz and on demand for free. It was only $10 more of what i was paying. Another thing too, i removed our tfc channel and leave gma only. We only watch them for phil news and gma has a better schedule for gma news than tfc, so gma won. Lol. This is so far our winter tv listings. It always change when spring and summer season are back.

Survey Tool

A friend of mine introduced me on how to make extra income through the internet. Apart from blogging and posting ads on my website, I have learned on how to answer surveys online. I get paid by doing surveys. I have done a lot of surveys from different companies and i have observed several companies use similar format or templates on their questionnaires. My friend told me that companies giving out surveys are using a software called online survey software to create surveys faster. It is a tool to make surveys effective and get important feedback from consumers. is an online survey creator mostly used by these companies that helps them ask the right questions and get best results or feedback. It has different plans depending on what you or your company needs. The personal plan is free, basic plan is $9/mo (or $108 if billed annually) and the pro plan for $24/mo or $288 if billed annually. Take a look on what can offer you. More information is found on the…

Blogging Made Easier

I have been posting entries to my blog for sometime through the apps called blogger lite or blogger plus. They are third party apps. Now has its own apps for iphone and android users. It is free. Just download the apps and you can start blogging anywhere in minutes. Love it.

Shopping For Dorm

No, it is not for my daughter but for my godson who is going to college. We picked him up at the airport last Friday and stayed for us for a couple of days before proceeding to his dorm. He is from California and got accepted on a college scholarship here at the east Coast. My godson is now 18 years old, last time I saw him was during my daughter’s christening in California 6 years ago. Now he is man ready to start a career in college.

The first day he was here was spent shopping for his dorm needs. I told him before he left LA that he does not have to bring everything with him; only his favorite shoes and clothes. We can but the heavy and bulky stuffs here, like the bedspreads and comforters to avoid bringing too much luggage on the plane and also to save money because each baggage you check in has a fee of $25-$30 per luggage. We also went to have a first look of his dorm and it is like a hotel complete with amenities. He shares the room with one roommate. While touring the place, …

I Want To See The Nadal and Djokovic Match

It is already ongoing right now. The finals started at 4pm eastern standard time and i am still at work. I can only get the radio stream via radio but i cannot get onto the video since they blocked some websites in our computer. I am expecting a 5 set game and not less than 4 hour match so that i can still catch the end part when i arrive home. For the meantime, i'll listen to the radio.

Sunday Morning

The malls and businesses are closed in our town every Sunday except for drugstores, supermarkets and restaurants. We are observing the blue law which does not allow these establishments to open. If we want to go shopping on Sundays, we have to drive to another town that is not affected by this law. We got used to this. We just enjoy the no traffic around the city during Sundays.

After watching on TV on how the whole nation commemorates what happened ten years ago, we headed to the mall for a delayed back to school shopping. There is a big difference now when me and my daughter go shopping, I cannot pick her own clothes anymore. Right after we enter a store, she will asked me if she can go to the clothing for girls section right away unlike before, she does not care about the clothes i buy as long as she has something to munch on while she sits on her stroller. I cannot shop for any womens jeans unless we stopped by the girls clothes first. Once she is done, that is the only time i can…

No More Tennis Channel At Cablevision

Who do you think would be happy with this? Losing your Tennis Channel connection in the middle of the 2011 U.S. Open. That is the only reason why we subscribed to the Sports Pack of Cablevision - because of the tennis channel and now we cannot see the games on TV anymore. I heard that Tennis Channel pulled out from Verizon Fios too. Whatever is the dispute between these companies, i hope it will be settled soon! Thanks to ESPN and CBS for still bringing to us the semis and final games.

The Party Is Canceled

The police department of the town called again informing us that no businesses that will open tomorrow because of the flood that they are expecting tonight. We got a lot of rain since yesterday and the river is going to crest by tomorrow so as early as now they are warning offices not to open on Friday. We are not happy although there is no work for us because we are supposed to have the big boss' 87th birthday celebration. He is the founder of the company, the father of our current CEO. He is very dear to us. If this man can work at his company until his last day on earth he will do so but he was losing his eyesight and his wife passed away, the family decided that it would be better if he will stay in a nj senior care home. This new jersey elder care living became his new home since then. If not because of his age and his health, he would still come to the office everyday. This company was his life.

The birthday celebration is now canceled for Monday. It will be held at the conf…

We Were There

We were at the U.S. Open for two days. We watched games on the second day and third day. We are tennis family so go there from day session then continue through the night session. Here is a picture taken at the Louis Armstrong stadium while we were watching a match. See you again next year.

Life on the Road

Authored by Rickey Combs

Life on the road isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and it’s really hard for me to be away from my family and friends all week every week. I thought that since I was young and didn’t have a family or anything it would be easy for me to take this travelling gig but as it turns out it’s really lonely out here and I find it hard to get back in the groove when I get home. I went to the other day to get my apartment hooked up but I sure do wish I could get a cat like I’ve been wanting but honestly, that wouldn’t be fair for the cat. I love my job and the pay is awesome but if the travel doesn’t lighten up any over the next year I think I’m going to have to start looking for something else. This lifestyle isn’t something you can do long term and I’m finding that out the hard way, one week at a time. Travelling is tough!

Flooding By Irene

I am thankful that we were not affected by the hurricane Irene. I have friends whose houses/basements were under water, some got to evacuate, lost power (some for a week already!) and some had cars submerged in the water. My job did not open until Friday because the whole town is flooded. I live on the hilly part of my town so it saved us from having water inside our house.

This is a picture taken going to our main street. It was taken the Monday after Irene left. It was like a lake with water so strong coming out from the river. This water stayed for two days but the damage will be felt for a long time by people who got affected by it.