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We were going to Pennsylvania,  to go to Hershey Park for a four day vacation with the family. It is only a 4 hour drive from Jersey. I took this picture as we were approaching Pennsylvania and NJ border. The roads are clear with no traffic at all. it was a Monday so everybody was back to work I guess. It was a perfect day to be on the road.

Beauty Salon

This is always in my mind. And, I asked myself again today because somebody retired from my job. I cannot be idle when I stopped my 9 to 5 job. I’d like to open up a business, either a real store or online. Just something that would keep me busy.

Another co-worker who retired last year, she opened up a beauty salon at her basement. She had a previous working experience as a beauty consultant and finally now that she has retired from her job, she pursues her dream of owning one. Little by little she buys beauty machines for her shop. Last time I visited her at home, a beauty salon equipment and Led light therapy were already installed. Her whole basement is painted into purple and all the chairs are black. She will be doing it solo for the first few months then when the business picks up she might hire somebody to help her. I jokingly tell her that I am available for any part time job.

I am not doing the same thing as her but maybe something lighter. A few hours of working each day is f…

Good Friends Reunite at the Open

It is the time of the year for the US Open in New York City. We have been going there for more than ten years now but this year was a little bit different because we have visitors from another state.  They were my daughter's godfather, his wife and kid who came to watch the open and to visit some relatives. This is his first time to see my daughter again after 8 years. The last time they saw one another was during the christening in California last 2004. He is a friend of my husband way back in the 90’s and they accidentally met again at a job convention for hotel supply online jobs. If I remember it right, he had work experience as hotel bar supplies or Atlanta Hotel supply purchaser. This could be the reason why he is interested in landing job that is similar to his past work experience. I was already pregnant with my daughter when my husband and he saw one another again so that made my husband asked him to be Isabella’s godfather. He was a long lost dear friend to my hubby.


The Famous Unisphere

This famous unisphere is a landmark to where the tennis U.S. Open is held every year. It is located at the Corona Park in Flushing Meadows, Queens,  NY. You pass right next to this unisphere as you enter the U.S. Open grounds from the Corona Park. If you took the train or subway going to the Tennis Center, the sphere is on the other side.
I am you a picture I took when we watched the us open last week.  So lucky,  I got it with nobody else around it. #unisphere #usopen