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Where To Find Leads?

I have been asked many times by my friends to try sales and be a stay at home mom. Although the offer is so tempting, I always say no with a reason that I am not good in selling. I always have doubts in my capacity to sell insurance or loans but I can do well in selling goods online.

I am not totally closing my doors to sales. I am inspired of the success story of my friend who is like me and now have a very successful business in selling auto and home insurance. In one of our girls’ night out, she told me how she was able to buy quality internet leads. One company that offer fresh leads daily is Equileads with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Equileads has been in the business for over eight years now and has a large network of financial services who are their partners affiliate websites feeding into their cherry pick system to give customers fresh quality leads every day. If a customer is not satisfied with the lead he or she bought, it will be replaced immediately with no questions a…

State Farm commercial

This guest post from Lewis Beck
Ever since my husband signed us up for, I have become addicted to watching television. I love all the programming, the movies, and the old television programs that are being shown again and again. But one of my favorite things to watch on television is all of the commercials. I don’t know who comes up with all these ideas for commercials, but sometimes they are pretty funny. I saw one the other day about State Farm Insurance. I don’t even remember the story line behind the commercial, but there was a mom of a family in their living room singing karaoke and dancing. Somehow the State Farm agent pops into the living room just as the dad and baby walk into the room. It was a really ridiculous commercial, but I could totally see that happening at our house, except for the State Farm agent appearing out of nowhere. The dad is trying to talk to the mom, but she just keeps on singing her karaoke. The whole thing just hit me as being so fu…

Watch TV Anywhere In Your House

This is what I like with Cablevision. They have an app that you can download on your ipod, itouch or ipad to be able for you to watch all the tv shows that is being shown in your regular TV, even the on demand movies. To me, this is so cool. I can watch TV anywhere inside my house. Recently, you can download the app on your computer or laptop too!