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Thank You, My Boo

I finally said goodbye to my 9 year old car. Thank you for the 135,000 miles of comfy, trouble free, roomy and easy rides for the past 9 years. I still remember the #1 hit song on the radio that time - "my boo" by usher and now you are leaving me with "Gangnam Style." I will still be seeing you once in a while when the step daughter would come and visit us. I am sure she will take care of you the same way as mamabear did. When you see a white car parked in your spot at home please don't get jealous. I wish you safety and from the bottom of my heart and the whole fambam, I thank you very much.

Computer Scare

Every night after I used my computer, I always put it to sleep or hibernate mode. I do not totally shut it off. They said that computers work like refrigerators that it could stay on 24/7. So on that one night, I did not do anything different before going to bed but when I woke up the next day, my computer screen was blue with some digital messages. The most scary thing was I read "unloading data" and there is a countdown in seconds, that is running so fast. I do not know what to do but shut off the computer. I was praying hard that it will come back up and yes, it did but with a message that windows was improperly shut off and it recommended some repair options. Since I have no idea what was happening, I clicked what was recommended. It brought me to another page where it started to scan the computer for errors. It took 15 long minutes before the computer restarted. After that scan, it was running normal again. I was relieved and really thankful.

First thing I did after it…

The Busy Haywagon

When we went strawberry picking, this haywagon is the most busiest of all. He does a good job of bringing the pickers to the field and back to the barn. The road becomes so rugged and hilly at times but the driver is very careful not to shake his passengers too much. Our seats are piles of hay. It was a fun day at the farm.

Doing My Shopping List

We are going to the lake this weekend to celebrate hubby’s (which was a week ago) and one of the grandkids birthdays. Hubby stopped celebrating already but you cannot stop the kids when they want to.  This is more of a kids party although a special cake will be for hubby to blow.

We all have different assignments for the picnic. We organized it in a way that we are not bringing the same food and also to make sure we have enough for the whole day. I am in charge to bring utensils, paper towels, table napkins and cups. Also on my lists are off lotion and hand sanitizers for the kids who are always quick to grab food when they are hungry without washing their hands. There is a wash area but we are not sure if we can get a spot close to that area. It is first come first serve basis. And also, we have to be there early since they close the lake area once it gets pack with people. This is not our first time to be in this lake; we just love its beauty being situated on top of the mountain. …

Iphone is Fixed

I finally got my brand new looking iphone back. I am showing you a picture of how it looks before I have it fixed.  The guy did a pretty good job. The damage was worst than I thought. It was not only a broken screen but also a damaged on/off and volume buttons. The home screen button is not at its best shape too but I held on to it for now until the time it stops working. I saved a little money than having it fixed instead of getting a new one. I know this phone would last even beyond my next upgrade. Any idea on how the new iphone would be?

Now that the iphone is out of the way and I having a phone replacement, I have to attend to my immediate home duty which is to call the round rock Texas steam cleaning. I have to take advantage of the time that my visitors are not here yet. I can do the carpet cleaning while they are still in Vegas for two weeks. The grass in the backyard is being trimmed too by hubby; getting ready for more
cookouts when they get back from Vegas. The weather has…

I Just Saved $75/month

Today i called my cable company and changed our TV service. I got rid of all the movie channels like hbo, cinemax, starz, and tfc. After all the changes, our monthly bill went down by $75 bucks. Yohoo! Instead of all the movie channels, i signed up with netflix's unlimited streamlining for $10 a month. You can unlimited movies on your ipad, ipod, iphone, computers and tv if you have the smart tv or wifi blu ray. For only $10 a month vs. the additional $75 on my cable, you cannot beat that!

Small projects instead of big ones

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight We looked for a Long Island T1 service provider for a few months before we settled on one. I am not sure why it took us so long to finally decide on one. I think it was just the whole process of opening the business that slowed us down on the small things. Instead of taking tasks on one at a time, we sort of tried to set up everything at once. In the end, it made the whole process take so much longer. I am sure picking an Internet provider with some good bandwidth capabilities; room for growth and at a good rate should have only taken a day or so. Instead, it took up so much time because we were dealing with ten issues a day instead of one tiny projectat a time. Part of it might have just been us not knowing what we were doing. I mean starting a business sounds a lot easier than it really is. It is incredibly difficult in certain respects. If I had could give small business starters a piece of advice, it would be to not sweat the small things and to …

Where To Find Leads?

I have been asked many times by my friends to try sales and be a stay at home mom. Although the offer is so tempting, I always say no with a reason that I am not good in selling. I always have doubts in my capacity to sell insurance or loans but I can do well in selling goods online.

I am not totally closing my doors to sales. I am inspired of the success story of my friend who is like me and now have a very successful business in selling auto and home insurance. In one of our girls’ night out, she told me how she was able to buy quality internet leads. One company that offer fresh leads daily is Equileads with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Equileads has been in the business for over eight years now and has a large network of financial services who are their partners affiliate websites feeding into their cherry pick system to give customers fresh quality leads every day. If a customer is not satisfied with the lead he or she bought, it will be replaced immediately with no questions a…

State Farm commercial

This guest post from Lewis Beck
Ever since my husband signed us up for, I have become addicted to watching television. I love all the programming, the movies, and the old television programs that are being shown again and again. But one of my favorite things to watch on television is all of the commercials. I don’t know who comes up with all these ideas for commercials, but sometimes they are pretty funny. I saw one the other day about State Farm Insurance. I don’t even remember the story line behind the commercial, but there was a mom of a family in their living room singing karaoke and dancing. Somehow the State Farm agent pops into the living room just as the dad and baby walk into the room. It was a really ridiculous commercial, but I could totally see that happening at our house, except for the State Farm agent appearing out of nowhere. The dad is trying to talk to the mom, but she just keeps on singing her karaoke. The whole thing just hit me as being so fu…

Watch TV Anywhere In Your House

This is what I like with Cablevision. They have an app that you can download on your ipod, itouch or ipad to be able for you to watch all the tv shows that is being shown in your regular TV, even the on demand movies. To me, this is so cool. I can watch TV anywhere inside my house. Recently, you can download the app on your computer or laptop too!

Early Spring Cleaning

It has been a mild winter for us this season. We only had two snowstorms, one happened during the fall (which was very unusual) and another one last January. The last one was not bad at all. It was on a
weekend, sort of treat to the kids who missed playing on the snow. There is no snow in the forecast and in three weeks, we are already changing to the daylight savings time. Spring is just around the

I hope I am not rushing things but I really cannot wait to do my spring cleaning. Actually, I kind of started it over the weekend. I brought my car to the car wash station, have it cleaned inside and out. I had an under wash too to wash off the winter salt. I am crossing my fingers that there will be no show in the few weeks. It took almost two hours for my car to get cleaned. When I came to pick it up, the guys at the shop gave me a box full of dental supplies they found at the back compartment. It belongs to my daughter’s godmother who has a dental office in California. She was h…

Legally Yours

It is an everyday habit for me to read the online version of our country paper. Although I can also get the news through our local channel but since the TV schedule is during the time I am still on my way home from work, the internet keeps me posted on everything I miss on TV.

Lately, I have been following the story of a politician who died in London leaving a wife and a lived in partner. The deceased married the wife in 1994 and left her in 2006 to live with the lived in partner. The latter took care of the deceased until his final moments. When he died, he left a notarized documents, one an advanced healthcare directive and a declaration of trust naming his daughter from the first marriage and the lived in partner as his agents. The legal battle began when the legal wife wants to claim his remains but the country where he died does not want to surrender the body to the wife and her attorney. Things have become complicated but these are cases that the barrie law firms would like to h…

Cooking recipes

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham We were able to get Cyrus Wildblue at our house and I am so happy about this! I love to cook and am always wanting to try new recipes. But so often I get stuck cooking the same things over and over again. Since we got internet, I have had the laptop in the kitchen and have tried so many new recipes. My family and their bellies are very happy about this! Well, except for the night that I cooked turkey meatloaf, they were not to into that! I am planning on declaring Wednesdays Italian days because Italian food is my favorite type of food to cook and eat. I have bookmarked a ridiculous amount of recipes from the food network website. My favorite is Giada at Home. Her recipes are pretty easy and do not use too many ingredients. I should really declare Tuesday and Thursday salad nights because we will be eating enough calories on Italian night for the whole week! Mostly because every time I make pasta I have have to make some garlic bread to so…

To Upstate

It was in the teens last weekend but a perfect day to be on the road. No show or black ice to deal with. I took this picture using my iphone. I just realized how we close we are to the Canadian border. Haven't been there but soon.

First and Last From Adgitize

I do not really remember for how long i have been with adgitize but i am sure it has been more than a year. I have even checked my earnings nor have been into dropping. All i know is that you get points for posting and dropping. I did not even know that adgitize was closing down until i read some posts from fellow bloggers (thanks!) so i was so surprised when i saw a final payment sent to my paypal. It is my first and last. Thank you adgitize.

All Year Round Savings At Walgreens

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.I have been a Walgreens Pharmacy customer for more than a decade now. I am very contented with the service and the convenience they give me. I live about half of a mile from Walgreens and what I like the most is dropping off and picking up my prescription without leaving my car especially when it is raining or snowing. When all the supermarkets are packed especially during the holidays, Walgreens is always a savior for everything; from medicines, gift items, food, greeting cards, health and beauty products, you name it, they have them. Thank you Walgreens.
I am expressing this because I feel bad for those customers who get affected by the discontinuation of Walgreens and Express Scriptscontract. Express Script is used to be one of Walgreens pharmacy provider until January 1, 2012 when both parties failed to renew the contract (read the press release). I am sure a lot of Walgreens c…