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For The Newlyweds

I was looking for hotel reservation for a young couple who is getting married next month. The groom to be is hubby’s nephew who is from the West Coast. This is sort of a wedding gift to them and their first time to in Miami. My husband wants them to try the excitement and fun of Miami before they come here in NYC for a week with us. We won’t be able to attend to their wedding so we decided to invite them over for a get together.
We hope they will enjoy their stay at this unique hotel with full accommodation adult suites. I told my husband it was a great pick and perfect for honeymooners like them. Hope this one will turn out to be one memorable getaway they will have a new husband and wife. They will surely have a lot of stories to tell once they get to our place here in New York.
To contact them or if you want more information about executive fantasy hotel in Miami, please visit executive fantasy hotels website to check what kind of amenities, the different types of rooms, and suites t…