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Computer Scare

Every night after I used my computer, I always put it to sleep or hibernate mode. I do not totally shut it off. They said that computers work like refrigerators that it could stay on 24/7. So on that one night, I did not do anything different before going to bed but when I woke up the next day, my computer screen was blue with some digital messages. The most scary thing was I read "unloading data" and there is a countdown in seconds, that is running so fast. I do not know what to do but shut off the computer. I was praying hard that it will come back up and yes, it did but with a message that windows was improperly shut off and it recommended some repair options. Since I have no idea what was happening, I clicked what was recommended. It brought me to another page where it started to scan the computer for errors. It took 15 long minutes before the computer restarted. After that scan, it was running normal again. I was relieved and really thankful.

First thing I did after it…

The Busy Haywagon

When we went strawberry picking, this haywagon is the most busiest of all. He does a good job of bringing the pickers to the field and back to the barn. The road becomes so rugged and hilly at times but the driver is very careful not to shake his passengers too much. Our seats are piles of hay. It was a fun day at the farm.