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It Has Been Four Months

Last January 1st, one of my co-workers, who was our sales person here at our branch, went on a semi-retirement. It was a two year process until they finally decided to move to Florida. They made several trips there finding new homes for sale Jensen Beach FL and several other towns close to the beach. Actually, they were just looking for an upgrade to their small condominium where they have been staying during their short trips. A bigger place is needed for the retirement home.

So what is going to happen with their house in New Jersey? For now, it is empty. It is not a full retirement yet for Rix (that’s what the term they want to use, for now). When a customer would ask about his whereabouts, he instructed us to tell them that he is on extended vacation. He wants that when the weather gets warmer, he is coming back to work part time then the final relocation will happen this coming winter. I hope, they would be able to sell their New Jersey home by that time. This year is the transit…