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Early Spring Cleaning

It has been a mild winter for us this season. We only had two snowstorms, one happened during the fall (which was very unusual) and another one last January. The last one was not bad at all. It was on a
weekend, sort of treat to the kids who missed playing on the snow. There is no snow in the forecast and in three weeks, we are already changing to the daylight savings time. Spring is just around the

I hope I am not rushing things but I really cannot wait to do my spring cleaning. Actually, I kind of started it over the weekend. I brought my car to the car wash station, have it cleaned inside and out. I had an under wash too to wash off the winter salt. I am crossing my fingers that there will be no show in the few weeks. It took almost two hours for my car to get cleaned. When I came to pick it up, the guys at the shop gave me a box full of dental supplies they found at the back compartment. It belongs to my daughter’s godmother who has a dental office in California. She was h…

Legally Yours

It is an everyday habit for me to read the online version of our country paper. Although I can also get the news through our local channel but since the TV schedule is during the time I am still on my way home from work, the internet keeps me posted on everything I miss on TV.

Lately, I have been following the story of a politician who died in London leaving a wife and a lived in partner. The deceased married the wife in 1994 and left her in 2006 to live with the lived in partner. The latter took care of the deceased until his final moments. When he died, he left a notarized documents, one an advanced healthcare directive and a declaration of trust naming his daughter from the first marriage and the lived in partner as his agents. The legal battle began when the legal wife wants to claim his remains but the country where he died does not want to surrender the body to the wife and her attorney. Things have become complicated but these are cases that the barrie law firms would like to h…

Cooking recipes

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham We were able to get Cyrus Wildblue at our house and I am so happy about this! I love to cook and am always wanting to try new recipes. But so often I get stuck cooking the same things over and over again. Since we got internet, I have had the laptop in the kitchen and have tried so many new recipes. My family and their bellies are very happy about this! Well, except for the night that I cooked turkey meatloaf, they were not to into that! I am planning on declaring Wednesdays Italian days because Italian food is my favorite type of food to cook and eat. I have bookmarked a ridiculous amount of recipes from the food network website. My favorite is Giada at Home. Her recipes are pretty easy and do not use too many ingredients. I should really declare Tuesday and Thursday salad nights because we will be eating enough calories on Italian night for the whole week! Mostly because every time I make pasta I have have to make some garlic bread to so…