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Doing My Shopping List

We are going to the lake this weekend to celebrate hubby’s (which was a week ago) and one of the grandkids birthdays. Hubby stopped celebrating already but you cannot stop the kids when they want to.  This is more of a kids party although a special cake will be for hubby to blow.

We all have different assignments for the picnic. We organized it in a way that we are not bringing the same food and also to make sure we have enough for the whole day. I am in charge to bring utensils, paper towels, table napkins and cups. Also on my lists are off lotion and hand sanitizers for the kids who are always quick to grab food when they are hungry without washing their hands. There is a wash area but we are not sure if we can get a spot close to that area. It is first come first serve basis. And also, we have to be there early since they close the lake area once it gets pack with people. This is not our first time to be in this lake; we just love its beauty being situated on top of the mountain. …