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Iphone is Fixed

I finally got my brand new looking iphone back. I am showing you a picture of how it looks before I have it fixed.  The guy did a pretty good job. The damage was worst than I thought. It was not only a broken screen but also a damaged on/off and volume buttons. The home screen button is not at its best shape too but I held on to it for now until the time it stops working. I saved a little money than having it fixed instead of getting a new one. I know this phone would last even beyond my next upgrade. Any idea on how the new iphone would be?

Now that the iphone is out of the way and I having a phone replacement, I have to attend to my immediate home duty which is to call the round rock Texas steam cleaning. I have to take advantage of the time that my visitors are not here yet. I can do the carpet cleaning while they are still in Vegas for two weeks. The grass in the backyard is being trimmed too by hubby; getting ready for more
cookouts when they get back from Vegas. The weather has…